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Getting back to the NYC metro area?

I grew up in and around NYC, and through fate wound up living now in rural NC... no matter how many people tell me I'll get used to it... I doubt I ever will.  I'd love to move back up there, but with a baby on the way, I can't just throw myself into it... I'd need a solid job, or at least 6 mo. contract to get started up there.

I guess my question is twofold... what are my chances of being able to find steady work in either web/.net development or MSFT-based network administration/troubleshooting, and how should I go about getting started?

Any tips appreciated... no matter how obvious.

Greg Hurlman
Friday, December 12, 2003

Contact a NYC recruiter. I had spectacular success with Grady Levkov, whom Joel also recommends. They'll let you know what your realistic prospects are, and they'll also coach you into getting the best job you're suited for and the salary you deserve.

Mike Schiraldi
Friday, December 12, 2003

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