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Citydesk for other blogging systems?

It seems like an untapped market to me and although I don't know Citydesk well I'm sure Joel's teams could tackle this

Basically a truely good offline blog editor.  There are standards for connecting to blogs, downloading the list of categories, posts, etc, uploading new images, and posts etc.

All of the offline posting tools, at least for Windows, are pretty poor.

They don't remember anything offline so you can't look at old posts or even categories offline since the list of categories is not stored.

They don't remember which posts go with which blogs.  They post the item currently being edited to the blog which you are currenty logged into instead of the blog that post is associated with.

They don't support importing, editing, and uploading images.  I would guess Citydesk does this.  You drag in an image from your digital camera, crop, level, saturate, resize.  The blog standards support uploading of images but none of the offline blogging editors do :-(

I'm not sure if Joel would consider this eating into his Citydesk complete solution market but another version "Citydesk for Blogs" sounds like a good idea to me.

Gregg Tavares
Wednesday, May 26, 2004

sorry, I'll take this discussion to the Citydesk area.

Don't reply here

Gregg Tavares
Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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