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Before you post, please take a moment to introduce yourself here! Tell us who you are, what you do, where you live, and what your favorite Gilmore Girls episode is. This topic is linked to from the sidebar so it will be here forever. Please keep this topic neat -- just introduce yourself and move on to another topic. Non-introductions will be deleted.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, February 28, 2003

Hi I live very close to New York City, Fort Lee to be exact.  It is the town the George Washington Bridge connects with.

Friday, February 28, 2003

ahem. Let me set a little example:

Hi! I'm Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek Software, a wee software company in Manhattan. The company has been working out of a brownstone in Murray Hill but will soon be moving into a huge, high-ceilinged loft office with windows on three sides.

After graduating from Yale in 1991 I went to work for Microsoft. After moving to the city in '94, I worked for Microsoft Consulting, then Viacom, then Juno Online before founding Fog Creek in 2000.

I live on the Upper West Side with my boyfriend, Jared, and a lot of dirty laundry.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, February 28, 2003

What's up, Prakash Swaminathan here. I am currently doing my Masters in Computer Engineering at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

I have been here since the Fall of 2001, before which I lived in Chennai(Madras, India), Dubai (UAE), Bangalore(India), Mumbai(India) and Rourkela(India).

Till last week you could catch me at the local bars during happy-hours in downtown New Brunswick (where I live). My new mission is to drop about 30 pounds and hit the gym regularly. Want to get back to the days when I could run 3 miles without breaking a sweat.

When I am not attending class or teaching (most of the time), I am at home or in the library - reading books (quite a few from the excellent recomendations I got from the JoS forum).

I am pretty much of No Fixed Address, Have lived in 4 cities - 7 apartments over the past 10 years. I graduate at the end of this year, after which it is destination anywhere.

Whew! I talk too much:-)

Prakash S
Friday, February 28, 2003

My name is Ed.
I'm a former  living in Madison NJ, roughly 1 hour west of Manhattan. After my undergraduate years (Brown U), I moved to Manhattan, bailed out of a career in Law, and dove into tech writing and instructional design. I'm now a tech manager at a large (struggling) former Telco.

I have a wife and 1 year old toddler, I enjoy masters swimming, red wine and listening to/collecting music. The music thing is slightly out of hand-- I own roughly 2000 LPs, cassettes and CDs, everything from Bartok to Captain Sensible, Hariprasad Chaurasia to Sun Ra. My radio station is tuned to free-form, listener-supported radio, WFMU Jersey City and WBGO jazz, and if I had more time I'd be a staff volunteer.

No blog yet-- so little time.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Hi. I'm not too far from NYC. I'm a web programmer and work in electronic publishing, mostly Perl and Java, XML, SQL, etc. I have degrees in linguistics, psychology, art, and programming is not my first career. I'm interested in various subjects (politics, religion, etc.) and feel that computer science can provide frameworks for conceptualizing them.

The Real PC
Friday, February 28, 2003

Hello.  My name is William Campbell.  I am a software engineer at a really cool company in Norwalk, CT called LinksPoint.  Our company has ties to NYC and I have, on occasion, found myself in NYC on a work-related note.

I also end up in NYC, on occasion, for fun stuff too!  My friend/co-worker/fellow-joel-fan Dave and I were just at MSG Jan. 11th to see (Michael) Jordan (and the Wizards) play the Knicks.  Yesterday, we got tickets to see Coldplay (woo-hoo!) at MSG in June.

I've worked at LinksPoint now for 16 months and have worked on quite a few different projects.  One project I was working with C++, targeted for the Palm OS.  Many other projects I have worked with C++/MFC, targeted for the PocketPC.  On my current project I am working with Visual Basic, targeted for those cool new Tablet PCs (we had 3 at the office this week -- super!).

I graduated from UCONN (Go Huskies!) with a Computer Science and Engineering degree; December 1998.  Before LinksPoint I worked at American Skandia and IPC (if you go on any trading floor, I'll almost guarantee you that they have one of the IPC phones).

