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The solution posted makes a mistake...
The solution correctly asserts that Kottke has 13 points, but then in the next sentence uses the "fact" that Kottke has 14 points to eliminate the possiblity of 4 2's plus a 5 (==13).  Since Kottke's score IS 13, the actual reason that 4 2's plus a 5 doesn't work is that between Allen and Spolsky, all the 5's are taken, therefore you must use the 4 3's + 1 solution. 

Jim Wray
Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Also, once you've established that K's scores were 33331, the rest of it is can be simplified -- all the remaining scores to be assigned are even, with the exception of Lycos' 1-pointer.  Since the two remaining people scored 15 and 12, Lycos' 1-pointer must go to the 15 guy.

Wei-Hwa Huang
Thursday, August 15, 2002

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