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     Winnable Solitaire article Thom Lawrence (29)
     Bug tracking at Microsoft Scott Stonehouse (7)
     Equivalent of mshtml for Linux? Banana Man (6)
     CEOs being paid to outsource T. Norman (50)
     Von Neumann and HCI Aussie Chick (14)
     If Java doesn't have pointers... Just curious (23)
     Version Control : Open Source Ramu Karyat (11)
     Outlook client with open source exchange server? newToOSS (9)
     Multiple Build Machines or Just One? Y)Y)M4 (8)
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     Work Intlligence aartist (5)
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     I want out writing web/database applications bored (28)
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     Newbie Overview of Longhorn? Bored Bystander (17)
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     Parser Generation in C# Hockey Player (4)
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     Alpha Blended Icon Source Anon (13)
     Outsourcing happening within North America? Kenny (14)
     Americans need learn foreign language? redguardtoo (105)
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     Rewrite Gecko in Java ? browserfan (14)
     Google Calculator Mistake Fatboy Slim (9)
     Bill Gates on "professional engineers" Jim Rankin (25)
     faux striped source print-outs Ian Cheung (15)
     Search engine personalization trollop (2)
     Strange Windows XP Behavior Yet another anon (8)
     GmailFS - Gmail Filesystem Matthew Lock (21)
     Insourcing? Jason (40)
     Device driver for XP SunKA (2) Moves Towards Standards Walter Rumsby (6)
     Compulsory support role for departed programmer? Bored Bystander (50)
     Running arbitrary command line exes as NT services muppet (9)
     Batch export Outlook's AddrBook into VCards? Bella (3)
     The API is king Emerson Clarke (24)
     Finding Companies Seeker (6)
     Name that executable Ogami Itto (18)
     Auto-update add-on to VB? Fred (3)
     Decent back-up software for personal use? Practical Geezer (4)
     How Laundry destroyed my Harddrive Almost Anonymous (15)
     Avalon FAQ bloopers Oren (16)
     Pointers to UI design help? James Hart (4)
     Best add-ons for Delphi 7? Mr.Analogy (Shrinkwrap ISV company owner) (16)
     90 million downloads of .Net from Windows Update Chris Altmann (7)
     Does XP SP2 include .net? Mr.Analogy (Shrinkwrap ISV company owner) (11)
     Relational databases hate me E. Naeher (15)
     Changes in Longhorn Plans Chris Altmann (5)
     UML . (22)
     Folder view periodically messed up Practical Geezer (10)
     Peoplesoft Bug Tracking System Genx'er (8)
     General question about CPU architecture MorePowerPlease (15)
     How much do icon desingers cost Karthik (18)
     Tool to display disk space usage details? Christopher Wells (23)
     Salary survey (65)
     How do I find out what is held in cache? Micro Managed (10)
     From idea to final product Ogami Itto (30)
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     D - Day !! Hold On!! (13)
     Typedef Insanity? (Not-so-newbie C question) Mack (27)
     Health Insurance Yoey (18)
     Google AdWords is useless Hating Google (21)
     "Rescue abandoned project" contract - opinions? Bored Bystander (31)
     Getting the value of the lower and higher byte? Sheila (21)
     Debug Susan Ramsbottom (9)
     Second guessing my designs Overclocked (20)
     Cross Platform development Some Random Guy (27)
     Excelsior JET RP (3)
     marketing to developers ronnie (12)
     Visual Studio .Net / Source control gwyn (15)
     Is Java is security risk Ged Byrne (15)
     How do you write look and feel spec? Unix2M$ (10)
