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     THIS DISCUSSION GROUP IS MOVING! Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek) (0 comments)
     Allocating array of strings Viren Sagar (0)
     hourse race tanuj saxena (3)
     food for thought puzzle Abyss (3)
     matchsticks puzzle Abyss (9)
     cars on road - solution ??? Abyss (3)
     How Many Questions You Need to Find a Number? Dmitri Papichev (17)
     linked list Deepak Pant (7)
     Cake Cutting Deepak pant(STM) (6)
     More probability Deepak pant(STM) (9)
     A probability Mess Deepak pant(STM) (1)
     Pick a number... WanFactory (9)
     Another Weighing Problem saai ananth S.S. (7)
     One Question About Four Stones Dmitri Papichev (5)
     Rope !! (solve it) Deepak Pant (4)
     Nice new website for great interview questions John Gray (5)
     PROVE THIS IF U CAN Abyss (2)
     A new switches puzzle BradC (5)
     gg carlo bozotti (0)
     One Question About Three Tokens Dmitri Papichev (4)
     Crash Engines Dmitri Papichev (10)
     Vienna Sean Pirie (0)
     fuse on fire: variation Christoph Sommer (2)
     chameleons question (any ideas???) Howard Chu (3)
     c language krishnaprasath (2)
     ant kiran reddy (5)
     triple underline Ted Harvey (1)
     carom and 4 coins Pooja (8)
     Fake Gold Coins Jean du Plessis (2)
     6 + 4 =9 how is it possible vivek (14)
     Maximum Sub array problem Biswajit Paul (7)
     XOR using NAND gates Raj (3)
     boys and girls Chris Harris (7)
     cars on the road AlphaBeta (1)
     Oil Mogul WanFactory (2)
     switches puzzle AC (26)
     Is Java safe Jason Thomas (3)
     crazy guy on airplane Adam Vinueza (6)
     even harder coin problem Panagiotis (8)
     chinese emperor Panagiotis (1)
     classic weighing Panagiotis Apostolopoulos (2)
     Shapes Panagiotis Apostolopoulos (0)
     reverse a string - word by word Frederic Merizen (3)
     Rubik's Cube The Oracle (8)
     technical riddle Charles Lin (4)
     Railroad Bridge Jason (1)
     Three "don't knows" makes a "do know" Jason Robbins (5)
     Do you really know what you know? Jason Robbins (16)
     .Net interview question: dynamic enumerations DK :) (2)
     Longest Monotone Subsequence Kartik Agaram (5)
     Pennies Joe Fordham (20)
     Noodles mark jones (1)
     King for a week John (1)
     flipping coins John (5)
     comments on atoi() solution Michael Davidson (0)
     2 x 2 Dmitri Papichev (10)
     coin on a table WanFactory (5)
     Coins in a box John (2)
     Random sampling John (3)
     card trick without the trick Daniel Kim (2)
     Russian Roulette james (9)
     Monty Hall Problem - not necessarily 2/3 Saar Wilf (6)
     memmove() implementation. Srirang Bhushan (8)
     int atoi( char* pStr ) Srirang Bhushan (3)
     Four Ships in the Ocean Dmitri Papichev (21)
     fit the numbers 1-25 Vivek Gupta (1)
     Reverse strings/words and i18n Allen Hadden (13)
     Pirates fails to give one important clue Dejay Clayton (3)
     Average salary solution Terje Mathisen (4)
     Escaping the field: Man vs. God Dmitri Papichev (37)
     Will you change to the other door?? Dennis Chow (from Hong Kong) (18)
     bumblebee Ning (4)
     duel Carl Witthoft (1)
     bad king Nil (1)
     Cube Calendar Mike S (1)
     cube Pushkar Awasthi (1)
     simple puzzle .. need answer Rinken Patel (6)
     calendar cubes Will Smith (4)
     triangle puzzle Charles Taylor (2)
     orbs solution Tamas Hauer (4)
     Solution to "x implies y" C.Speirs (0)
     Better Solution to "Wanna Play?" C.Speirs (0)
     even harder coin problem Tamas Hauer (9)
     Well, Humans are more imp than Dogs. Aren't they? Muhammad Shoaib (0)
     red marble, blue marble Art Corcoran (0)
     100! even easier anonymous (5)
     XOR using NAND gates Fredrik Olsson (4)
     Card trick without a trick Fredrik Olsson (2)
     chinese emperor partial solution Tom (4)
