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DVD & my first visit in New-York city

Hi all, I will do my first visit in NYC in few days, and would like to do some shopping on Manhattan island.

Here is what I'm looking for.

I would like to find stores where you can find DVD at really cheap price.
I would like espacially to find old movies, then new ones

Anyone can tell me some stores with there name and address?
I heard that in Chinatown you can find anything at really a fraction of the price.

Thank you all


Stef Sev
Sunday, August 10, 2003

I imagine most of those really cheap DVDs would be pirated, like this ones you can find sold by people in the subways. However, outside of the subways around Grand Central and Times Square, I don't know where those stores are.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

The big media outlets have lots of DVD's, HMV on 42nd street near 8th ave (down the block from Madame Tousouds Wax Museum) has a rack of discount DVD's, the Tower Videos - 4th St & Lafayette and 65th & Broadway have DVDs, the Virgin Mega complexes in Times Square & Union Square...

I have no place for cheap DVD's though, but I'm sure there's a store *somewhere* that does it. Maybe in the village... There are a few record shops on Bleeker St, and that place just south of St. Mark's on 3rd ave.... Never go to Barnes & Noble, their prices are the worst.
Sunday, August 10, 2003

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