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fisherman's hat- question

Its absolutely right that C does shout out the color of his hat at (say) the ninth minute. But couldn't we extend that logic to B too? I think we can, if we consider the "timing" of the first "shout", as follows:

If suppose both B and C had the "same" colored hats, both know that D would have shouted out the color of his own hat early (say) during the first minute. So both would shout out the opposite color.

But in this case, B can only hear one voice (that too at the ninth minute), and that voice shouts black. So he can assume that since the voice waited until the last moment, it cannot be D's voice. So it must be C's voice shouting the color of his own hat. And since D did not shout out because B and C had different colored hats, and knowing C's hat color (black), B may shout out white.

Or maybe timing is not to be considered eh :) ??

Sourabh Joshi
Thursday, January 23, 2003

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