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Windows shell extension for paths

As a developer I often deal with hugely nested paths, 8-10 levels deep.  One feature of Perforce I have gotten addicted to is the ability to copy a path to the clipboard, and then switch to P4, hit Ctrl-V, and have P4 instantly highlight the file (p4win GUI).

Is there some way I can do this in Windows?  You can almost by pasting into the explorer address bar, but then it tries to open the file if you put the full path in.

Then you have to strip off the filename, and then find the file in the list.  Sometimes our directories have hundreds of files.  It would be nice if you could just highlight it automatically.  Often I want to check the file size, attributes, or copy/delete it -- not open it.

Is there a shell extension, or maybe an alternate  explorer shell that has this feature?  I already have a great "Copy Path to clipboard" shell extension -- now I just need its complement.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Have you tried just using the search sidebar in explorer.  Pasting the full path, explorer will locate it immediately, but not open it.

yet another anon
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

must be possible--Internet Explorer does it when you download a file.

one of the nicest features of the MacOS IDE (whatever it's called) is the 'reveal in finder' option on files. select a file in the ide, right click, reveal in finder, do some operation.

one of the stupidest things in visual studio is that in each version they make it harder to find the actual path to the file. things like putting ellipses in path names.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

search sidebar is a good suggestion!

I found another hack sort of:

I wrote a python script that you can paste a path into, and then it simply runs:

explorer /select,<full path name you pasted>

That actually brings up a new explorer window the file HIGHLIGHTED!  cool!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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