     Cracking The Three Laws Of Robotics todd (21)
     Passing by value / reference CF (15)
     mutliple access to same db SR (6)
     Should I install XP's SP2? Security is not a joke (18)
     Looking for JOS Projected Bug Count Comment Scott (10)
     Using Bugzilla for the Helpdesk Clay Dowling (8)
     Ever worked with a real Anoop? Wishful Thinker (29)
     Marc Andreeson muppet (38)
     Dare Obasanjo? Kalani (3)
     If you like this... Social Programmer (17)
     Free GUI designer for Windows? Fred (17)
     Need info on Mideast Internet usage Angelina White (27)
     Which build software do you use Tony Edgecombe (11)
     Contingency Plans for Republican Convention Chill (14)
     Open Source ERP Karel (1) redesign Thom Lawrence (15)
     eclipse and MS C++ Toolkit Ogami Itto (2)
     proving dates on emails i like i (23)
     Just finished The Curious Incident... Matt Cruikshank (19)
     Accounting for your Time Aussie Chick (17)
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     Correctly developed Swing application Ogami Itto (17)
     Some Questions Sathyaish Chakravarthy (20)
     Do you know what I want? Ogami Itto (11)
     If MS Only Cares About The Newest Paradigm... Norrick (22)
     Source Code analysis tool Ogami Itto (7)
     Infopath question Andrew Burton (2)
     Looking for some laptop recommendation Bob (24)
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     Style of working Dr. Real PC (15)
     Most efficient file i/o for reads Chill (9)
     The Mystery of Mark D. (10)
     It's one of those days Ogami Itto (5)
     Singing HTML Matthew Lock (6)
     Sink Battleship Forecastle (48)
     Psychology in the work place Julian Jackson (26)
     Is Sybase in search of stupidity ? Olivier (8)
     Book recommendation for SOA new_one (1)
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     Today (Aug.24) is the 10th anniversary pastor of muppets (10)
     Building a Wiki muppet (33)
     Obtaining File Name from File Pointer in C Shawn Leslie (8)
     Any good GUI builder tools for SWING? dave (14)
     Need a text editor that can handle gig+ files NeedAnEditor (22)
     When do you update Revision/Build numbers? zigzag (8)
     Technology Review on Linux profound insights galore (18)
     Trust, 3rd parties, and shades of grey Bill Carlson (19)
     Manual transmissions great for ice J. Random Hacker (28)
     Database Relationship Problem Jon Lindbo (9)
     simplest implementation of lambda calculus on C++ newbie (9)
     Using Linux/Unix "Top" command Vin Diesel (4)
     Ask Joel Rant on Program Managers Mark (5)
     OT - Anyone jog with an iPod? += (32)
     Gopher Yoey (22)
     how to handle user permissioning? Patrick (9)
     (OT?)The Curious Incident of the Dog... Devon Grey (15)
     UML diagram from IDL Daniel (3)
     AdSense on Blogger Ogami Itto (8)
     Union threatens James Hardie Catch the liars (29)
     2 Strings.. Gary van der Merwe (15)
     <iostream> - polymoronic hoser (7)
     Trusted computing hoser (18)
     Word automation woes AMS (13)
     Wire Services and PR... Chas Emerick (10)
     Expedia? No...CRAPedia Tim (12)
     patterns for file import? Patrick (22)
     IDE problem .NET Web Control I am Jack's frustration (4)
     Looking for sites like R N (1)
     Making HTML sing Kent (9)
     Progessively slower downloads? ronk! (10)
     .NET Class Library Reference for Pocket PC? Clay Whipkey (0)
     An opportunity? gwyn (23)
     MSDN editorial Bill Nalen (6)
     Profoundly screwed up Windows computers Bored Bystander (38)
     Tape Backup Software Andrew Cherry (8)
     sticky buttons Improve (5)
     Table inheritance: worth using? Egor (18)
