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quesion about Treasure island

I found this web site from google. It's great!
Thanks to you guys!

When I was playing with problems in archive,
I think answers to No.29 'treasure iland' may
not be completely correct.

The answer given was: (1/2, 1/2) and (-1/2, -1/2)
but I think it only could be (1/2, 1/2).

According to the graph given, the coordinate system
will be unqiue once we set coconut tree as (0,1)
and palm tree is (0,0).  And we need to consider the
situations where connon is located in any quadrant.
I elaborated all the situations, and found the formula
given in the answer holds for all the situations.
So, there should be no cases it will yield answer
(-1/2, -1/2).

Just my 2 cents.

Baijian Yang
Wednesday, March 20, 2002

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