I just got engaged in November (just after midnight as the calendar turned to Thanksgiving) to my girlfriend of almost 7 years (and now fiancee of 3 months).  I also just closed on my 1st house (my parents house -- yes, they moved elsewhere -- I stayed) in January.  I have no kids, but 2 cats (Minnie and Smokey -- they rock!!).

I like to watch tv and some reality shows.  That's right -- I admit it!!  I watched Joe Millionare, and now watch "Help! I'm a celebrity get me out of here!"  Surprisingly I don't watch Survivor and never did.  Mtv is also one of my favorite channels.  I can pretty much watch any show they put on there (VH1 too!).  I try not to watch too much.  During the week I'm usually at work until 11pm-midnight (flex hours) anyway ... so the only shows I watch during the week are the ones I tape (I need Tivo!) and then watch when I'm home un-winding.

I'm also a big movie fan (especially comedies).  I probably have 300+ VHS videos.  I stopped buying those -- gotta move onto DVD.

I'm also a HUGE music fan.  I cannot program without my MP3's jamming in the background.  Names from my daily play list include: Foo Fighters, Coldplay, No Doubt, Alanis Morisette, Poe (she is great), John Mayer, Hole, Live, Maroon5, Five For Fighting, Moby ....

I'm also a die-hard RedSox fan.  Sorry to all you NYC'ers.

That's me.

William C
Friday, February 28, 2003

Hi all --

My name is Victor Lombardi and I, like Joel, live on the Upper West Side. I work as an Information Architect at Razorfish. As I work alongside programmers, and spent a few years doing hands-on IT work, I'm fascinating with meaty software development issues.

I also helped found the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture. If you're interested in how interface design meets information science, stop by:

Victor Lombardi
Saturday, March 1, 2003

RE> I'm fascinating with meaty software development issues.

um, make that "fascinated" :)

Victor Lombardi
Saturday, March 1, 2003


My name is  Diane (pronounce "deon").  My name used to be Debby Cruz, back when I was teaching ballet at Steps on the upper east side.  I think that was about 3 lifetimes ago.  That was back when I was a Q-link host and a Softdisk writer, artist, programmer, musician--and a mom.

I don't do cities any more. Someone very wise told me to just stay in a safe place for the rest of this lifetime.

But I still do virtual city. No blog here yet, though prolly in another week or so. 

What's my line of work? I keep getting asked to do administrative and database-type work, and all I want to do is make pictures.  What's an artist to do?!

How out-there can I be in this introduction?  Cause I have an outrageous life, connected with the heartbeat of the Universe, and not a whole lot of people know about it.  Well.. if you really gotta know, you'll have to ask me.


Diane Bryan
Saturday, March 1, 2003

My name is Ran Whittle.  (Ran is short for Randolph -- old family nickname.)  I work here in the city mostly as a MSFT Office VBA consultant and live on the Upper West Side.  I am 34.

I came to NYC almost ten years ago to study orchestral conducting at the Mannes School on 85th street, but slowly gravitated away from that profession after finishing the degree (man plans, God laughs, etc.). 

I shoot a respectable (but not expert) game of pool at ABC from time to time, continue to mess around at the piano towards no particular purpose, take shaky, amateur pictures of stationary objects (buildings and the like), explore the restaurants on Columbus Ave., and bend an elbow occasionally with friends.

Sunday, March 2, 2003

My name is David Mooney and I work at LinksPoint [ ] with William Campbell (see above) in Norwalk, CT which is about 60 minutes
by train from Midtown on Long Island Sound. Most notably, I worked on a mobile application the FDNY used to catalog all of the "items" recovered from Ground Zero [ ]. I also did a little bit of work on our consumer product which you maybe might have seen at CompUSA, StarCaddy [ ].

I graduated from the CSE program at UCONN in Dec '98, again w/ William Campbell and went to work at a financial telephony hardware/software company called IPC until September 2001 when I came to LinksPoint. All told, I've been doing Windows development for about five years, mostly in Visual C++.