     New dot com companies Puzzled (14)
     Manual vs. Automatic Transmission Tim Long (48)
     Spanish text translation Neo (11)
     Anti-anti-virus gwyn (48)
     advertisement blocking with hosts entries hoser (9)
     How to view existing Cron jobs? Petra (10)
     Creating an Outlook Like User Interface Apex (8)
     SICP Mathie (4)
     Install XP in 5 hours Canadian Bacon (19)
     Writting all the comments then writting the code Apex (18)
     The Practice of Programming BOOK - Kernighan/Pike Apex (10)
     Looking for JOS reader in central NJ bankstrong (16)
     Finding Time to read & indentifying what's worth . Apex (13)
     Not-so-hypothetical a situation somewhat conflicted (6)
     Am I too old to be a video game programmer ? Juergen Zeinier (29)
     Open source usability is a *technical* problem... Otto Octavius (9)
     Conflict between Norton Antivirus And SP2 JDA (6)
     Interviewing at Microsoft Electro (12)
     How the Internet is different from Real Life Ged Byrne (16)
     How to verify a company's claim of being No.1? Skeptical Sam (15)
     MS Office oddity; is this progress? Practical Geezer (8) service Zepp (10)
     Web sites for buying technical books Not God's gift to women, I'm more of a consolation prize (24)
     Client education - finding a way to charge for it Neo (14)
     Book similar to the Asperger's one Patri Friedman (4)
     Card shuffling routine Poker (31)
     Is there a term for this? Frank "Grimey" Grimes (36)
     Asperger's or just INTP's? BDKR (23)
     Gmail notifies Ogami Itto (16)
     Web application usage tracking tool Anon (9)
     new idea about how to sell, please review redguardtoo (18)
     NUnit 2.2 w/ NUnitASP? Greg Hurlman (2)
     If you were CEO of Sun... Paul Sharples (21)
     Hotmail/Gmail as network storage? Brad (9)
     what do you ask a startup boss? ... (8)
     How bad is goto, really? Tayssir John Gabbour (39)
     Does your employer mandate your hours? Joe Ganley (60)
     How do I get rid of this annoying error message? Alex Chernavsky (9)
     Outrageous Metaphor Natural Joints (8)
     Microsoft pays for insults through ignorance TheGeezer (47)
     Automatic vs. manual transmission Brad Wilson ( (44)
     Would you ever get rid of your landline? Yet another anon (29)
     PHP and C++ encryption/bigint libraries Richard Boehme (2)
     IBM in a pickle Philo (23)
     Google Yoey (13)
     ASP (classic) frameworks and libraries Almost Anonymous (14)
     Production/Testing Databases w/ SQL Server Almost Anonymous (16)
     MCSD Certification Cristina DeJ (8)
     Internet Operating System nonUniq (10)
     A Question on Memory - How much Swap is desirable Vin Diesel (8)
     REBOL IOS? Fred (4)
     Bargaining for more flexible flex time muppet (51)
     GOOG off to the races! Crackhead (21)
     how to run an open source project? Patrick (9)
     Ford kills major Oracle inititiave Stalin (22)
     Joel's new book. Mr Jack (25)
     Sink Solitaire Shuffled Deck (16)
     ASP vs. ASP.Net Matt Estes (19)
     SOHO Firewall/Filter recomendation?? Javier Jarava (9)
     Code Olympics - what events ? WoodenTongue (35)
     Why so much negativity toward "Corporation"? Ricky (52)
     At the end of the day... Mike (14)
     How do you want to write a device driver Nguyen Ngoc Tan (14)
     Interdev in a non interdev environment SomeGuyYouDontKnow (0)
     How do you prepare and do perfomance appraisal? P. Gallardo (35)
     ASP.NET and Digital Cameras nathan (13)
     And now for a question regarding email Ogami Itto (2)
     Great Spec Site Ogami Itto (2)
     SQL 2005 vs Oracle 10G Crackhead (8)
     Next big thing? Chill (39)
     dooooooom!!! aku beg (21)
