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Good web host that supports ASP.NET?

Can anyone provide a link to a web host that provided good ASP.NET support? 

Needs to be < $25 a month if at all possible.  I'm dabbling with some app service provider ideas and I want to see if they'll fly.

Captain Offshore
Friday, April 23, 2004

"that provided" = "that provides"

Captain Offshore
Friday, April 23, 2004

Emperor Norton
Saturday, April 24, 2004 is good. We've used them for a few months.

John Rosenberg
Saturday, April 24, 2004

Use CrystalTech ( ). I can't say enough good things about them. They're cheap (and they've even lowered their prices since I signed up), they're always adding new features, and their tech support actually knows something.

Jacob Weber
Saturday, April 24, 2004

Very professional. Lots of disk space and bandwidth, supports Asp and Asp.Net. Highly recommended.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm using - so far I'm pleased.

Monday, April 26, 2004 is wonderful. Loads of commercial components thrown in without extra charge too. However, they don't do low-end shared hosting, cheapest service is ~$200 a month

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

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