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Videoconference Interviews

I just had an interview with a company in Vancouver by videoconference from Wisconsin.  Normally they require an in-person interview, but were willing to try it this way to accomodate me after one failure to fly out there (when Northwest blew my connection in Minneapolis, thankyouverymuch).

It went well, I thought, and at the end they said we were moving on to the next (and I believe last) stage of checking references, so the unusual mode of interviewing didn't hurt me.  Anyone else done this?  Is it becoming more common?  They were a bit surprised when I suggested it, but since I picked up the tab for the Kinkos, they didn't mind.  My current employer has done this twice, with candidates who were near one of our other facilities and could drop by.  If nothing else, it saves some expensive air travel.

Justin Johnson
Saturday, August 7, 2004

A guy I used to work with did this. Mind you he would have had to fly further (Scotland to New Zealand). He got the job, and moved out there about 9 months ago thanks to some webcams, headsets and msn messenger

Saturday, August 7, 2004

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