     Device driver development Vijay (10)
     X12 820 Parser steved (8)
     ASP.NET without VS.NET Clay Whipkey (12)
     Are bigger systems always more complicated? (26)
     Good Place to Move for a job? (29)
     Digital Signage Software Garett (11)
     read/have article "Why Is Software So Bad" ? Patrick (50)
     Uses for the C keyword "Auto" (16)
     Recommended website validation app/script? Jambalaya Mambo (2)
     SQL Server - Up or Down? Raju Patel (86)
     Tool for changing display several folders? Practical Geezer (1)
     Install SP2 or not? Alex (20)
     Interesting article about Joel and web interfaces mindful_learner (20)
     Database help -- which is best Aussie Chick (14)
     Developing in the Open Pythonic (4)
     Backup Software Kechi (3)
     Google Censoring sites based on content Google is Evil (39)
     Retainers New to Consulting (3)
     Whats happening with web services? whats the story (21)
     How was the dinner in Rome? American (14)
     Algorithms Unwashed Masses (12)
     use Visio to generate code for .NET? Patrick (9)
     Feasibility of a VMOS Wishful Dreamer (14)
     Consultants who hold back the source code Bored Bystander (29)
     Eiffell: Pro's and Con's? Mr.Analogy (ISV owner) (22)
     Latest IE threat Mike (26)
     Deploying XP SP2 without the firewall? John Tarkin (14)
     Plain-text messages in Outlook David Jones (17)
     .Net not good enough for Olympics girl, you know it's true (20)
     Software pricing nathan (12)
     Strange: Queries are slower after adding indexes! Frustrated Maintenance Programmer (21)
     Morons and Assholes - Mark Pilgrim on Specs Tom (a programmer) (20)
     Have I misunderstood .Net classes? AJP (14)
     Bloglines feeds? Daniel (3)
     XP's unexpected surprises ES (8)
     Why learn basic search and sort algorithms? Herbert Sitz (67)
     Choose between two projects: notSureWhichToPick (25)
     How to find the version number of a http server? Kat in seattle (7)
     sick days Dr. Real PC (60)
     VC Bootstrapping Ewan's Dad (9)
     Learning the basic algorithms Newbie (College Drop Out! And not proud of it!) :-( (43)
     Just another Phd who get things done .... College Drop Out (4)
     Coworkers who won't go away muppet (127)
     Garbage Collection Mechanism Motivations Christopher Diggins (19)
     Career Plan : Projet Manager IT -> CIO -> CEO WannaBe CEO (13)
     UML? Franck (20)
     contract penalties for below-par performance WoodenTongue (47)
     Accounting Pattern or system from scratch? NeedToRemainAnon (7)
     Need America-born to criticize my soft-review redguardtoo (36)
     Poll (29)
     Annual Leave Peter M (28)
     Java deployment => pain in the rear newToOSS (27)
     Best natural kyboard? Yet another anon (21)
     Preferred ways of backing up your OS/hard-drive? Bella (18)
     Activity Pattern? Patrick (9)
     How to get focused and start working.. JD (62)
     wrapping an app as an activeX control Martin Beckett (12)
     Working as a SW Developer in Japan? George Dawes (29)
     Anyone familiar with WorldPay? JWA (7)
     Guide to being an independent Consultant Mr.Analogy (ISV owner) (13)
     Anthropomorphizing computers muppet (23)
     Recruiting requires effort Bored Bystander (45)
     Doing free work - a pitfall of freelancing Bored Bystander (36)
     treo 270 and images... kaiser cruz (3)
     XP SP2 font bug   (12)
     Speaking of Google IPO Gern Blaansten (16)
     What makes a great programmer? Wess (41)
     allright, so what happened to muppet (17)
     Non-pathetic sw work? (8)
     Lazarus Long Quotes (OT) Andrew (1)
     This ain't about love just pay me. Matt Conrad (39)