     Even greedier solution to 63. pirates Joakim Rosqvist (3)
     screwy pirates solution incorrect Tom (4)
     Coin weight problem ICSH (6)
     Sum it up solution Tom Hopkins (2)
     doughboy magic Herb Peyerl (2)
     fog creek programmers Kostya (5)
     Railroad Bridge M (6)
     chameleons Sajid Umerji (10)
     cars on the road Sajid Umerji (3)
     Crazy guy on the plane andrew (1)
     crazy guy on a plane shailesh nirgudkar (4)
     switches solution? Pan Walker (12)
     Eggs problem Levente Mészáros (6)
     Card Trick Levente Mészáros (1)
     boys and girls Levente Mészáros (4)
     technical riddles Negruseri Cosmin (0)
     Microsoft PM interview Lily (2)
     100! Greg Dyke (1)
     Solution for Bumblebee puzzle Incorrect Ajayshanker Krishnamurthy (3)
     Palindrome Maria (7)
     Interview puzzles Lee (6)
     The 99 percent Accurate AIDS Test Christian Kamel (19)
     in place string reversal john oliver (22)
     Fuse on fire: Bogus solution? Oliver Klozoff (6)
     Funny story about bumblebee puzzle Avrom Roy-Faderman (7)
     Quickie Coin Probability Puzzle Michael Josephson (11)
     really tough mrk (5)
     painfully easy Jonathan Davisson (7)
     railroad bridge shiv reddy (3)
     Painfully Easy: Solution not correct Sarah M (1)
     Boys and Girls: Solution not quite right Avrom Roy-Faderman (2)
     Solution: Chinese emperor Avrom Roy-Faderman (4)
     Treasure Island Revisited, or why to use algebra Alec Campbell (0)
     Unusual Logic Puzzle Avrom Roy-Faderman (10)
     comma delimited sproc? PopCulture (1)
     atoi right to left method solution problem Stanley Wang (0)
     atoi Arti (1)
     Schoolkids and Snow Dmitri Papichev (16)
     function definition Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (3)
     even harder coin problem Krish (18)
     6 F on a C amy beusse (1)
     number of license plate combinations, occurence Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (10)
     winner subhash negi (4)
     Job Trends Mike Pimlin (1)
     Hello lambros Klouvidakis (4)
     Lets try explaining C Karthik (5)
     The Bad King Part II Tim Hsu (1)
     flipping coins Kunal Kunde (3)
     Fini Dutch Boyd (2)
     Friendly Pirates Ham Fisted (3)
     What's the Difference? Ham Fisted (12)
     pennies stevearino (5)
     classic weighing for grandma :) Chuck Boyer (0)
     crazy guy on the airplane Chuck Boyer (49)
     chameleons Chuck Boyer (2)
     Daughters tOM Trottier (0)
     cars on the road Chuck Boyer (1)
     The Orbs solution is Incomplete Rui Martins (2)
     Mensa Challenge james (23)
     sum it up Nikita Shamgunov (0)
     Linked List Sergey N. Sokolov (2)
     Switches Puzzle EE/ CS Guy (20)
     x implies y Alex Joneth (3)
     Trailing zeros Aditya K. Prasad (0)
     Solution: Fogcreek programmers Mohammed Saiyad (14)
     XOR gate using NAND gates Tamas Kovacs (5)
     boys and girls Mitesh Vasa (3)
     technical riddles - further exploration Stefan (7)
     Ants on a triangle Max (3)
     assassin problem Owen Borseth (4)
     Railroad Bridge question... Sook (3)
     painfully easy michele (20)
     Coin on the table Longbo Yu (2)
     Vienna Franz (3)
     Reverse a string MPerico (8)
     Nuggets - incorrect solution? Kelsey Foley (3)
     switches puzzle eliza s (26)
     Mensa quiz Brad Corbin (58)
     overflow hd (1)
     A gentle rain.... Budd (3)
     A tragic one Thomas (0)
     even harder coin problem  - solution Ritesh and Saurabh (5)
     Find if the given number is a power of 2 Nick Mason (4)
     surgeon question Mark Wotton (1)
     chameleons Ratan (11)
     tests don (0)
     Folding paper, again Ham Fisted (3)
     Tree To Doubly Linklist BondofUK (3)
     Earth To Moon BondofUK (8)
     How many cubes touch the face? Seth Morabito (3)
     crazy guy on airplane Apurva Sinha (8)
     chinese emperor cyw (4)
     Can you... George Illes (6)
