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Formula for Money

I use the word money in the following sense: Money is a concrete mechanism for exchanging abstract value.

Apart from inheritance and luck, what are the ways to make a lot of money?

I tried to create a universal formula, and I'd like to know what some of you think. Here it is:

(a + l) * p = $
a = algebra
l = logic
p = psychology

with p = k + e * (t / i)^m
k = knowledge
e = experience
t = time
i = an individual person
m = a power, defined next

m = i * T
i = an individual person
T = technique / technology

All together:

(a + l) * (k + e * (t / i) ^(i * T)) = $

In words: If I manage to occupy an amount of time of an  individual (t / i means "time per individual), using appropriate technology T (eg. the internet, T is large; a one-on-one phone conversation, T is small), I have the basis for making money. If I know how to multiply that base unit (t / i)^(i * T) with my level of (psychological) experience, based on my knowledge k of psychology itself, all I have to do now is to associate (a + l), algebra and logic to the interaction, and to make the individual "i" agree and accept that what I offer as "k", knowledge is a true measure of his self.

This formula, I believe, allows you to set a price for services and goods alike. Your thoughts?

If you dislike the topic, please ignore.


Stefaan R. M. Meeuws
Friday, October 10, 2003

Very interesting. I will study this formula some more.

James kloberdance
Friday, November 14, 2003

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