     Need advise/help on 2 hardware purchases Bob (13)
     Coldfusion programmer wanted to work for assholes Matt (142)
     23 Reasons Google Could Become a Penny Stock Karthik (15)
     Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 pricing Li-fan Chen (2)
     Are these guys serious? (7)
     Friend's Idea / My Implementation Question (33)
     SQL DTS "On Failure" workflow OffMyMeds (4)
     Transitioning from VBscript to VB.NET, guidance? Clay Whipkey (3)
     Freelance Site Freelancer (9)
     Charles Simonyi hold a Phd and get things done! RasterBlaster (14)
     Your Thought on IP (Intentional Programming) RasterBlaster (26)
     Alto 30th Anniversary Panel RasterBlaster (0)
     new management fad: charge workers for vacation Scott (36)
     Web Shops: 120 an hour? Sassy (25)
     Mozilla vs wxWindows RP (6)
     How to market if nobody knows me redguardtoo (8)
     Automatic header comments? Greg Hurlman (4)
     Source Control -....vba?? Frank (8)
     Common MVC framework for Java & .NET? A.D. Kent (2)
     how does norton ghost work? Patrick (13)
     The Olympics Aussie Chick (81)
     Java listeners... Edward (18)
     Super OT: Fear of Driving (Cars) Andy Bell (22)
     develop cross-platform app redguardtoo (23)
     The truth, TWT, ANBTT. So, help me JoS-ers! KayJay (19)
     word processor with CONSERVATIVE 'save as HTML'? muppet (30)
     Managing and fixing spaghetti code Kyralessa (24)
     Favorite Screen Savers Don (31)
     Purchase this forum? Trent (68)
     how to proxy a web app? gld (6)
     Open source specs Ogami Itto (5)
     SP2 & eMule Ogami Itto (11)
     Books on Entrepreneurship Ian Sefferman (17)
     what to do Patrick (15)
     Issue related to file formats in essay contest Alex Chernavsky (39)
     I want advice on pricing! Bill Rayer (22)
     Munich / EU Patents David Roper (0)
     Excutable bit always set on Windows files hoser (8)
     Anyone install WinXp Service Pack 2 yet? OldManFromNantucket (13)
     Automated Tool for Web Apps Testing (2)
     RSS with Ads. Prakash S (7)
     Speaking of Code Monkeys old_timer (19)
     How do you destroy an ingrown fear? Ogami Itto (30)
     Browser authentication in Windows Because I wanna know (10)
     How do I Update my system to a new software Releas Grace (5)
     Empower ISV - Termination? Treant (3)
     Determining a Product's Need / Marcomm Method Anon (13)
     Does JBoss suck? name withheld out of cowardice (15)
     Notworking trollop (4)
     Clients/Bosses and "written proof" Phibian (12)
     Windows XP SP2 and SQL Server 2000 Nemesis (9)
     benefits of daily build if not integrating daily? Patrick (13)
     Python: Whitespace and OO Jeff Kotula (49)
     Rules Engine Hard Coded (5)
     Empower Termination Dennis Forbes (14)
     Windows XP Lite T. Norman (22)
     Do remember the boss who banned e-mail? a cynic writes... (4)
     Odd %HOMEDRIVE% value when moving "Docs&Settings" Javier Jarava (10)
     How good an employee are you? who's fault? Aussie Chick (34)
     which language? newToOSS (64)
     Opinionated people pds (50)
     SQLServer getting the last record SR (9)
     MSMQ Versus a DB Table Queued Up (5)
     A good Career victor noagbodji (16)
     The Python Paradox Tayssir John Gabbour (77)
     Is this just a phase? The Young One (13)
     MS SQL 2000 Stored Procedure Chance Govar (8)
     Balancing life while still performing at top level Crimson (15)
     Are some parts of a URL encrpted under HTTPS? Placibo (14)
     Yet another Unix security flaw and exploit Your Uncle Bill (13)
     Get it in Writing Jason (12)
     Best PHP Book? Joe R. (10)
     Poll: Database size/config, How do you compare? Anon (11)