I make it into the city about 20-30 (?) times per year for both business and pleasure. I am very into music. I have around 300 CDs, all of which I've ripped to MP3 which I carry around on my laptop. I wrote a jukebox plugin for Winamp which queues up my favorite songs more often than my less favorite songs in a semi-random manner. :) I've also very into movies and I'm working on seeing every movie on the IMDB Top 250. You can track my progress on my website which is my psuedo-weblogish thing.

I am engaged to be married and the wedding is just six weeks away!

Also, I just got a great new laptop from Sager, the NP5660S. Check it out, it's a beast! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2003

I'm Keith Wright, a programmer at a small financial software company.  I've lived in NYC for almost 4 years. First near Columbia, where my wife went to school, and now in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn (great neighborhood).  I look forward to getting to know my neighbors better.

Keith Wright
Monday, March 3, 2003

My name is Mark, I'm a J2EE developer for a global news and media company based in Manhattan. My office is in the Harborside Financial Center on the waterfront in Jersey City, and I live a few PATH stops away. I also teach web design and graphic design most weeknights at a technical school here in Jersey City.

I'm 27, been in the J2EE dev game for about 3 years, and single. ;-)

My free time revolves around developing, and collecting/creating content for a web site that is launching soon, dedicated to exploring the outdoor adventures on the East Coast of the USA.

Monday, March 3, 2003

Hi, my name is Diego Alban. 

I took a year off from school to save up, but I am back at Baruch College here in NYC majoring in business. I volunteer at a non-profit while I go and look for work for the summer. 

Lived in Queens most of my life, but dream of one day moving to Seattle (or near Seattle) for the rainy, cloudy weather.  I'm one of the few people who loves the rain more than the sunshine.

I have no intention of starting a software or hardware company but I love reading Joel's articles and the intelligent, well-informed discussion on Joel's forums.  My primary goal is to find something I love and make a decent living out of it.  I believe that any business you start, no matter how small, means hard work and longs hours.  I don't fear these things but I want to be passionate about what I do if I am going to invest so much energy and time.

I don't watch the Gilmore Girls, but it is a great show.  Much more original than others.  I think Rory will never be happy.  She lives in a beautiful home, has a great mom, wealthy relatives, and has two hot guys who chase after her... and still she is unhappy because she has to make "tough decisions" like choosing between two guys.  It's still a great show though.

I only watched the first and last episode of Joe Millionaire but I also think there should be more shows like that even though it is cotton candy for the mind.  Thanks to Fox for being the Entenmann's of the major networks.

Diego Alban
Monday, March 3, 2003

My name is Michael Krakovskiy.
I am a senior web developer at TV Guide.  I previously worked full time at iXL and as well as consulted at Morgan Stanley, Chase and Citibank. 

I keep a LiveJournal blog at
I also created a Livejournal community about NYC real estate :

I am an avid fisherman. If you want to join me on a fishing trip to Sheepshead Bay -- send me an email.

Monday, March 3, 2003


My name is Dana Hoffman. I'm a former New Yorker (born in Brooklyn, raised on the Island), but the winds of fate brought me to northwestern Connecticut, far from decent pizza and convenient Chinese food, alas. I miss the city, and don't get down there nearly often enough.

I'm a VB/Access/SQL Server programmer for a small state college. Since our IT department consists of only three people including myself, and neither of the other two work with VB or Access, I find that going out to the user groups is the best way to network with other IT professionals. And even if Joel's column had no good technical advice to offer, I would still read it for the entertainment value alone. Good writers are rare these days!

When I'm not at work programming, I'm often at home working on my web site,, which is a news and event calendar site for lesbians in the southern New England and New York area.  Joel is right when he talks about our society's lack of a "third place" outside of work and home to gather with others; no doubt if there were more friendly gay coffeehouses in the Hartford area (make that even ONE friendly gay coffeehouse), I would probably be there shmoozing with the girls instead of at home on the computer.

Maybe I'm a dreamer, but my hope is that the Internet will eventually bring the people of the world together by allowing them to talk to each other. You don't drop bombs on your friends.


