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Multiple sandboxes in VSS - how?

OK, I'm new to VSS (Previous jobs have been CVS). In CVS I was always able to have multiple sandboxes on the same code by simply checking out to a new directory. How do I do the same thing in VSS? I know I can set the working directory, but will that really do the right thing? I want to have two sandboxes, both live, with seperate checkouts in each one. Is there a way to do this? The VSS version is 6.0c, if that matters.

The only other person here who seems to have wanted to do this just works by #ifdefing the changes. I REALLY don't want to do that, as I feel it pollutes the change I want to check in.

Any tips, pointers, etc would be helpful.


Michael Kohne
Monday, June 21, 2004

Last used VSS 3 years ago or so, but if I recall correctly you're better off branching (well, that lame excuse that VSS has for branches anyway - pinning & sharing) unless you use the command line exclusively.

And if you're using VS6, DO NOT connect the project to VSS before you've branched, or you're going to have a lot of fun committing changes to the wrong branch until the end of time. Don't know about VS.NET

I haven't tried it myself yet, but if you're feeling very adventurous and brave, you might want to experiment with VCP <> - it's supposed to be able to bi-directionally synchronize a VSS repository and a CVS one (and a perforce one, and a subversion one)

Ori Berger
Monday, June 21, 2004

Here is a pointer. If you use a VS6 you must go over your DSW :s and DSP:s to see that they check in/out the files in the right place!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Good God Man.  Stay away from VSS.

I used CVS for years and although the command line of it sucks, there are numerous great clients.  Then I get to VSS.  Arg.

I'm trying to convince the group to convert to Subversion, but it's going painfully slow....

Monday, June 21, 2004

Actually, conversion to CVS has already been decided upon. It's the timetable (not my problem) that hasn't been figured out. I just want to get by with the stupid thing, and that means I need a way to work in multiple sandboxes.


Michael Kohne
Monday, June 21, 2004

How about you run a CVS server on your local machine, check out the VSS code and create a CVS project for it, then check it out to however many working directories you want.

CVS export stuff back into the VSS source directory from your working areas before checking stuff into / updating from VSS.

Bit of an admin. overhead, but would give you full control and not require you to do 'branching' in VSS. This may not be as viable if you have lots of commits coming into VSS from other people.

Gordon Hartley
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

> I want to have two sandboxes, both live, with seperate checkouts in each one.

I haven't experimented to see whether one user can checkout the same version of the same file twice, to two separate working directories.

What you can almost certainly do however is run two instances of VSS Explorer (SSEXP), each of which "logs in" as two separate VSS users (different SS user ids) using two different working directories (although you may not be able to run to SSEXP instances *simultaneously* on one machine).

Create two separate SSEXP shortcuts on your desktop; my shortcut looks something like:

"C:\VSS\Win32\ssexp.exe"  -ychristopher,mypassword

I'd recommend that you disable IDE integration though, and instead use only the VSS Explorer (or the SS command line).

Christopher Wells
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

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