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     To Dubai or not to Dubai Adam K. (113 comments)
     Preparing to divorce our hosting company... Chas Emerick (8)
     XSLT Mapper? Philo (8)
     Cost of living in NY too much to handle? Native NYer, trying to get back home (27)
     Server Uptime? Tom H (10)
     Center a PropertySheet dialog in Win32 API? Alex (5)
     Microsoft, Oracle build massive tech cities Karthik (13)
     When you have to be really quick Wild Wild East (26)
     VPN architecture questions Rich (5)
     Ethics of BCC'ing your E Mail Ethic Question (13)
     UK Contractor Rates Wants To Know (3)
     Unix books The Real PC (19)
     Explain why emacs is popular? (Not a troll) yet another anon (43)
     Environment.Exit in .NET doesn't work... Ted Graham (3)
     Win2k forever Just me (Sir to you) (19)
     End to End Testing? M (4)
     Visual Studio 2005 Team System Steve Jones (UK) (5)
     The IDE Blues... anon (13)
     Should I retire? Anon (62)
     VS2003.NET installation problems TomA (3)
     Nomic World: By the players, for the players Just me (Sir to you) (7)
     When flexible becomes broken. Simon Lucy (10)
     Critical Group Size Aussie Chick (9)
     Value of degrees & resumes revisited GG (21)
     Getting the UI right Manager in Germany (17)
     Resources on Oracle new_one (17)
     Binary diff algorithm Tornado (15)
     Not Quite New York City... Henry Climax (13)
     Printing Source Code from VS 2003 nathan (5)
     Company I work on won't do offsite backups frustrated (32)
     Developer Change Log in Source Management or File? MR (13)
     Quick and Dirty XSLT Guide? Clay Whipkey (8)
     How to center text in Word? Mike Schiraldi (17)
     Silly managers The Real PC (15)
     Checkin manager Adrian (12)
     Where are all of the good jobs? Anon (32)
     My own VM Anon (9)
     People who thinks they know Jean-Francois Pilon (12)
     NETFX 2.0 Anonymous Methods Steve (4)
     Offshoring: Real or overated? Worried William (26)
     Sound Recording and Amplitude Graphing Sid (1)
     Is there such thing as a good PC remote control? Roose (9)
     Interview - on the other side Anonymous, for obvious reasons (19)
     Tech work a "special little ghetto" Crusty Smelly Curmudgeon (29)
     SQL deadlock prediction tools? Jason McCullough (2)
     What does "Our Technology" mean? Anon (8)
     Informal vs. Formal - Experience Anon (6)
     Tips & Tricks to provide DB concurrency? Fred (29)
     Why is it so difficult to ship? MX (17)
     Programmers not people savvy.  Why? Bill Carlson (38)
     Integration questions Sumit (8)
     The Future Of Software Development Dennis Forbes (18)
     Opening my mind Spike Jonze (27)
     It's not what you know... RP (5)
     Drive letter issues plague Windows SNT the evolution of RMS (18)
     Chris Stone on Open/closed source Eric Debois (34)
     A new era? Just me (Sir to you) (20)
     Citydesk for other blogging systems? Gregg Tavares (1)
     Webhosts4Life has been reccomended here... JWA (13)
     I knew it TJ Haeser (8)
     A Reg Hack to Make windows red for RUNAS Chris Ormerod (23)
     Job-hunting fatigue. Kyralessa (7)
     interview situation Anon (26)
     Help is updating to reflect your recent changes . (Required; Required as in TYPE HERE) (6)
     The number of posts... Not A Guru (16)
     Yet another cover letter tutorial gse (15)
     Alpha Males RP (17)
     Spell Check your Posts Perpetual Newbie II (12)
     The cost of poor engineering Jeff Kotula (8)
     How do I become a contractor? (in the UK) Mike (5)
     Screw math... hoser (52)
     Proficiency in C Spike Jonze (16)
     new text entry method for PDAs Manager in Germany (19)
