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Bloglines feeds?

In other thread[1] someone commented that he had 105 bloglines feeds. Bloglines is a web-based news aggregator, check it out at if you don't know it.

Well, 105 feeds seems a lot to me. I think I might have 20 or so. Out of curiosity, what are your feeds at bloglines?

Mine's are:

        Digital Photography Review (     
        Martin Fowler's Bliki     
        Don Box's Spoutlet     
        The Mountain of Worthless Information
        Philip Greenspun Weblog     
        Making it stick.
        .NET Undocumented Your Enterprise Java Community
        Latest Random JavaScript Tips     
        A List Apart: for people who make websites     
        The BileBlog     
        Pitchfork News     
        Pitchfork: Best New Music     - News         
        Boing Boing

And JoS of course :)



Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I don't think I said I have 105 *Bloglines* feeds. I said that I follow *105 feeds* using Bloglines as my RSS reader.

Interestingly, when I checked today, number of feeds I am following has gone to 121! You can check  my blogroll at

Btw, I do feel that 121 feeds are bit too much. But things are in control till now! :) I am wondering how this guy is coping up with 390 feeds! Check


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's not bloglines,  but the feeds I read are at:

I use FeedDemon to monitor them, as I mentioned here:

Basically I interesting new feeds to feed demon regularly, and tend to delete the less-interesting ones in big hits, about once every two months or so.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

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