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ASP resources

No, not active server pages.

And please ... no ad links to your company.

I am looking for resources on managing release schedules as a "multi-tenant" ASP service.

i.e. What happens if clients 23 and 45 say "I don't like this - it should work like x" and client 12 says "it should work like y".

i.e. What do you do about regression testing across 100 clients. Do you open bookn the tests to convince them that version 2.35 won't break their data.

Patrick F
Thursday, September 2, 2004

Haha.  We have the same thing except with about 10 *LARGE* clients.

We use multiple instances and db's for each.

One wants an upgrade/customization, so we come up with a price.  We perform it and then show it to the others and offer it at 1/2 of the original price.

Of course, in no time at all (about 6 months), we have 6 different versions each running a bit differently with different customizations... and the worst part is that the first version had ALL of the sql embedded in the pages with no error checking... SQL injections errors could happen any time.

I'm working at cleaning things up and minimizing some of the differences, but it's a HUGE pain.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

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