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Work Intlligence

Any thing which is not in specification and done by you, is your intelligence. 
Example: If you are asked to keep font as Arial but size is not given, it is upto you to determine the appropriate size.  Now that is your intelligence.

As a developer, (For that matter any field) we routinely develope such intelligence.  If we can recognize these,  we may list many items.

Which of these items you consider towards higher level of  inteligence..

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Tuesday, August 31, 2004

If only we could spell...

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Maybe this hit me wrong, but what you seem to be talking about is mind-reading.

Mind-reading is when you are just 'supposed to know' what the user wants, without the user having to tell you.  This is fine if you are really good at mind-reading. 

Unfortunately, while humans would love others to be very good at mind reading (after all, I can read my own mind fine) they tend to be very bad at it themselves.  If you sign up for being a mind-reader, this does not mean you are a professional.  It means you have bought into a very risky area of development, one in which you are now responsible for producing results the customer will only pay for if you've correctly read his mind.

It IS part of a professional's work to recognize when this syndrome has taken hold, and take steps to clarify the desires and assumptions of the customer.  This clarification typically takes the form of screen shots and prototypes where the developer can show the customer what the developer understands of the customer's needs. 

This gives the customer an opportunity to provide further clarification, and provides a more detailed specification for the developer to build to.

To the OP -- You could be a customer, or manager, trying to use this criteria to judge those around you.  You could be a developer yourself.  I just wanted to point out that your statement is unrealistic for use in judging the quality or intelligence of a developer.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

I worked at a place where the customer, let us call her CFL (crazy french lady) was always changing her mind. She drove my boss (the project manager) so crazy that he let her talk directly to the development team.

CFL: make me a dohickey.
Me: OK.
(couple days later)
CFL: BLUE? BLUE? what sort of idiot makes a blue doohickey?
Me: Umm, ok, what color would you like it?
CFL: Green!
(couple days later)
Me: here is the doohickey.
CFL: GREEN? GREEN? what sort of idiot makes a green doohickey?
Me: umm, ok, what color would you like it changed to?
CFL: Any idiot would know that blue is the corporate standard.
Me: umm, ok.

Yes, reading minds would have been so useful around her. 18 solid months of "move the couch a little to the left, no move it a little to the right."

Thursday, September 2, 2004

its time to start charging $200 per hour to make post-developmental changes at your company...

Thursday, September 2, 2004

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