Dana Hoffman
Monday, March 3, 2003

Hi All,

My name is Alex, I'm actually from San Francisco, so I hope you don't mind me getting in on this.  My wife and I loved New York so much on our last visit that we want to make an extended visit this year. 

Unfortunately since I have my own software development firm I still have to work, so look for my other posts on the logistics of going across the country but still finding decent internet access so I can get some work done.  Maybe someone will know of a cubicle that's available in someone's office (Joel?)

A little about me:
I'm married, got two kids.  I have a Computer Science degree from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  I've been a consultant practically my entire career.  Early on I was a Microsoft developer and got good enough to do some technical editing for Visual C++ magazine for about a year.  Then myself and a few buddies got together and started our own software development firm.  We've been doing that for a few years now and I have really enjoyed it.

Alex Soto
Monday, March 3, 2003

I'm Tim, a 23 yr old living in Battery Park City with my girlfriend Tara. I graduated from Hamilton College in Central NY in 2001, and have lived and worked downtown ever since. Upon graduation, I started full time with Goldman Sach in the Banking Technology group (after two years of internships), where I've worked mostly on framework development and a bit of application development.

Unlike Ed, who went from Law to Technology, I'm planning on going to law school for next year - Fordham or Columbia, depending on where I get in (though I don't know if I actually want to be a lawyer yet!).

Like Ran, I also play a respectable pool game (usually at Slate or SoHo Billiards), and would love to meet others over some beer and pool one day.

Also - I'm planning on attending the NYC .NET Developer's Group meeting this month at the Microsoft offices. If anyone else is planning on attending, perhaps we can get together for a drink afterwards.

I've gotten very into reading weblogs lately, and this has inspired me to start one of my own (  Scott W has put together some great blogging software at .NET Weblogs ( written in ASP.NET, and if you're interested in sharing what you have to say definitely get in touch with him.

The blogging community is actually a quite fascinating study in social behavior as well :)

Tim Marman
Monday, March 3, 2003

I'm Ron and I'm 23 years old, obsessed with the idea of "pervasive computing".  I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and worked for a security software company called Probaris Technologies for awhile before deciding I needed to live in NYC.  I was doing "technology" at a financial services company for awhile but it didn't take, and I'm trying to see if it's at all possible to work at a "hardcore" software company in NYC--other than FogCreek, of course.  I have a list of only nine companies so far that meet that criteria that I'd be happy to share, especially if people know of more.     

I like lots of stuff, but i'm about to go get some coffee so i figured i'd mention I'm a coffee fiend... i love drinking coffee, smelling coffee, talking about coffee, and especially reading about coffee.  Incidentally, I've also identified some great "third places" in nyc, specifically cafes that offer a genuine place to go for reflection or even some casual conversation.  There certainly need to be more! 

Ron L
Monday, March 3, 2003


My name is Chris Jackson. I am a recent arrival in NYC, having gradually made my way here from Oregon via St. Louis. My wife and I live on the upper east side. I am a born again web developer (originally I did low-level statistical engine work in C) working at a telecom company out in Westchester. Consequently, I get to enjoy trees outside my window at the office, and then come home to the city each day.

Chris Jackson
Monday, March 3, 2003

  Hi, my name is Charles and I've been living on 14th street for the last 8 years or so.  I think officially it's Gramercy, but if you've ever been down here you know that 14th is sort of a neighborhood of its own.
  I've been a software developer for over ten years, and I'm currently at AT&T research.  Before this I wrote dispatch software at, which was a regular barrel of monkeys while it lasted.  I've also done a little work at financial companies, but at some point I decided that small software companies (OK, and research labs at large ones) are really a better lifestyle.
  In an attempt to maintain this lifestyle, I'm currently taking classes at Columbia, heading towards a Masters.  I can't go back to doing cookie-cutter apps.  I won't.

Charles Lewis
Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Mike Krauklis here.  I'll be finishing up a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science this coming August and I'm trying to figure out my post graduate plans.  NYC is one of my highest prospects.