     C++ IDE on Windows nathan (15)
     830305 - Invalid adjustment in RTL menus hamidi (0)
     Which Logging package? Herr Herr (8)
     Paul Graham's "Why Nerds are Unpopular" - the best Vlad Gudim (45)
     Windows shell extension for paths Roose (3)
     INGRESS opensourced Karthik (20)
     Dealing with Efficiency Experts AnonX (20)
     hiring someone who has moved to direct competitor Dea Imut (14)
     Dear JOS-Abbey: Need School Advice Disillusioned Grad Student (12)
     Why Do We Need Generics? anon (37)
     OO: Lists, Collections, and Objects Caffeinated (16)
     Distributed Systems Cecilia Loureiro (12)
     TechEd Peter Ibbotson (8)
     Should I stay or should I go? Greg Sabaras (22)
     Servlets in Eclipse Medha (5)
     Best Feature of OO anon (19)
     teach Procedural or OO new_one (22)
     Engineering failures - Charles de Gaulle Dennis Atkins (25)
     "The New Me" Dennis Forbes (12)
     The 'Holy Grail' of software revisted. Berlin Brown (7)
     Changing Windows XP RP (4)
     On Math alleB (14)
     A+ Certification: cost and difficulty? Certification Sycophant (20)
     Math library question Philo (60)
     Implementers of SharePoint Portal Server ???? Tim (6)
     The real problem with .NET Name (21)
     Why Google will not win in the search war K (22)
     ASP.NET 2.0 Li-fan Chen (7)
     How soon will SUN Microsystems drown? Karthik (19)
     No More "X"s please !! Boycott X (13)
     developing software to semi-pro gambler bluff (14)
     Cross-platform desktop applications Sean Cull (13)
     Zip Scheduler Sauron (9)
     Beta Testing Pointers Might Just Give It a Whirl (6)
     TechEd '04 (11)
     LDAP Browsers Neumonic (4)
     Speeding up Dial-Up C (13)
     French Words/expression used in English French Poster (66)
     .NET with no prior experience of low level WIN API Sauron (10)
     Magazines on line, great idea! Albert D. Kallal (22)
     Voulume Mike Smith (6)
     Life Happens Wayne (7)
     Question on VS.NET TY (5)
     Curiousity: Count of developers in Borland, VB ? Questioner (5)
     Recommend a few applications for my portfolio? Alex (17)
     Recommendations on learning Java MilesArcher (11)
     C on windows? New window pr0pr0mer (23)
     unindented HTML The Real PC (18)
     Book recommendations for leading a software team Mr. Nobody (27)
     Design question involving transactions Mark Hoffman (16)
     My tech crystall ball reveals 10 years into the fu Mike (55)
     Export Links Bar George Illes (9)
     Backwards Interface? Rain (16)
     Looking for a book on SQL Server that doesn't suck John Wilson (11)
     Deadlock Furious George (14)
     VB and C bah! (20)
     Sometimes, rarely Simon Lucy (3)
     more mysql help? aku beg (4)
     data retrieval method signatures Joe (3)
     Future of desktop development christopher baus ( (47)
     my gripes with Office, & my solution (LaTex, LyX) David Heinrich (64)
     How long is too long? Craig H (28)
     Another take on the exceptiobs vs error codes new_one (13)
     Software Inspections new_one (11)
     FUD: it's not just for breakfast anymore. Alyosha` (27)
     VB: How do I recursively display all files *Null (9)
     Locking XP desktop yet another anon (16)
     Packets Don Quixote (6)
     Requesting Delivery/Read Receipt George Illes (5)
     IEEE: Japanese best, Americans worst at coding Karthik (36)
     Java class inspector christopher baus ( (2)
     Large blocks of code commented out in Source Ctrl Wayne (18)
     Messenger Protocol Dennis Forbes (2)
     So what about the bugs? Pigeon (13)
     Press F1 to continue Will (17)
     Learning Strategies tyro (19)
     "not alot of people know that" Ben (14)
