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Transition from SW to SW+HW

I am a data monkey.  In other words I spend the days moving data from DB to DB, sometimes I do a data layer, sometimes an entire web application.

On one hand I am getting very good with SQL, on the other, I have an engineering degree (BSE), and I find myself building electronic gadgets on the weekend. I want to go back to hardware.

My question for the board at large. How can I leverage my data and business skills in getting a job working for a hardware company? At least an entry level QA or Test position. Possiblly writing code. (I have extensive C/C++ coding)

I thought that applying for entry-level positions that I could have gotten straight out of college would be a start, but I am guessing that my 8 years of code/data monkey work somehow disqualifies me. It is confounding.

What am I missing?

In 9 words and 4 symbols:
Data Monkey --> Solder/Test Monkey - Can it be done?

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Why not just apply for some jobs? Sounds like you have the background and experience needed.

Dave Winchester
Thursday, May 6, 2004

Do a Web search for "functional resume" for some ideas on how to represent "what you know" rather than "what you've done" on your resume.

And don't forget a cover letter. A simple statement explaining the change you want to make, and why, might help a lot.

(Who's also trying to transition to a slightly different career path)

Mark Bessey
Thursday, May 6, 2004

[quote]What am I missing?[/quote]

I am not sure what  you are missing, but I am missing something myself.

I have an Electronics Engineering degree and spent many years working on home grown HW projects - both digital and analog (before and after I graduated). A few years after I started working I saw the light - went into SW and never looked back.

Let's face it in the Digital World the software is the most important and interesting thing. If you are interested in Analog Electronics - you can still work on your home grown projects in your spare time.
(I don't think there many work oportunities out there.)

My feeling is that you don't find SQL related work very challenging. So maybe you should try to find work with C/C++ working with embedded systems. If you get there and you really want to be HW designer - I am sure most of your HW co-workers will gladly trade place with you if the management allowed it.

Missing something
Friday, May 7, 2004

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