     Good tips on downsizing stored procedures for Jet? JWA (22)
     SQL Server: Can multiple instances access one DB? JWA (23)
     How do you deal with this? Roskoff (13)
     What happened to my job? passed over (22)
     IIS download DanP (12)
     White Box Linux christopher ( (22)
     Decline an offer - and it's taken personally? Sassy (50)
     Search Engine Recommendation Sought John Topley ( (11)
     Intreview with Ben Collins-Sussman Shlomi Fish (4)
     CityDesk Jon (52)
     Microsoft Revolutionizing the kitchen. Karthik (20)
     mod rewrite rule sysadmin (5)
     in other words Hankanyarock (8)
     Pricing a source code license Small fry trying to make it big (15)
     Legit reason to start a business? TheWonderer (28)
     Reporting Techniques... Captain McFly (7)
     GPRS documentation on the move (5)
     best way to move into a proj management role? Patrick (22)
     Masters of Doom Kenny (32)
     Java, dates, and time zones Paulo Caetano (4)
     PHP and ADODB -- Could anyone help? Aussie Chick (5)
     VB.Net Interview Questions and answers T. Hussain (5)
     An idea for a framework (does such a thing exist?) DEBEDb (10)
     htaccess and Apache problem Neanderthal man (11)
     disclaimer and terms & condtions Joe in SF (15)
     Free Bitmap Source Anon (29)
     Beginning the CMMI process Andrew (16)
     dual processors ISV (22)
     Rude = No Hire? (38)
     Why bother with a tape drive? Fed up with tape backups (19)
     Sacrificing parts of your life to do great things. Crimson (64)
     Solving the .NET/Java market penetration problem Catalin ( (11)
     Survivor of Technetcast? Chas Emerick (6)
     Shareware and ISV's boom Ogami Itto (26)
     Nah. You can't sell it! Humpty Dumpty (9)
     Outlook attachments nathan (7)
     Documents (specs, ...) : how do you manage them ? Olivier B (7)
     T-SQL Stored Procedures Nemesis (14)
     Getting Spammed & Looking for GOOD Trace Tools RasterBlaster (9)
     Hidden URLs - How easy are they to find Aussie chick (51)
     How to raise prices? anon (13)
     What's with Ars Technica? Lisa (7)
     Eric Sink's Software Pricing Article Anon (10)
     Buffer Overflow and Bounds Checking Herman (21)
     Client side validation Joe (4)
     {kill time}site with good website recommendations? ` (12)
     Too many bells and whistles CGI-bin Laden (14)
     How to link 3D Studio Max and VC++ Rajeev (11)
     Getting Things Done: best brief tips Mr.Analogy (15)
     What would you ask for? Jason (19)
     Backup Program (12)
     Recommended setup for a Webcast? anon (8)
     Matthew Wilson on integer to string conversion comp.lang.c refugee (4)
     WinAmp = memory HOG.  Any lightweight mp3 players? Anon for today (24)
     Contract/part time Programmer Populate (12)
     Videoconference Interviews Justin Johnson (1)
     Getting Things Done vs. Hanging Files Disorganized (27)
     Custom XML Parser RiceGuy (12)
     JOS Homepage Dates Shonty (5)
     Sharepoint 2003 Portal Services DB Design Dan G (7)
     Do I need a help file Aussie chick (20)
     longhorn commercial name ? j. Goldstein (18)
     Lightning Strikes a Computer strikes a... jdm (9)
     Good forms design ref? Albert D. Kallal (9)
     Looking for a time logging application FairLight (8)
     Winzip & WinRar API Fairlight (6)
     Why are pointers used? Eugene (45)
     Promoting your web business Learning How to promote my web biz (4)
     Employment contracts & Intellectual Property anonymous (25)
     When: 20.00 16/08/01 -- Dang, missed it by 3 years Dr. Emmette Brown (24)
     Invoicing format? Brad (9)
     UI design -> human factors engineering? Philo (28)
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