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     (212)867-5309 Want it? (3 comments)
     Arthur Nersesian AJ (6)
     NYC running on a 286 Li-fan Chen (7)
     LinksPoint looking for Temp-to-Perm Developer dmooney (4)
     Cost of owning a car in NYC. Vivek (15)
     Survey: Big Apple Not the Most Stressed Out City (1)
     Moving to NYC from Long Island. Vivek (9)
     NYC .NET Dev Group] - Scott Hanselman Prakash S (0)
     Going to NYC -- Where's the FAQ? Dave Hull (10)
     Anyone taken the ny notary public exam? Michael H. Pryor (26)
     Seen the new Freedom Tower design? Keith Wright (8)
     Getting back to the NYC metro area? Greg Hurlman (1)
     Best Cell Phone in NYC? Charles Reich (3)
     Old Post on Analytic Programming? Jason P. (3)
     Iridium Jazz Club John Perkins (11)
     [baseball]Ownership *DOES* make all the difference Schilling_Looks_Good_In_Red_Sox (14)
     New York milk live short? Jimmy Chu (8)
     In NYc Over Christmas Michael (7)
     Does Covad use Verizon? Joel Spolsky (29)
     Matrix Revolutions only at a few theaters in NYC? dmooney (2)
     Vote on Tuesday! Mike Schiraldi (8)
     Marlins won!!!! Floridian (3)
     Not Relocating to NYC Rob VH (5)
     "Postmortem" on NYC Trip Bored Bystander (6)
     Roger vs. Pedro Jim Rankin (6)
     Parking Matt Watson (6)
     The Job Market Dorian McKinney (13)
     Independent contractor in NYC Jeff Noel (0)
     Out of college: NYC or Long Island Greg (9)
     Yankees v. Red Sox or A's Game 2 dmooney (1)
     Yankees v. Twins Game 5 dmooney (1)
     Driving Chicken's guide to NYC? Bored Bystander (11)
     Any They Might Be Giants fans here? Tim Lara (5)
     2 bedroom apts in NYC Charles Lewis (7)
     a $250K apartment in NYC: rz (9)
     Cheap NY Places to Stay Ram Dass (10)
     NYC Streets William LLB (3)
     Best Cell Phone Coverage? (16)
     David Blaine Duncan Smart (14)
     Tourist Questions.. Mark (8)
     Moving to NYC from CT? dmooney (4)
     Moving to nyc John Perkins (8)
     digital photography anonymous (2)
     Anyone's lights on? Jim Rankin (11)
     FYI  FOGCREEK SERVER WAS UP AT 18:52 ON 2003/08/14 Jean-Claude (0)
     New York, New York... Chris Holmes (6)
     Six month "vacation" in NYC? Bill Carlson (10)
     DVD & my first visit in New-York city Stef Sev (2)
     NYC Software Developer Professional Organizations? Jonathan Betz (2)
     Critical Mass (5)
     What ever happened to pud? Prakash S (1)
     Relocating to NYC Rob VH (32)
     Own your own business in NYC? Diego Alban (4)
     first time vistor Clark (15)
     NYC:  beacon of tolerance? Jim Rankin (8)
     Dropsie Avenue by Will Eisner Jim Rankin (2)
     Seeing the job market from the other side Mike Schiraldi (2)
     Siren Festival - Saturday, July 19, 2003 (3)
     Europe starving Africa?? Charles Lewis (24)
     LP/ EP? Prakash S (5)
     NY State sales tax(Help req.) Peter Ibbotson (3)
     tristate area recruiter recommendations? AnonGuy (6)
     ClearCase: what have I done to deserve this Charles Lewis (10)
     Need some NYC apartment/accomodation tips Rob (9)
     Test the Nation Michael H. Pryor (4)
     T3 anyone? (0)
     lotsa dead civilians trollbooth (2)
     1/2 price theater tickets (?) (4)
     and you thought Iraq was dangerous... FullNameRequired (6)
     Tax is back (and up) (1)
     Tourist question Guy (17)
     Field Day Festival News Tim Lara (22)
     buffalo dood (4)
     Matrix Reloaded IMAX June 7 - Dinner & a Movie (1)
     Why doesn't Brooklyn have major league baseball? Jim Rankin (9)
     Offshore programming in NY Eugeny N Dzhurinsky (5)
     yay!  the war against terrorism has been won... FullNameRequired (0)
     So the big war thread disappeared? (15)
     Good Experiences with Recruiters? Paul Davies (2)
     Google really is hiring in New York Mike Schiraldi (3)
     Does anyone else hate cars? Jim Rankin (14)
     Instant Messaging & Personal Websites (5)
     Directory of Wall Street Firms. Prakash S (5)
     Unemployment Experiences? (5)
     Best NY job sites? MadMan (1)
     wi-fi ashben (5)
     graduate degree Charles Lewis (6)
     88 fetish? (1)
     trolling -what *do* nyc people feel about the war? george bush is either making a huge mistake, or saving the world..I wish I knew which... (141)
     Is the recession over? Joel Spolsky (11)
     Python Technical Lead, New York, NY Just being helpful (0)
     Google hiring in New York Joel Spolsky (8)
     New York City Apartment Hunting Colby (12)
     Metrocard Swiping Technique Michael Krakovskiy (10)
     Papaya hot longer 50 cents? Papaya King (9)
     Consultant Rates. Prakash S (2)
     One Thousand a month? Keith Wright (1)
     Finding an Office in New York City Joel Spolsky (22)
     how do i get a programmer job at a hedge fund? hedgehog (5)
     Golden Trailer awards: Prakash S (0)
     Usability of Taxi Cabs Jordan Lampe (9)
     What do programmers at investment banks do? Anon. Coward (13)
     Working in NYC living in CT, how is it? Jeff (4)
     Advice for a new resident Paul Davies (10)
     run like hell Charles Lewis (22)
     salespeople, good blokes or spawn of the devil? dead tired and no end in sight (3)
     The Third Place Michael Krakovskiy (2)
     Is New York too expensive for software companies? Joel Spolsky (31)
     March 6th Recommendation Thomas Holaday (0)
     Decline and Fall.... again? Charles Lewis (15)
     Satellite Internet connection? Henry Copeland (4)
     March 5th Theater Recommendation Thomas Holaday (4)
     NYC programmers/bloggers Monsur (2)
     NYC .NET Developer's Group Tim Marman (11)
     Area companies w/ a "West Coast" mgmt style dmooney (2)
     Looking for an Apartment/ Share. Prakash S (4)
     World Trade Centre replacement american patriot (13)
     Introduce yourself! Joel Spolsky (52)
     Welcome to the New York City Front Porch Joel Spolsky (2)

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