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Portlets for small soft biz product?

I am thinking of trying to start a small software business developing portlets that can be deployed across the various portal engines using the new WSRP and JSR168 standards.  I have been Googleing for competitors in this space and don't see many.  It seems most are either portal engine vendors who don't have an interest in making cross engine portlets or companies with established products like document management systems.  I am thinking that the portlet "kit" or "collection" could be marketted to those with existing portals, and that perhaps with the right mix of portlets and ease of install one might also market an out of the box configuration to small business.  What do people think about this?  I know I need to narrow the focus, but what about the general idea?  Should I be worrying about something that will sink my batteship?

Appreciative of your responses.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I'm afraid I can't help you much with the Java Portal kits, but I can tell you that our Web Parts Pack that my team offers is pretty critical to our WSS/SPS implementations.  A good Web Part (for you Portlet) collection that is packaged and configurable can and will make a huge difference in getting projects going.  Now the next question would be - are you planning on just selling the "kit" to implementors or using it to get your foot in the door to be an implementor yourself? 
If you just want to sell the kit to implementors, you would (in my view) be limiting yourself a lot in terms of acceptance.  If you're looking at using it in conjunction with an implementation skill set as well, then I think that you're on the right track.  And since I've put my paycheck behind the second option, you can validate my conviction (if maybe not my sanity. :-) )
Make the kit, make it availible to others - if it doesn't get picked up by other implementors, you're not out anything and you look more professional by having it on the market.  If it does get picked up, you get the sales, and you get called in to do all of the customizations that always happen.  Win-win.

Unfocused Focused
Monday, April 26, 2004


I don't think so.


Emeril La Gassey
Monday, April 26, 2004

Go here:

Follow the portlets to the makers and you will find what you seek.  Beware that JSR168 is the lowest common denominator.  You may need to choose a vendor to provide more than 168, if you want to sell it.

Monday, April 26, 2004

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