     Better tools for creating web sites? NeedATool (16)
     Confused about .NET Kristof (8)
     MSSQL Transaction Question Wayne (8)
     MS Office - Documents vs. Files KayJay (19)
     Group-Phone-Hiring interview tips? WantsThisJob AndHow (5)
     ASP.NET - HTML Filter Yellow Belly (1)
     Security Issue with WFTP Server Gollum (1)
     Caching "large" amounts of data. GiorgioG (18)
     Google Quality Principles kanati (1)
     The last time you used recursion at work Bella (46)
     Ok, now more generic RP (4)
     Making sense of WTL, ATL, MFC RP (13)
     Tom Friedman: Globalization and the deprived Karthik (46)
     Google IPO Edward (9)
     Good place to buy SSL Certificate? Ben R (11)
     Bored and want to program something... Joe (16)
     Computers... Spawn of Satan? Tired and Frustrated (14)
     In retrospect, I should have known. Kyralessa (3)
     <include> and <uses> in UML Dhaval (2)
     Outlook 2003 and Hotmail alleB (0)
     The ‘Holy Grail’ of Software Systems Scott Rogers (15)
     Test frameworks Snotnose (5)
     Why so few computer mags in America? Ian (18)
     another resume question marty (6)
     Using STL in MFC Applications Green Pajamas (8)
     Lots of free time, plus sand Lee (88)
     Lots and lots of free time... RP (23)
     Stock charts on excel Unix2M$ (4)
     Speaking of password manager name withheld out of cowardice (8)
     Help me come up with a name! ISee (27)
     Why Byte (the paper mag) has disapeared Gollum (20)
     AS/400...EXPERIENCE WITH? Grover (7)
     The Apprentice - UK Steve Jones (UK) (21)
     Why doesn't Opera get more attention? stealth browser (24)
     Moral conundrum Puzzled (22)
     Tabbing shell add on for windows christopher baus ( (18)
     Google & Microsoft hoser (24)
     What examples to teach recursion with? Bella (46)
     Not really being honest about software working Savage (31)
     Pocket PC, Palm, something else? Wayne (6)
     Vault question Andrew Burton (3)
     Website Monitoring Service Anon-y-mous Cow-ard (8)
     Do many programmers find writing TEST PLANS hard? Mr. Analogy (16)
     Temp table or not in SQL Server – what's best? (9)
     what you don't know Mauron (13)
     What's the deal with printf and %x in C? Roose (10)
     ResultSet to XML? anon (1)
     Are there any .Net client-side applications? Jeff (62)
     Any good design ideas for live chat? Li-fan Chen (5)
     And so it begins Mike (37)
     NUnit vs DotUnit pb (2)
     Why disable right-click on web pages? Ted (21)
     Ternary Operators and Readability David Seruyange (31)
     Estimation Amusement Mauricio Macedo (6)
     thoughts on new article from Steve Pavlina John C. (11)
     adding an icon in eclipse Anon (1)
     SQL Server Help Yo (4)
     Question Charles Donald (7)
     medical forum? medically inclined (20)
     Quikview.exe on Win2K The One You Loved (TOYL) (19)
     Having some good ideas Noagbodji Victor (12)
     insomnia A developer in Germany (25)
     Tired of getting ripped off Tapiwa (25)
     Question about Indian gov't structure Tayssir John Gabbour (12)
     Great real functional spec examples Sean Harding (8)
     my boss is a @%$&* hole ana maldonado (16)
     Incredibuild Eponymous (6)
     Leaked personal data causes people to sue Karthik (17)
     Thinstall Guyon Morée (6)
     Just a "thank you" Joel Edward (9)
     yahoo mail is slow as hell Roose (14)
     Any suggestions for management difficulty? Mr. Analogy (43)
     Where is Ask Joel? Martin Schultz (9)
     Would a Wiki Work? Steve Barbour (28)
     Errors and Omissions Ins Just curious. (3)
     Legit! ...and software licensing Clay Whipkey (14)
     Perfectionism Paul Baranowski (3)
     Indian economy Troy McClure (64)