Mike Krauklis
Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Hi, I'm Monsur, Software Engineer with Xanga [ ] right here in Manhattan.  I graduated from the University of Illinois in 1998, and after a brief stint at Amazon, I moved to NYC in 2000.  I have an obsession with music, which I discuss more than programming on my blog:

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

> Tell us who you are

My name is George Schneiderman, and I'm a new father.  Besides spending time with my baby boy and my wife, I enjoy hiking, cooking, eating, traveling, reading, watching movies, and sleeping.  Someday I trust I will be able to do those things again.  . . 

> what you do

I work for a small software company in SoHo.  I call myself a "software interaction designer", but I'm the sole HCI person at a small company, and I'm basically a jack of all things HCI.  I do functional requirements analysis, contextual inquiry, interface design, usability testing and evaluation . . . if it relates to how people interact with our software, I'm there.    I have an undergraduate degree in computer science (Harvard '95), but it only occasionally relates to my work.     

My company, Antenna Software  ( )  "develops wireless mobile enterprise software that enables companies to dramatically improve the efficiency of their field sales and service organizations. "  Our main focus is on applications for wireless devices that provide users with "always on" access to back-office systems, in or out of network coverage, with almost completely transparent background synchronization. 
Curiously enough I haven’t really done any traditional web site design or information architecture, although I do try to keep current with the literature and keep meaning to build a web site.  I've been at Antenna since moving to NYC in 2000.  Before that I was in the Air Force and had short hair. 

I go to NYC-CHI events pretty regularly, and once presented a design case study to the WWWAC Wireless SIG.  Last year I attended SIG-CHI, but I don't plan to go this year, and am on the lookout for a somewhat less academically oriented professional conference.   

> where you live

In a lovely duplex apartment in the vicinity of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

> and what your favorite Gilmore Girls episode is.

I haven't seen any Gilmore Girls episodes, but I am very fond of Smallville.  Last week's episode with Christopher Reeve was very a particular favorite, as was the first red kryptonite episode. 

George Schneiderman
Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Hi all.  Daniel Chait here, founding partner of Lab49.  We're a software development company here in NYC.

Personally, I live in Murray Hill and used to live on the UWS near Lincoln Center.  Graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in Software Engineering, worked in several software startups and did the big consulting thing for avwhile as well (I worked in corporate banking at AMS for those who are wondering).

I'm new here to FCS and JOS so I guess I'll leave it at that.

Daniel Chait
Tuesday, March 4, 2003


I'm British (born and bred). I love the USA, and especially NYC. It's the only place in the world for which I get homesick. (Or maybe there's an addictive substance in the open turkey sandwiches...)

My dream is an apartment next door to Strand bookstore. But I'd settle for a room near the NYPL. Mmm... books!

I've never heard of this 'Gilmore Girls' thing. I'm sure it's absolutely splendid entertainment, whatever it is.

Right-ho chaps, must dash. Cheerio!

Pat Galea
Wednesday, March 5, 2003


My "third place" is live music and off-off-Broadway.  The last three plays I've seen are Bitter Bierce, Booty Candy, and Bitch MacBeth, and the last three music bars I've been to are The Charleston, b.p.m., and Luna Lounge.  Unless Bean counts as a music bar.

When my web pages pass the W3 validators, I feel like I have accomplished something.  My favorite programming languages are C++, Delphi, and perl.

Thomas Holaday
Wednesday, March 5, 2003

I'm David. I live in Manhattan. I work as an independent consultant and programmer focusing on web development, metadata management, and security. I also write about programming. I am the coauthor of the O'Reilly PHP Cookbook ( ) and a various articles (see ).

Other than writing computer programs and thinking about computer programs, I like to cook, eat, read, and play records. Also, I can wiggle my ears.

