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RSS, IM, P2P...  You have got to be kidding.

Someone in another post referenced a secretgeek article.  Which led me to read secretgeek's response to Joel's API article (perhaps one of Joel's most interesting ever).

And at the bottom,
3. The new winners in the application development marketplace will be the people who can make HTML sing.

Some of the winners may make HTML sing. But that's not where I'd look for most of the innovation.

The most innovative new consumer applications tend to be new desktop/server applications. Some recent examples of this include:

    * P2P software
    * Instant messaging software
    * RSS aggregators

Y'know what...  he forgot SPAM.  These are considered successful desktop applications?  My head would hurt, except I'm working on my second Manhattan, after an extremely frustrating week on a partner's site, and letting the pain melt.

Funny and interesting site though.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

P2P is pretty innovative, it has to solve a lot of problems inherent in such an unstructured & large environment.

IM is.. well just IRC with a cute interface & a focus on person to person & not group chats.

RSS aggregators aren't that interesting. RSS is interesting, but RSS aggregators... not really.

Interesting article overall though. I agree that Joel's tone is very "friendly" and that when he first appeared on the scene he was very timely. I think he reads a lot of Douglas Adams & similar authors.
Sunday, July 11, 2004

That's a very interesting article.

I liked this bit: "And in a XAML world (at the moment i tend to believe that the XAML world will get here eventually) the conceptual gap between Web Forms and XAML Forms will be smaller."

I assume that when Longhorn, XAML, et al do actually get here (2007+?), there will be no difference between coding for WinForms, WebForms, Smart Devices, Mobiles, etc.

There is no point in doing the work if that is not the endgame.

With my ISV hat on, this saddens me slightly, as one of my pet projects was to do something similar. Conveniently, I still have other ideas and more consultancy work than I can hope to finish any time soon.

Steve Jones (UK)
Monday, July 12, 2004

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