     "Inductive" User Interface GUI Joe (9)
     Programmed Death for the PDAs Gollum (21)
     Physically separate networks Just me (Sir to you) (25)
     Embeddable HTTP Server Green Pajamas (11)
     How do You prefere to get software? Maksym Nesen (14)
     DNS Query Neumonic (3)
     Virtual audio output -> TCP . (3)
     Creating Date Parameter Query Nyler (5)
     Mantis Walker, Texas Ranger (13)
     FidoNet -- why nothing of the kind now? Alex (20)
     Just a thought. Sathyaish Chakravarthy (6)
     sierra gamers site robtwister (5)
     image Mauron (11)
     Thoughts on decent looking UI Mike (13)
     Tangent on business: networking groups? Bored Bystander (7)
     Finding small business clients & finding business Bored Bystander (16)
     Learning Test Driven Design, DUNIT. WhereToStart? Mr. Analogy (3)
     What is competitive advantage? Anonx (10)
     HTML forms UI guidelines 555-1234 (4)
     Gotta learn Excel. Unix2M$ (13)
     C++: conversion from derived to base Alex (15)
     What to download? KayJay (18)
     FileMaker Pro 7 RP (10)
     Befuddled WasA-WannaBe Perpetual Newbie II (7)
     Directory write protected. Can't make it writeable Mr. Analogy (7)
     Joel, check this out! KC (12)
     Continuing Visual Studio Saga: Jeers and Cheers J. Random Hacker (2)
     Oracle hardware planning AMS (16)
     Norrick Throws In the Towel; Goes Out of Business Norrick (81)
     Monitor on it's side Walt (16)
     IBM pinches Open Office from Sun ! Karthik (16)
     Salaries XL (3)
     Inadvertent Marketing by Google Russell Thackston (3)
     Why 30 days? JT (20)
     How much is risk worth (ratewise)? anonymous (3)
     Why bonuses are NOT the way to make work fun Mr. Analogy (18)
     Recruiter question.... MJ (13)
     Empower requiring more mileage... Simon Lucy (8)
     Testing sites with Multiple IE versions Seeker (16)
     Who's in the ERP Biz ? Gollum (7)
     NT Authorization from client program Tom H (7)
     Hey, hey 16K (something for Friday) Duncan Smart (13)
     Windows MCI - pitch manipulation SoundGuy (2)
     Gemini Issue tracking software Samuel Jack (1)
     using dlls in java ? Mohammad Atif (6)
     Turning off Runtime Check in VC7 Kelvin (6)
     offer for software consultants in US/UK/AUS nitin (23)
     C++ refresh... Edward (11)
     More Win XP Pro Blues RP (14)
     Role Change Jack of all (1)
     Language in contract Rob (13)
     Media coverage of internet worms christopher baus ( (18)
     Whats the deal with Reports Eric Debois (14)
     Structuring cross-platform C code Mr. Nobody (11)
     Job Description for a CIO Gollum (8)
     Lower cost alternates to VMWare? yet another anon (19)
     MS Office Moving Backwards Wayne (29)
     Longhorn in 2007. To include WINFS Karthik (13)
     Design Skills are Worthless. anon (27)
     Global Shortcut for Notepad? Clay Whipkey (11)
     Extensible Programming for the 21st Century Kalani (25)
     Impedance Mismatch Follow-up/Proposal ? (12)
     Meta Tags - Do they work? Squidward (11)
     RIP Ask Joel Steve Jones (UK) (31)
     Deja vu Sathyaish Chakravarthy (1)
     "Not broke? Don't fix!" - I don't get it... Martin A. Bøgelund (21)
     Americans rejoice. Indian IT are in trouble Unhappy Indian (109)
     Data Comparison at two tables via MS Access alvin benito (5)
     Is 64-bit worth it? Software Craftsman (17)
     A good salary in India. (13)
     Massive Windows Pain and Hatred J. Random Hacker (88)
     Gawddamn Win XP Pro RP (7)
     Where is the Ask Joel forum? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (71)
     Joel interview Jason (6)
     Minimum competency pds (13)
     Getting Email accounts from Outlook 2k->2k3 Wayne (4)
