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Dreamweaver--embedded flash movie control

I'm trying to use some flash buttons made to control a .swf file embedded into an .asp page. The buttons are using actionscript onclick and using the movie control features (play, stop, pause, and rewind are all i need). The swf plays fine on the page using the right click and using the built in controller, but i want the buttons to be able to control it. I have the .swf ID'd front_page_movie (note: this is not the actual file name, just the ID so i can manipulate it. ) The movie is not looped or set to autoplay, i don't wan't dial up users to have to sit there and deal with it.

The buttons are then tied into the movie using onClick and movie control (play, stop, etc). Is there something I'm missing? When i double click on the action in the events/actions window, and the drop down list of movie's available to control shows up, i have the one i want chosen. Am i going to have to change something in the original .fla file?

Also, i have tired putting a stop action in the first frame of the .fla and reexporting it to .swf, but it still doesn't work.


Monday, May 3, 2004

you appear to have mistakenly posted this in the JoS forum. you probably meant to post it in the Macromedia DW forum.

so many of these at the moment... why?
Monday, May 3, 2004

You need to talk to the governing junta.
Apparently software help-desk topics are not only the safest to post on JoS, but also the preferred topics among those who have appointed themselves Keepers Of The Forum.

Discussions that are frowned upon include:
Management, outsourcing, New York Times articles, TV shows about management, etc.

Discussions that are outright verboten:
Having a good day.

Have a day,

Monday, May 3, 2004

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