David Sklar
Wednesday, March 5, 2003

  My name is Ivan and I hail from 'Hell's Kitchen'. A few months ago I finished an assignment in Berlin, Germany and moved to Manhattan. The experience was great, but reminded me of all the reasons why US is still the greatest country on this planet. Going from Silicon Valley to Europe was an illustration of Einstein's twin paradox - time definitely moves faster in the Valley.
  The rest of my working life I spent in Silicon Valley designing software tools for VLSI design verification - circuit, event-driven and cycle based simulators, compilers and run-time systems for hardware description languages. I didn’t want to leave the Valley without a dot-com experience, so I was also the chief architect of (now defunct) one. The sum total of my SV experience is that I worked with great (smart, funny, creative, opinionated, free thinking) people and had a lot of fun. I am looking to recreate some of that experience outside the Valley. Wish me good luck in this economy ;-)
  Interests beyond technology have taken me on journeys through Tibet, Nepal, Egypt, Peru and most of Europe. The (possibly only) down side of Silicon Valley is the severe lack of cultural activities and now I am desperately making up for lost time.

Ivan K
Thursday, March 6, 2003

Hi, my name is Jordan, and I moved to New York last year, after a 5 year stint in the other expensive city in the world, Tokyo.  I'm working at one of those darn investment banks and living in the village.

Jordan Lampe
Friday, March 21, 2003

Hello, I'm an artist. My work is mostly interactive sculpture and installation (

On the work side I am currently on an extended break (I'm making art and traveling and it's great). Prior to the break I was a Program Manager on the Excel team for four years. Before that I was a C++ programmer for a small software company working on 3D graphics for visualization.

Paul Davies
Friday, March 21, 2003

Web developer in Raleigh, N.C. I've worked with computers in newspapers, cotton, healthcare, telecom, an ISP, and a dot-com. When I went to college we used punch cards, Fortran, Snobol, and Assembler, but the future was crystal clear: PL/1.

Charles Hall
Friday, March 28, 2003


I'm Douglass Turner. A lapsed New Yorker who used to live in Chelsea, hangout in Greenwich Village, the usual. I absolutely plotzed when I read Joel "bubala" Spolsky's piece on finding office space in New Yawk. Hey Joel, how's my Yiddish?

Grad school in Chapel Hill (Masters in CompSci, UNC) followed by reality distortion at Apple (Cupertino, Advanced Technology Group) and currently raising kids in Reykjavik can do some serious New Yorker deprogramming. I've become so ... nice.

Anyway, hi.

DOuglass Turner
Saturday, March 29, 2003

Mark Wieczorek

- web developer
- project manager
- unemployed / looking for work
- used to work for huge financial (citigroup)

- starting a couple of websites for fun & profit

- musician (bass player)
- not in a band / looking for a good band
- have home studio

- on again off again writer
- see my website

- avid reader (mostly non-fiction) / looking for good reads
- have a wide variety of interests

- lives in "the People's Republic of Brooklyn"
- somewhat left leaning politically
- mid 20's
- lives with girlfriend (of 10 years) / not looking

- backpacked around the country
- have 3 cats
- loves bicycling
Saturday, March 29, 2003


I'm another Alex.

If you can't tell, I'm from Australia.

I'm a battle-hardened ecologist and IT veteran, who runs a humble little consulting enterprise that specialises in ecological information systems, such as wildlife observation databases.

Once in a while I rob Peter to pay Paul by doing straight commercial work, and now have a fair bit of experience across the three B's of Australian commerce - Beer, Betting and Boobs. My connection with New York is that in 2000 I wrote a web application for subletting apartments (, which unfortunately doesn't seem to exist anymore. A pity.

Anyway, for more info just visit

I live on the boundary of a National Park in Sydney, and am helping yet another startup deal with reality.

I have long had a thesis I'm about to finish so I don't get much time, but for fun I travel, go to artsy outdoor music festivals, play the didj, go spotlighting or mix some techno.

Joel, your columns are just manna from heaven. I look forward to every missive.


Alex Thomas
Sunday, March 30, 2003

I live in Cambridge, MA. I used to live in Brooklyn, but am originally from the Midwest USA. I'm hoping to move back to NYC sometime in the next two years.

