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If you were asked to buy/develop an ERP for a small-middle sized company. What system and DBMS would you recommend? 

Is it a software developed with VB, C#, Java or C++?
or something like powerbuilder?

And from the point of view of maintainability, scalability? What offers better productivity at responding to users demands... you know.... I want this report now! or I need this new procedure for yesterday!!!

Cecilia Loureiro
Friday, June 18, 2004

It depends on your requirements.

*  What sort of systems do your tech guys manage now?
*  What sort of integration do you expect with other applications?
*  Are you looking to be able to customize it?
*  Do you envision other systems interacting with the data?
*  What is the lifetime of the application?

Friday, June 18, 2004

I think I'd look at something like Gupta.

Friday, June 18, 2004

I appreciate your comments.

I used Centura before along with Lotus Notes.  We kept both platforms separated although we sometimes needed to integrate some functionality.  We could read the same databases though (DB2 and Oracle).  We also used Microfocus Cobol for some sort of batch processes... which however needed to be triggered by users. We could not use centura because it crashed. 

Another problem with centura was its system of libraries containing classes and so. We had many teams developing libraries grouped by business functionality.  Those libraries were used by other developers who integrated them with the “GUI”. All libraries were shared among all the groups on development time… so you could be using a library for your gui while other developer was modifying it.  We tried to use Centura Team Developer but it did fit our needs.  We had a lot of version problems.

Another problem was that libraries contained functionality for different applications.  If you needed only one class – function within the library you had to “include” the entire library, and after compiling the resulting EXE (which included all the library) file could be huge.  Actually centura exe files did not need any dll on clients … that was one of the advantages as the providers explained. 

I don’t have any experience with languages like C++ which I’ve read allows memory management not even with VB or C# which also could be used along versioning systems  and which I believe are still at a lower level… compared with gupta, powerbuilder and similar.  My experience goes more with 4gl like centura, visual foxpro, lotus notes and also with business intelligence tools… but that’s another story.

That was the purpose of my question… so I can compare ERP development in both sort of platforms…

Cecilia Loureiro
Friday, June 18, 2004

If you were asked to buy a car for a small/medium sized company, what kind of car would you buy?

My sarcastic way of suggesting that maybe a wee bit more on the requirements definition is required than "an ERP system"

Since you mentioned MS technologies, here's an overview of MS ERP solutions that might give you a starting point:


Friday, June 18, 2004

Developing a ERP-system is a huge task. For 99,9% i don't even see developing a ERP-system an option. We have developed a web-based ERP-solution - see - so I have experience with how complex ERP solution's are.

There are a lot of ERP vendors on the market. Make sure you research the ones that suit your need and try to get a clear overview of the costs. ERP implementations have a way of becoming a lot more costly than what the ERP vendor says. In our case, a web-based ERP solution, we charge clients with a monthly fee. No implementation costs (except for standard start-up fees, additional training and custom features). This really helps client to see the actual future costs with the product, no suprises.

Email me for more info: ea at the doimain above.

Espen Antonsen
Saturday, June 19, 2004

Espen :

How long will it take for your ERP to post 800 sales Invoices containing 20 Sales Invoice Line ?

I always thought that processing time was a big issue on web based ERP

Bobba Feet
Sunday, June 20, 2004

Yes, processing time can be a problem. But we have overcomed many of the problems we faced earlier. And we do not market this product to industries/segments that have extremely long records to post. We focus on small business and SME's, and we do not offer industry solutions to for example production companies.

I am not sure how many invoices and invoice lines we can handle. I do know we can handle at least 500 journal entries in an accounting batch. Recording that batch would probably take 30-60 seconds - the problems here is actually mostly the client because it uses javascript extensively and on some older machine it takes a bit time.

In addition we try to educate our customers that the web is different. It gives you many advantages as we all know, but also disadvantages compared directly to traditional systems. We feel that by educating customers to do some task differently they do not only overcome those disadvanteges but also increase productivity and profitability.

Espen Antonsen
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

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