     Auto Updating .NET Applications Ted Graham (1)
     Versioning Rules for COM anon (4)
     Competition and the Discussion Group Russell Thackston (18)
     Is it worth building my own? Elephant (40)
     To Eric Sink and other ISVs:  Working hours... Crimson (20)
     LSA -latent semantic indexing Sumit (0)
     Resume submissions from friends and colleagues Mr. Nobody (3)
     Ericsson P900, or another PDA? MX (11)
     Emergent Design by Shalloway & Trott Mr. Analogy (1)
     Best Printer for Brochures? Cubs Fan (7)
     Learning Assembly--opinions? Operation Northwoods (17)
     Ken Thompson's "Reflections on Trusting Trust" The Iron-Fisted Hot Dog and Pretzel Baron of Futon County (10)
     Joel, please fix this... Steve Jones (UK) (13)
     Coupling and Cohesion christopher baus ( (6)
     Why doesn't Microsoft fix bugs like these? Karl Max (8)
     UI design - suggestions needed GUI Joe (7)
     Automated testing of UIs? Aussie Poster #7 (10)
     Anyone use visio Architect for design work? The silent minority (13)
     Factors required for deciding time lines HBJ (2)
     Wanted: Article why MS-Office took world by storm Bella (20)
     Is it possible to have two Certificates? Don Quixote (4)
     Mono makes me wanna be a better man TJ Haeser (20)
     Make it go away hoser (15)
     Hours Chi Lambda (8)
     Ever wrote a technical book? Karthik (11)
     .NET Rocks Dennis Forbes (26)
     Women in IT Regular poster posting anonymously (36)
     Save up for Windows desktops, it'll cost ya. MoneyPit (3)
     Outsource workers who ask how to do their job Outsourced, Unemployed Bob (55)
     Self-reproducing code dir at badblue com (14)
     What's a CIO? RP (9)
     Shareware or Freelance programming ? Hanaldo (4)
     Witty Just me (Sir to you) (23)
     What's a "Yhw."? Karl Perry (13)
     VBA - CallBacks = Few Cents Less Than A Dollar? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
     Dig thy own grave, diggler! Sathyaish Chakravarthy (41)
     Quality of WOrk Vs Rates new one (2)
     ERP module pricing Sathyaish Chakravarthy (17)
     SD/MMC to Sony Memory Stick Chris Ormerod (5)
     US Universities Noagbodji Victor (5)
     The simplest way to filter in HTML tags anon (11)
     Zen is closer Radio Button (8)
     help me about to read PS/2 dashab (5)
     codewarrior and visual studio .DLLs on Windows Rob (4)
     What's in the middle? Textbox (5)
     Love reading stuff for kids Sathyaish Chakravarthy (12)
     Banking Industry XVJ360 (8)
     Win32 Api Profiling sedwo (10)
     How much do downloads translate to sales? K (8)
     How to negotiate with broker Mike (23)
     Will I need a new certificate? Don Quixote (1)
     Formulla for calcuting number of days HBJ (6)
     Unit Testing - What exactly is it? Aussie Poster #7 (15)
     decoding mht files into components christopher baus ( (5)
     Writing to registry from web app Brian (23)
     NLP phrase matching tool or API Sumit (0)
     Boy shouts "missed a spot", gets standing ovation Just me (Sir to you) (23)
     Free but good UML tool? Tatiana Racheva (32)
     IBM Debuts new "Java"? Karthik (6)
     Compatibility and Operating Systems What do you think? (39)
     Archetypes Nam (2)
     Speaking of math.... Loci (9)
     Tests The Real PC (5)
     IBM Workplace anyone? Steve Jones (UK) (1)
     Sybase Spike Jonze (10)
     Unexpected results in Open Source SE Just me (Sir to you) (22)
     DSS and Workflows CLK (0)
     Learning RDF C Rose (7)
     Coding is language! DarenThomas (37)
     What can I do about PS2? bita (10)
     Fantastic Marketing Book Edward (11)
     embedded systems developer Tired of doing Web apps (6)
     VB Enry Level Job - Possibilities !!!!! Kutuindia (2)