     Hungry Elephant BondOfUK (7)
     Find a  deque length Tim Isaev (12)
     Funny card game Ham Fisted (0)
     daughter`s age Arjun M M (2)
     Put 451 files (2.82 GB) on as few CDs as pos Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (4)
     boys and girls puzzle Ajoy Bhatia (10)
     technical riddles kms (2)
     railroad bridge kms (8)
     5 Input NAND David (2)
     Infinite Sphere Norman (6)
     100 factorial solution Jonno (5)
     multiple solutions to the original pirates problem Ashwin Bhagavatula (2)
     Chameleons Anshul Sawant (4)
     PENNIES, Monday, May 14, 2001 Phatib (4)
     wanna play? improved solution Jonathan Amsterdam (0)
     Painfully easy solution is wrong J (10)
     New switches puzzle Hankel O'Fung (5)
     XOR using NAND gates Anthony Mills (4)
     duel - a simpler solution Hankel O'Fung (0)
     "sum it up" -- solution is wrong Tim (1)
     cars on the road rms (3)
     solution: hard river crossing (improved) Deepti (3)
     How would you move Mt.Fuji ? Satoshi MOCHIZUKI (0)
     x implies y - solutions jtheory (2)
     pirates revisited Oleksiy Kolisnychenko (2)
     Testing a toaster. Tim (3)
     Monty Hall solution flawed? R Jeppesen (13)
     a classic Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (5)
     solution to atoi problem by michael Varun Shastri (1)
     puzzle with bulbs! vijayakumar b (6)
     Found a source for magic circles Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (1)
     crazy guy on the airplane yong (23)
     100 doors in a Row - solution incomplete? Shekar (1)
     railroad bridge dm (1)
     Warden and Prisnors Puzzle | Solution Saurabh and Nidhi (10)
     Is the glass half-empty, or half-full? Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (11)
     How many people? John (3)
     two wrongs make a right mohit sadani (8)
     Two Buckets Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (9)
     Author Seeks Brainteasers and Anecdotes John Kador (0)
     boys and girls -- simpler solution Bill Hees (0)
     daughter's ages Anonymous (3)
     Fuse on fire vk (5)
     English Word Jen Wlly (1)
     Card Conundrum Pete (1)
     On average? Pete (5)
     Undergraduate math problem James kloberdance (5)
     can anyone solve this coin problem? James kloberdance (12)
     The answer to "Painfully Easy" is false--but why? Ham Fisted (26)
     cars on the road James Kloberdance (9)
     "technical riddles" neal (0)
     Sum it on Adel (2)
     red marbles, blue marbles Paul Jensen (0)
     XOR using NAND gates Ben Brinckerhoff (1)
     Treasure island Rama (0)
     Formula for Money Stefaan R. M. Meeuws (1)
     Waiting for the bus Peter Meilstrup (9)
     dropping orbs (answer) Siddhant Bhansali (0)
     painfully easy (answer) Siddhant Bhansali (9)
     XOR using NAND (solution) Bill Stratford (2)
     shapes hithere (0)
     Monty Hall Problem - Solution is false T.J. (9)
     Chinese Emperor Lars (1)
     23 Prisoners !! asita anche (20)
     Heaven Lars (2)
     chameleons victim (9)
     The hardest logic puzzle ever... S.C. (2)
     Russian roulette Lenko Donchev (13)
     chameleons -- solution Dmitri Krylov (1)
     crazy guy on the airplane, yet a simpler solution Dmitri Krylov (5)
     classic weighing Markus Franke (1)
     2 numbers Peter (16)
     vienna Pete Hotchkiss (0)
     Calendar Cubes Mike Faynberg (0)
     More Hat Puzzles Mike Faynberg (2)
     Railroad Puzzle John Guz (3)
     Last ball -- just a small comment Dmitri Krylov (0)
     Present problems, not puzzles. i hate puzzles in interviews (1)
     X implies Y Hadi Mohammed (2)
     railroad bridge Rami Tomer (4)
     Three computers Dmitri Papichev (7)
     1000 Bottles of wine Steve B. (1)
     Different Colored cube Aharon Tam (0)
     flipping coins Velant Guy (1)
     orb Velant Guy (1)
     Pennies - challenge Aharon Tam (1)
     World Series pdq (2)
     3 boxes Peter (26)
