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How would you move Mt.Fuji ?

We've developed more scientific test system for measuring creativity potential base on the study of Dr.Gerald Gordon who lectured at MIT titled "Scientific Innovation and Creative Potential" in 1967. He was an associate professor of Cornell Univ.,SILR at that time.

Recently I've presented our two decades results to a high IQ group, Mensa International Japan, titled "FINDING SMART BUT DON'T GET THINGS DONE"

For detail pls.visit  http*//

If you know the corresponding address of Dr.G.Gordon,pls. inform me it.  I could not get that information after several e-mails and letters to office of SILR and Information Office of Cornell. 
I really want to discuss it with him.

Satoshi MOCHIZUKI(Ph.D.)

Friday, February 6, 2004

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