     kibibytes, methodologies and other stories Tapiwa (35)
     Copyright Proof Wayne Hayter (8)
     Coding is Math? Bummed by Math (12)
     To specify or not to specify ... deja vu (7)
     Absolute Confusion with Windows 2000 Chris Crawshaw (24)
     Explain this to me... RP (13)
     Questions for the call center people Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
     A few random ideas Sathyaish Chakravarthy (22)
     What's to learn? Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
     M=K=Thousand Sathyaish Chakravarthy (20)
     Lots more, tell me why. Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
     pragmatic innovation on the desktop FullNameReqired (17)
     Coder to Developer: warning! igrek (21)
     irreversible irreversible (22)
     Error reports for non-fatal errors? David ( (6)
     Do you use Active Desktop? Software Craftsman (16)
     A definition of spaghetti code... Kyralessa (9)
     Does commissioning a study really indicate bias? Philo (32)
     Licensing and Ownership Nerdo (3)
     Developer to IT and Back? Without my alias... (5)
     translation software enquiri mohammed basheer (6)
     US Company Background Info Steve Jones (UK) (7)
     Must I worry? A regular poster to this forum (25)
     Interview question for VB Entry Level Programmer? Sankar Roy (22)
     It's starting again. Sigh. (9)
     Delphi + CORBA vs. J2EE IJ (15)
     Initializing Entity Classes Wayne (5)
     Vocational, not academic? rube legendre (8)
     Avoiding "chaining" Procedures. Mr. Analogy (19)
     Paul Graham's Book Matthew Lock (15)
     "magical" autoincrement Andrew Hurst (10)
     should i just leave job or offer to go part-time? Distressed (12)
     What sort of professional recognition would mean t . (25)
     resource availability Paul Marr (5)
     Pricing server-side libraries? Oooga-Booga (7)
     New spam method: random usernames@domain! Bored Bystander (5) Jorel on Software (6)
     Anyone doing Adsense? Ignore my ignorance (3)
     Rising Oil Prices. What is the effect on IT? Karthik (26)
     Build/buy a quiet PC Angela Davis (24)
     Question:Intercept Response object Joe Desperado (2)
     How to Declare a CMap in VC++? Andrew Scott (2) Duncan Smart (6)
     Copied Joel's font settings Sathyaish Chakravarthy (19)
     Laugh at me, but enlighten me, please! Really Anonymous (14)
     files+property+summary+Description+accessing manjunath (4)
     Look at any sites in the mirror The One You Loved (TOYL) (15)
     What should I name this button? Jordan Lev (18)
     Transition from SW to SW+HW eclectic_echidna (3)
     Friends (Spoilers) apw (17)
     Is Empower Gone? nathan (3)
     Amiga Revival - OS4 ? FanBoy (9)
     Mono released/Used in Munich. Penguin wins Karthik (20)
     Banking Industry Ribeiro (12)
     How to spot an excellent developer? Mr. Analogy (20)
     evil web pages that autoreload Dave Winchester (7)
     "If you're an employee, you're s***" - true? Tired of pompous @ssholes in HR (15)
     LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship TCC (14)
     The developing in free time employee's dilemma A developer who likes coding day and night (35)
     Hiring the Best Dominic Bellvue (72)
     Speech Recognition Bill Rushmore (6)
     5 Yr Goals for 48 YO Programmer 5v3n (18)
     outsourcing to america Tony Chang (12)
     Another Google oddity Furious George (6)
     Job Title for future career John Schmidt (26)
     Multi-monitor laptops? Philo (30)
     Google Serach Results - A Rant? Don Quixote (16)
     c# plugin framework Darris (7)
     Which uni Joel has visited FanBoy (3)
     How many LOC per day? Egor (44)
