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Fastest, easiest DB rad?

I like to hear what you guys think is the easiest, fastest way of developing a not too complex gui app for a small DB. Lets assume that the client platform is windows and that the datasource is ODBC capable.

Does Access win hands down? How about using VDA from the other office apps?

Friday, April 9, 2004

Access is pretty hard to beat in terms of how fast can you whack out some DB driven forms. But in the end I found perl/php/asp driven by Access to be more programmable and powerful.

Matthew Lock
Friday, April 9, 2004

Visual Foxpro

Friday, April 9, 2004


Friday, April 9, 2004


Friday, April 9, 2004

The language or tool you know best, are most familiar with and can code quickly in.

Sathyaish Chakravarthy
Friday, April 9, 2004

.. except MFC anc C++ ;)

Matthew Lock
Friday, April 9, 2004

Maybe have a look at Deklarit ( I have no personal experience with it but I heard good things about it and it seems to fit your description.

Just me (Sir to you)
Friday, April 9, 2004

Not that ive had any real experience with them, but HTAs look like a pretty darn neat way of doing stuff like that.

Eric Debois
Friday, April 9, 2004

Deklarit is incredibly cool - if you're starting a new project. If you've already got a database, you can't use Deklarit.

Which is unfortunate, because, as I mentioned, Deklarit is incredibly cool.

Chris Tavares
Friday, April 9, 2004

Pre .NET it was VB and Access.

Coward I am!
Friday, April 9, 2004


Joe Hendricks
Friday, April 9, 2004


Friday, April 9, 2004

Neophyte, did you even READ the question before spouting "HASKELL", or was it simply a knee-jerk reaction to a question mark?

Out of curiousity, I went to the Haskell web site to learn about the language. Nothing that I saw even suggests that it is a suitable tool for data processing applications. The only application-level mention of anything even remotely database oriented was the use of Haskell to write a query tool for an experimental object-oriented database. There were some mentions of (immature) third party toolkits for database access,.

Finally, there is a link to Freshmeat for a list of Haskell applications. Not one of them was in any way relevant to RAD / DBMS applications.

So tell us: why could you possibly think that Haskell is a suitable response to this question?

Friday, April 9, 2004

Another vote for Access.  Even post-.NET.  Whether Access is "powerful" is obviously debatable, but the question was about "fastest" and "easiest".

Friday, April 9, 2004

SQLBase and TeamDeveloper

It beats VB hollow

Saturday, April 10, 2004

I think the haskell thing was a joke.  I laughed, anyway :-)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Looks like it's up to me to put in the obligatory plug for Delphi.  You can make simple database programs without typing a line of code.  Granted, most real world projects are more complicated, but Delphi makes those pretty easy as well.

Emperor Norton
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'm primarily a Delphi guy and although it is pretty good for CRUD stuff, I still think Access' time to delivery is unbeatable for small, quick & dirty DB apps - especially for small "departmental" solutions.

Motown (AU)
Thursday, April 15, 2004

Chris, you can use an existing database with DeKlarit since version 1.1 ;)

Andres Aguiar
Monday, April 19, 2004

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