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Gas stations in San Francisco

I have read you article about interview from the employer stand point. I agree on some of your points (2d is really good) and disagree on some. To prevent some replays I should tell that I am a guy for whom it a very hard task to pass the interview and of cause my opinion are not an example to follow.
Here the question about How many gas stations in SF come. The answer was almost immediate - 30 gas stations. Then I read you 2 possible answers and did not fit in any group.  My answer was real simple : on tricky (or dumb) questions make tricky (or dumb) answers. Than fun continues. My friend (To whom I respect) come to me and I have asked this question to him. I got the answer 15 gas station. (The friend definitely find each other the way how they think:) We discuss a little bit and come to the Idea that the answers of 1 group is not really that smart. The precision is bold. Lat say they figure out that it 3000 station but the actual number will be like 4500. Is it better then 30? The smart people does not have SF Yellow pages in the back pocket. U actually looking for the really different question: How would you try to approximate the number of gas station in the SF from NY? So that really is not smart or others question it is more to determine the personality. Sincerely. Vlad

Vladimir Sakharuk
Monday, April 14, 2003

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