     Books on the shelf Steve B. (5)
     Painted Cube Ben Berck (2)
     Fuse on fire Aharon Tam (3)
     Car on the road or Highway Aharon Tam (3)
     HARE and TOM chase Amit (10)
     A Pirate as Emissary problem Lenko Donchev (3)
     salary Alex Czar (3)
     Memory leak robin (2)
     How to remove the loop in the linked list R (3)
     More Difficult coin problem Sal DiStefano (5)
     Solution to swithches puzzle sorabh saxena (18)
     fogcreek puzzle Dan Davis (2)
     Box o numbers Arvin Farahmand (3)
     XOR gate using NANDS Arvin Farahmand (3)
     one mile south meeroh (0)
     Clocks meeroh (4)
     chamaleons puzzle answer saurabh (7)
     "Crazy guy on airplane" problem solution Brett van Swelm (14)
     Switch statistics pazzle. Vladimir Sakharuk (1)
     Mt. Fuji Prakash S (1)
     Links to solutions no longer working Yamini Kaur (3)
     Railroad Tunnell Mark (1)
     the matrix reordered Peter Meilstrup (7)
     monty hall goat problem Sam Swanson (14)
     CD template for techinterview? Dave Fobare (0)
     Compare 2 integers without comparision operators Dave M (6)
     trailing 0's in factorial hundred Chandrashekar Laveti (4)
     Resources for PUZZLE Solving Abhinav MODI (1)
     Hen Puzzle Robert Kelly (2)
     switch puzzle answer (spoiler) Jason Striegel (17)
     To the webmaster... levik (3)
     In Regards to the "red marbles, blue marbles" Adam Thayer (0)
     Heavy Marble Interview Riddle Billy (1)
     SQLServer Help Prasad (2)
     painfully easy Paul Whitehurst (12)
     answer to XOR using NAND gates Alan Riddell (0)
     answer to railroad bridge Alan Riddell (3)
     chameleons answer Alan Riddell (0)
     bad king Philipp Rumpf (3)
     sum it up ~k (4)
     Puzzle no 10, Fog creek Programmers KN (1)
     Gas stations in San Francisco Vladimir Sakharuk (0)
     Flaw in proposed salaries puzzle solution Kees Snijders (3)
     Two envelopes schmoe (8)
     Reverse String Gautam Bajekal (2)
     Time for Some Answers David Clayworth (0)
     crazy guy answer Peter Meilstrup (3)
     Answers to "cars on the road" Daniel (3)
     technical riddles (#61) Peter Meilstrup (0)
     Mensa Answers Derek Woolverton (3)
     how to increase range of a random number generator Vik (14)
     A simpler Clock answer. Derek Woolverton (0)
     Monty Hall Problem Charles Reich (8)
     Answer to prisoners and switches Dominic Cooney (20)
     Burning Dave and Mad Bomber James Manka (0)
     Answer to "rail road bridge" H.T.Srinivas Kumar (5)
     100 Lightbulbs Yves (0)
     regarding "card trick without trick" Rakesh (1)
     bad menu crazyjoe (2)
     c question M.M. (3)
     Here's a Switches hint Mike Schiraldi (0)
     Swithces Puzzle - Hint needed bot123 (7)
     type of triangle Mark (7)
     Write strstr Mark (2)
     compare two strings Mark (8)
     Remove duplicate from sorted array Mark (5)
     New Interview Question? Bruce JOhnson (0)
     Red Army-Blue Army Problem Vishy Venugopalan (11)
     Link List #40 Jacob (3)
     about "Bad King" Yu Wang (0)
     Classic weighing Michael (2)
     Weights of the ancients levik (0)
     treasure island Peter Donis (1)
     Daughter's ages Matt Slovick (0)
     Answer to "Pennies" Riddle Flawed. Eric Ott (1)
     feedback on atoi sidd (1)
     Counting Rajesh.Duggirala (1)
     crazy guy on airplane Aryabhatta (0)
     chameleons Aryabhatta (1)
     XOR using NAND gates S.C. (1)
     52 oil mogul andrew lin (0)
     railroad bridge: solution Sourabh Joshi (0)
     fisherman's hat- question Sourabh Joshi (0)
     #56 - mensa n8 (14)
     hen bookoo (0)
     Sum of numbers from 1 to 1000 Dmitry Shulga (3)
     clock roo (2)
     Solutions to plane crash, lightbulb questions. Josh Everist (0)
     Red Marble, Blue Marble David Lanouette (0)
     technical riddles - solution Raghuram (1)
     chinese emperor HickNinja (0)
     Moving circles - the best I have seen. Raghuram (0)