I write software that monitors large databases in real time and uses statistical techniques to send alerts when certain conditions are met. Think of that "Total Information Awareness" thing that had people spooked for a while... That's what I do.  I also have written a few shareware apps that do audio processing.

In my spare time, I read books, play a few musical instruments (badly) and try to go to the gym and do other physical things.

Monday, March 31, 2003


Ian Faring, Montessori kid gone good.  Recently engaged, currently in Brooklyn. 7/8 way through first novel. I have always had to juggle the creative and technical and have worked on projects such as: 3D printing technology/material science, .com ridiculousness, rounding up of 6 million past sales records for decorative and fine arts, fresco reproduction as well as a bevy of other things. I am currently grinding out an existence with PM and Tech writing as well as some development and design.


ian faring
Monday, May 5, 2003


I'm a student of computer science from Sweden, but actually born in Bosnia and came here some time ago for reasons well known to most ...

I don't work for any fancy company - yet :); so I'll not bore u with a long CV here - just a few simple words about me:

Making compilers, computer graphics & playing guitar rocks - politicans sucs.

For NY I can say: I came, I saw, I looooved it!
& I'll came back (I hope).

I do like this site too; alot of interesting reading here.

cheerz to all!

Monday, July 14, 2003

Hi, i am Valentin.
I can do all that it is possible to do, and even more sometime. I am too far from NYC, and i can not say anything about it, hope once to visit it.

I like all that is relate to word 'digital' and F1 is also one of my favour things.

Hope to spend good time in your site.

Valentin Semak
Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Hi all,

I just accepted a job at Thoughtworks and will be based in Manhattan. I love NYC, have been there many times, and I look forward to my upcoming move in September.

Just wanted to introduce myself as Joel suggested. Email me anytime.

John Perkins
Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I love NYC and had many occasion to go work in the city for short period of time. Although i can't go live permanently in NY, i'm looking to see if i can go make some long term contract and travel back and forth on the weekends.

Now i'm introduced, sorry i posted before i was.

Jeff Noel
Friday, October 10, 2003

Hello All,

I am University of Tennessee graduating senior wanting to move to the BIG APPLE and I thought I would see if I could learn something new.  I am planning on moving there one day, I hope that I can enjoy it as Native New Yorkers have done in the past.

Dorian McKinney
Saturday, October 11, 2003

My name is Will.  I have a small baby so I get up at 5 AM and never get to sleep.  Despite that I somehow manage to hold down engineering jobs.

I have been doing professional software engineering for a little less than 10 years, with purely technical as well as management posts.  I've worked in Austin Texas and here in NYC.  I have a BSEE from UVa.  I do mostly C++ and Java, but like many folks here am interested in a wide range of technologies.

I'm currently working as an independent consultant on mobile solutions (Palm, PPC, Java-based server-sides).  I used to work for Palm, as the head of the NY engineering office, and some other outfits (as my father calls them) that are less well known.
Process-wise I'm interested especially in configuration management infrastructures (SCC, defect tracking, build automation, test automation).  Tech-wise, I'm an end-to-end commercial system kind of engineer as opposed to an algorithm kind of engineer, though I admire big-Oh notation as much as the next guy.  I am especially interested in formal design patterns and all manner of debug and tool stuff.

Happy to be here in NY, thought I'd finally be a good citizen and join the forums here (long-time reader).  I also plan to finally give some money to WNYC.


Will Meyer
Saturday, October 18, 2003


I am Jimmy Chu. I just moved to this City for around 2 months. I am currently working in a private hedge fund company participate in the development of their trading engine.

I get a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Masters in Financial Engineering, both from University of Michigan.

Nice to meet you guys all here,

Jimmy Chu
Saturday, November 8, 2003

Hi. My name is Jeff, and I live in west suburban Nashville (which is within day-trip distance of NYC, anyway) with my wife, two terriers, and a calico cat.

