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Deja vu

Last year sometime, or may be a couple of months even before that, I happened to read lots and lots of information about Christopher Duncan. I read reviews for his book, "The Career Programmer - Guerilla Tactics for an imperfect world" and was quite impressed. I followed him like a hound for every interview or article I could find where he was mentioned. I marked his site, ShowProgramming, and read every page of it. I remember even mentioning his name on my first ever post I made on this board on the 1st of September 2003.

Moments ago, I had a page in front of me, that I couldn't care to stick my eyes to, but the occassional head-bumps in my afternoon stupour would follow a few lines of this article that was in front of my eyes.

It was the C-SharpCorner website and I was, I figure, looking at submissions of Christopher Duncan in the form of articles. The opening lines gave me a deja vu, so I kept reading. I thought I read him, so may be I have this feeling. Keep reading...I said to myself. The more words I read, it was as if I already knew what words were to follow. I was at that alpha level where I knew precisely what were the sentences that followed the ones I was reading. In a few seconds, I woke myself and sat upright to stare at what was happening to me. It occured to me that this was one of Joel's article I was reading. "But how could that be? The name read Christopher Duncan. I saw it myself. And this is what I have read on JoS, " I said to myself aloud. It became so itching that I just pulled my hair and asked, "What the hell is happening to me?"

It was then that the Eureka moment passed. I got the realization that what I was reading was a post made by someone on this board and I am not sure if I had also replied to it, but I remember very clearly that I enjoyed reading that post for its beautifully formed sentences and also its manner of expression, not to mention its content.

Then, would it mean we have Chris Duncan also here on these forums? And it is very likely I have spoken to him through this board?

Oh boy! This is magic.

PS: In the middle of the article on the C-Sharp corner, Chris digresses to another topic, which also, interestingly was another post on this very forum.

Sathyaish Chakravarthy
Thursday, May 13, 2004

looking at the copyright date isn't it just as likely somebody else bothered to cut and paste his article into his post.

Stephen Jones
Thursday, May 13, 2004

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