     One of the ways to spot a good programmer Bill Rushmore (14)
     Joel is a Stimulating Writer Chgess (6)
     Data Structures, Online Reference Seun Osewa ( (2)
     Snooping On Competitors Somewhat Anonymous (7)
     Liberal Arts Majors WoodenTongue (3)
     Link Encoding Failure Steve Jones (UK) (3)
     Open Sourcers: What's with the naming convention? Wayne (32)
     Anyone use 'My Documents'? Software Developer (34)
     JAVA EXE FILE Hemang Joshi (2)
     Is 16% increase good? Rob (6)
     MX-System vs PostNuke Duq (2)
     Why does everyone think they can write software? Albert D. Kallal (35)
     Integrating web site with telnet software? King Hercules (9)
     One Time Download Service Downloading Fool (9)
     Basecamp - anyone used it? Karl Max (4)
     How good is POSTGRE SQL Karthik (24)
     Joel's post today: Coder To Developer Sathyaish Chakravarthy (25)
     Google pop-up blocker failing yet another anon (25)
     Odd Google Observation Google User (11)
     Too competetive? Ken (13)
     How to decide on a business AnonX (10)
     EMEA Architects tour 2004 Streams online Just me (Sir to you) (0)
     "basline" system evolves into various versions Jason C. Jaan (7)
     JOS Suggestion Small Town (13)
     Why do fax machines still exist? Li-Chen Fan (36)
     Security - unrealistic expectations MSHack (12)
     Where to buy TRIMpak cases, cheap, on east coast? Mr. Analogy (3)
     Status of VRLM Climax (6)
     Subversion model Liam (19)
     Mail Client Integration Edward (7)
     Sasser Uncle Cracker (78)
     SQLServer remote indexing Sumit (1)
     Reporting Services (Add in for MS SQL2000) Snacky (15)
     software registration registrar (20)
     PalmOne's priorities George (20)
     Pud, entrepreneue, software engineer and drummer John (14)
     MS Application division FanBoy (1)
     U.S. Is Losing Its Dominance in the Sciences njb (143)
     Dreamweaver--embedded flash movie control grover (2)
     Mini-ITX experiences and resources? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (15)
     WIN98 crash. /2 victor NOAGBODJI (4)
     Independent contractor without the cold calling Anton (11)
     developer versus code monkey Anon (21)
     Terrarium Dave B. (4)
     MS offers Visual Basic .NET 2003 for free Just me (Sir to you) (20)
     Development process for database applications Lenny Fitzman (11)
     Help With Market Validation/Research anon (5)
     Free CGI webhost that supports send mail? ??? (4)
     This is an easy one Nerdo (5)
     Longhorn Requirements:Has Microsoft Shot itself? Karthik (41)
     A database Application running on Linux? Project Help (7)
     Monitoring Application Prarie Dog (4)
     Saving contents of CRichEditCtrl in VC++ Andrew Scott (2)
     Tried Outlining program on easel pads? Mr. Analogy (7)
     My windows system have crashed out. victor NOAGBODJI (6)
     Rate - Part 2 Anonanonanon (4)
     Is it unprofessional of me to ask the rate? Thanks for any help. (30)
     disabling ctrl-alt-del? Eric Debois (28)
     Another look at the search engine world Seun Osewa ( (3)
     Answering Machine (MsCOMM) Sh0rt (4)
     The "Big Ball of Mud" pattern Kalani (11)
     Project David a Hoax? K (7)
     Know what I want in a cell phone? Philo (22)
     Accessing DBMS remotely: MySQL? FireBird? Fred (25)
     VoIP Security Mike (2)
     Microsoft says 8 million machines compromised Unfathomable (11)
     Microsoft Security patch MS04-011 Interaction Architect (15)
     SCORM - Is this standard widely used? Fuzzy Logic (5)
     Interesting Old Books Humans Being (20)
     W-2 Hourly vs. Incorporated Rob (12)
     MBA: What did you really learn? T. Norman (11)
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