BSEE, Northwestern, 1981. Back then all the cool things I expected to spend my career doing were still being done in hardware. Very soon afterward that was no longer true, and I've been doing mostly software since about '86. I've delivered code in more than twenty languages on more than a dozen platforms, but for the last few months I've been between gigs and, truth be told, a little burnt out.

Jeff Carroll
Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I am living in Toronto at the moment (hold the lightening just a moment)...but I am interested in living in what I believe to be among the most interesting and fun cities on earth... I would probably ask some pretty dumb questions (like how in the world do you live in nyc on the cheap? how do you conduct small business on the cheap?) so please forgive me if I chip in a thread and ask something entirely inappropriate! :-)

Li-fan Chen
Thursday, November 13, 2003

Alrighty, I found this site, and I thought it was rather interesting. So here it goes....

My name is Meghann and I'm a student/artist. I just got an internsthip for the summer in New York City at a gallery called Artist Space. I love the city. I'm from Cleveland, OH. Rather boring for the Arts, so my goal is to at some point move to the city. I came to this site, looking for a sublet for the months of May and June. I'm looking for something reasonable, and in the city. I am a painter/and dancer and a student, and a sister. I also plan at some point to audition for Jennifer Muller in New York. So, anyone know about a open sublet for May and June, please contact me.

Thank you.

Please check my website out if you want

Sunday, November 16, 2003


My name is Yuji and I live on the Upper West Side.  I work as a product manager for a smallish multinational headquartered in New Jersey- prior to said firm, I have had postings in Copenhagen and Tokyo.  I am currently attending Stern and am on track to graduate with an MBA in December 2004: I hope to pick up the shattered remains of my social life at that point. 

I am invariably found at OTTO on Saturdays after class (curse you Mario Batali- take my money!)

I find the JOS articles to be an interesting mix of strategy, development primer, and guerilla marketing.  While I don’t agree with every article, I find the site to be witty, well written and quite frankly, addictive. 

Yuji Furusawa
Friday, December 19, 2003

Hi, I'm Ralph. I'm an undergrad at UC Berkeley, due to graduate in 2006. My intended major is Applied Mathematics.

I enjoy tech issues--I came here through Ole Eichhorn's site ( ). Since it's winter break right now, I'm reading self-improvement and philosophy books. In addition, I've been asked to join a startup company as CTO by a high school friend.

I am impressed by the polish and perfection of your website and articles and would like to join you for your chat in Berkeley on 30 Jan 2004. I'm learning CityDesk right now for a website I'm preparing to hand off to someone non-technical ( ), while multitasking by reading your articles and rants.


Ralph Lee
Monday, January 12, 2004

Hi There Everyone,

I'm Cai from the United Kingdom.  I live in a fairly small city and work in a slightly larger city about 60 miles away.
I'm a computer geek (not a nerd) and have aspirations of owning my own software development business - which is what I'm working towards at the moment.

I'm finding that Apple is my primary system of choice, although I do work quite closely with Wintel boxes wherever I may go.

I work mostly in Perl and RealBASIC.

I've been to NYC a fair few times and consider it my "spiritual home" and a second aspiration would be to live in the NY area (upstate or near NYC!)

I think thats enough for now, dont ya think???
Heh - Although I failed to mention I skateboard, play Capoeira and am very much into Parkour!!

Be well everyone,


Cai Feasby
Sunday, January 25, 2004

Hello to everyone,my name is Christopher.
I live in the Little Neck area of Queens and I am licensed
Real Estate broker.(Dont curse me just yet!!Lol!!)My company has MANY,MANY NO FEE apartments available
thru out the city.I will save you ALOT OF TIME,FRUSTRATION,AND EFFORT.I will find the apartment thats right for you.If interested please call me at (917)204-0016.
Thank you.

Friday, February 6, 2004

hi ^O^
My name is puengporn. I am 19 yearsold. I live in Thailand
I study in Udonthanee Vocational College.
If do you want talk to me
Thank you very much
Bye ^o^

puengporn panpakdee
Wednesday, June 2, 2004

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