     Solution for x implies y part II Raghuram (1)
     monty hall solution - I don't believe so. Raghuram (1)
     Sum it up is poorly defined Michael Anthony (2)
     cars on the road Richard Wurdack (0)
     even harder coin problem solution yvcb (3)
     I differ with 3 door monty hall solution. yvcb (2)
     Solution to 'crazy guy on the airplane' David Clayworth (2)
     nuggets Pan, Wenyu (2)
     4 Cards daniel (0)
     pennies Pan, Wenyu (6)
     surgeons David Clayworth (1)
     boys and girls David Clayworth (1)
     chameleons Raj (1)
     box o' numbers Sergey Koloskov (0)
     card trick without the trick... Amol Deshmukh (0)
     linked list prat (3)
     railroad bridge Avi Gozolchiani (4)
     Salary Gwyn Carwardine (2)
     reverse a string - word by word - revisited Ryan Mooney (3)
     Answer to railroad bridge Julian Hall (1)
     Incorrect solution for "Pennies" Simon Hall (3)
     I have a problem with the 'bumblebee' question terrabit (1)
     Spam Proofing our discuss boards Charles Reich (0)
     100 FogCreek Programmers (Feb 18,2001) Purshottam Bali (1)
     cars on the road - solution CM (1)
     I don't know, so she doesn't know so I know so ... David Haner (7)
     technical riddles (people inside & outside a room) Manas (0)
     Even harder coin problem Phil Hord (1)
     Vienna Stephen Jones (0)
     Crazy guy on the airplane Stephen Jones (1)
     x implies y Stephen Jones (6)
     Answers to River crossing aloh (2)
     boys and girls george (2)
     calendar cubes george (2)
     ants on a triangle george (0)
     Star Trek Nicholas Harvey (2)
     mountain man pb (7)
     noodles Kevin (1)
     Clock Part II Kevin (4)
     A math question S.C. (4)
     brain teaser Nancy Cahn (9)
     XOR Using NAND gates Frodak Baksik (0)
     chameleons -- solution Pan, Wenyu (2)
     the book "Treasure Island" Ashley Broderick (0)
     cars on a road -- solution Pan, Wenyu (3)
     chinese emperor -- solution Pan, Wenyu (1)
     ants on a triangle ---- A simple solution Pan, Wenyu (0)
     classic weighing, comments on solution Pan, Wenyu (0)
     reverse a string - word by word Gerald (5)
     Railroad bridge solution Just another kid (3)
     x implies y Jay Miller (0)
     Answer to "technical riddles" (people in a room) Dov (1)
     Pennies Just another kid (0)
     Heaven's Infinite Sume Just another kid (0)
     Sum it up error Just another kid (6)
     daughters age Harjeet Judge (2)
     topcoder Bill (0)
     smart cookie problem john doe (1)
     calendar cubes Wei-Hwa Huang (2)
     treasure island Wei-Hwa Huang (0)
     classic weighing for grandmothers Wei-Hwa Huang (0)
     sum it up Wei-Hwa Huang (2)
     "one mile south" answer Jon Chin (2)
     3 light switches Greg Geller (5)
     X Implies Y Fred Garber (0)
     Font Size Joe Bayes (2)
     even harder coin problem Steve Hutton (0)
     Two coin flips Mark Schnitzius (7)
     Mirage Problem Thanks (1)
     Last Balls Thanks (0)
     chameleons Steve Hutton (3)
     Crazy guy on an airplane Stephen Hoffman (5)
     webloggers Jim Wray (1)
     Monty Hall and all that (and "painfully easy") Steve Hutton (stevehutton at rogers dot com) (11)
     hen Stephen Hoffman (0)
     Duel Stephen Hoffman (2)
     Solution to the railroad bridge problem Joey Kelly (1)
     Reverse words in a String (an easier solution) Brian Summers (2)
     Ambiguity in pirates problem. Jim Sorenson (3)
     Orb solution, correction jackdied (2)
     cars on the road Brent Boyer (7)
     Linked List William Frantz (8)
     Suggested atoi() function William Frantz (1)
     Fuse on Fire Harpreet (9)
     "bad king" slightly misstated J. Michael Hammond (4)
     Placing 8 Queen's on Chess Board without killing e Sanjeev Jahagirdar (6)
     lightbulb Helloworld (0)
     technical riddles Thomas van Dijk (0)
     Circle Problem Dan McGrath (14)
