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Hi all,

We have consulted google but have not been able to get the following to work:

We have specified logon hours  to block login between 2am-3am and enabled this command (even enabling it locally on some desktops to test it) but have been unable to make it work.

It won't let you login to the network between 2-3, but it won't force logoff if you are already logged in, we need it to do this because despite user education we need to ensure that a certain program is not left open while it's backup is run.

Clients are WinXPSP1 (a couple SP2RC2 for testing)
Servers are 2x Windows 2000 Server SP4

Has anybody managed to get this to work correctly or is all the documentation lying to us?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I had this problem with an NT4 server.

After much digging, I came to the conclusion that 'forcelogoff' is a misnomer, a prevarication and a porky.  It was probably MSDN that delivered the damning verdict.

Perhaps this is still the case?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Find the names of the user machines that might be running said app and reboot them with remotely at 2am.  We do this to some of our problem users (they are no longer problem users) who think that an NT machine should run forever.  They would then call us with all manner of flakey shit and end up being told to reboot.  Now they don't have flakey computers.

.net, the equivalent of MS Bob.
Wednesday, July 14, 2004

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