     XOR using NAND Rob Spieldenner (3)
     Finding an angle levik (1)
     'painfully easy' actually undefined. Mike Weber (8)
     Chinese emperor Andreas Udby (5)
     x implies y Cheradenine Zakalwe (1)
     even harder coin problem Cheradenine Zakalwe (3)
     crazy guy on the airplane Cheradenine Zakalwe (4)
     World Cup Question Eamonn (1)
     chameleons Cheradenine Zakalwe (2)
     railroad bridge smnaha (4)
     treasure island safak cinar (0)
     Another car probability problem levik (8)
     cars on the road Pankaj Gupta (24)
     Rail Road Bridge Pankaj Gupta (6)
     detect Smitha George (7)
     dr. dobb's journal programming questions Alik Gotlib (1)
     The "Bad King" is wasteful Matthew Mengerink (1)
     prisoner's dilemma shailesh kumar (8)
     The Cube Sammy (2)
     A Queen's decree levik (4)
     17 and 23 levik (1)
     dictionary Vin (8)
     Doors raiden (3)
     XOR using NAND gates solution Brad Wilson (0)
     More "knights" and "liars" levik (2)
     A busy bee levik (3)
     Baseball probability Mike Schiraldi (3)
     crazy guy on the airplane Pankaj Gupta (5)
     Bob and his brother levik (0)
     Changing chameleons levik (8)
     Matt's Solitaire Game Vin (4)
     Fun mazes Dave Schnizlein (3)
     Surprise Examination Problem vivek gupta (6)
     The crazy passenger levik (9)
     Risk aversion Adrian Gilby (4)
     surgeons problem Amit Mohindra (2)
     A bookworm’s meal levik (12)
     Paint the cube! Ali Hasnain Baqri (0)
     bad king Roberto (2)
     wanna play (pair matching card game) mrbozo (6)
     How Does Doughboy Do It? Mark W (3)
     stairs john11 (1)
     monty hall problem vivek gupta (18)
     even harder coin problem Paul Viney (6)
     White/Black Triangle/Circle Daniel Earwicker (10)
     hen logic flawed? Chris Lichti (2)
     100 factorial Jesse Hersch (4)
     quesion about Treasure island Baijian Yang (0)
     Screwy Pirates IRL Ed Kaulakis (0)
     array of ppl shailesh kumar (5)
     Coin on a Table Shawn Steele (0)
     technical riddles  aha:!! Govind Jajoo (4)
     Odds question (for a card game) Brad Wilson (4)
     Painfully easy Orto (5)
     smart cookie Bill Kearney (8)
     Magazine piece on puzzles in job interviews William Poundstone (2)
     XOR using NAND gates Devlin (3)
     Twisted Wires Paul Brinkley (9)
     Firmware Programmer Queston: Swapping Registers Ken LaBar (6)
     chinese emporer David Woodruff (0)
     Calendar Cubes Thomas Weiss (3)
     a new riddle yoav morag (5)
     atoi Ximon Eighteen (3)
     Pentagon probability.. shailesh kumar (2)
     boys and girls revisited Carl Reynolds (6)
     A party full of tossers James Vandeleur (8)
     Books..... Michael H. Pryor (3)
     sum it up Winky Chin (5)
     soln to fog creek programmers nofeel (1)
     x implies y levik (6)
     PB & J puzzle Robert Milton (2)
     pennies - problem with solution Jacob (3)
     SPOILER!!: three predefined weighings Piers Haken (3)
     frobbiness Michael H. Pryor (30)
     People in a room Paul Brinkley (6)
     How do I register on this site to get the solution stackdump (3)
     Fuse on fire solution? Prashant (2)
     gold chain  aha:!!! Prakash S (6)
     Four weighings? Paul Brinkley (2)
     Thirteen coins in three weighings? Paul Brinkley (1)
     Red / Blue Marbles Nasty Quaker (5)
     Answer sought Alan Hardwick (1)
     even harder coin problem James M 'Mike' Donovan (7)
     bumblebee Jonathan Segal (3)
     Palindrome Davide Andrea (0)
     Shlemiel the Painter Joel Spolsky (48)
     Boys and girls Davide Andrea (4)
     Painfully easy Andy West (22)
     Mensa D.C. Cab (7)
     multimedia s.vINOSE aUGUSTIN rAJ (0)
     Comments: "The Monty Hall Problem" Brad Wilson (3)
     Comments: "Bad King" Brad Wilson (4)
     What's the tool bar in the left corner? Guy Bjerke (2)
     line mirage Michael Pryor (2)

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