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"The Apprentice" (spoilers)

I'm doing this one or my tablet, so forgive any typos due to the text recognition

LOL! Mrs.Philo probably nailed the reason the relatives were on the jet. Amy requested not to go alone.

-Job interviews?
And Nick going on about "this is what it's about"?
Lou! The "what is your weakness" question rears its ugly head.
The MTV editing sucks
-definitely agreed with the comments about Nick. Interesting observations about Amy.
Robin has said "You can go in now" every week -Does 16 lines count for your SAG card if it's over 16 weeks?
Interesting juxtaposition of the Miss USA pageant with the Apprentice-"two elimination tournaments"

Amy nails Nick, and not in a good way.
Nick doesn't have a poker face, and his finally gone. It's just as well Troy went last week-he wouldn't have made it this week.
And poof, Amy is gone, without those two magic words.
A "13 week accelerated MBA"?? I don't think so...

"When you come back tomorrow you've going to face your toughest task yet" Making Omarosa work?

Okay, I am thoroughly disappointed with this show-obviously they taped the interviews and some executive decided it was too boring for US audiences, so we get that fast cut nonsense and two people fired inside twenty minutes.

Shades of Survivor-the defeated return
What the hell? Both leaders throw away everything they learned and don't ride with their teams. (tho perhaps the Donald ordered them to)
Good-Bill's delegating well, but Nick seems to be feeling a bit of sour grapes. And it's nice to see Omerosa got to sit down for dinner. (And damn it, nothing is going to interrupt dinner!) Incidentally, of those Omarosa supporters - still think she's a good choice and was just portrayed poorly?

Oh how very sweet to see Omarosa get caught with her knickers down so very blatantly. By the way, this woman is *exactly* what my boss at Camel was like. Heidi called it right that Kwame was avoiding conflict - I'll bet Bill would've booted someone who did that without a second thought.
This is also an interesting place to muse how Troy would've done - would he have had the chutzpah to confront someone who screwed up like that?

Ah... Bill's utter complete undoing - "What Leslie thinks doesn't matter" Uh-huh. Until the next time Leslie has to make a decision and you're not around. Not a good attitude for a leader.

Oh my god - Omarosa skipped dinner? More importantly, there seems to be no organization in this group whatsoever. Of course, Omarosa is the root of the problem so she needs to STFU. (and why are they flailing? Didn't Jessica's manager just say something to the effect that she's not coming in until later?)

And in return for her screwing up the transportation arrangements, Kwame puts Omarosa in charge of the TALENT? That alone puts him in last place...

To be continued next week... :-)


Thursday, April 8, 2004

I liked how Kwame asked Mark, the guy who runs the Taj Mahal, what makes a successful event and he basically responded that it was all about taking care of the talent. So what does Kwame do, he puts Omarosa in charge of the talent, WTF?

This feels like the Seinfeld episode where you do the opposite of what your instincts tell you.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

I have more sympathy for Omarossa after this episode. Dianne's repeated snaffus ("We lost the band, we lost Jessica Simpson, we lost her luggage") smelled like the producers were deliberetly creating fake problems just to watch the candidates deal with them, and Omarossa caught the brunt of that.
  At one point, Kwame said something like "I'm used to working with competent people. I would never hire....Omarossa...She was blah blah blah" -- you could definetely hear the editing skip in his voiceover when he said her name. For all we know, maybe he actually said "I would never hire Diane" and the producers just cut his words!
  The thing at dinner where she got a work-related phone call and then supposedly wouldn't tell anyone what it was about was so ridiculous that there _must_ be more to the story than we were shown. Call her a b*tch if you want, but even a b*tch would have simply said "That call was Diane with a problem, but I took care of it". The only explanation for Omarossa refusing to answer a simple question (twice!) must be that the producers edited out what the question actually was. Maybe somebody made some inappropraite joke or something and she refused to discuss it, but I guarantee you there was more going on than we were shown.
  The editing tonight was clearly done to make her look bad.

Omarossa defender
Thursday, April 8, 2004

"""The editing tonight was clearly done to make her look bad"""

Easiest job in the world! Where do I set up?

in a nutshell
Thursday, April 8, 2004

to Omarossa defender:
        Wake up baby. Didn't we all see the big "O" lie and say that she didn't actually speak to Diane -- it was just messages?  How do you defend that?  The woman is a first-class LIAR and is probably intentionally screwing up to get back at Kwame.  I think she has a real problem with lying -- I mean real problem that needs psychiatric help.  She's scary.           

Keisha Jackson
Thursday, April 8, 2004

Omarosa's behaviour, if it was as it appeared (I'll allow the doubt that it was amazingly misrepresentative editing) was bordering on sociopathic. She is an absolute saboteur, and if it doesn't come out that she was tasked with being trouble for Kwame to test his leadership (in which case she'll come out smelling of roses), then she has absolutely destroyed any credibility she will have in business. Based upon that showing tonight I wouldn't trust her scooping dog shit.

"Did you scoop it?"

"Oh yes."

"It's right there. I can see it on the ground!"

"What? No this is all a misunderstanding. Did you say scoop? I thought you said poop it".

Dennis Forbes
Thursday, April 8, 2004

1st half

Bill is GOOD, putting words into his interviewer's mouth so obviously. "I'm too much of a perfectionist, it's a flaw." Once he said that his INTERVIEWER was defending him. "Being a perfectionist is a good thing, it means you keep striving."

He also has no problem with interrupting you, with an "I respectfully disagree," or, "Wait, I had a very good education." Out of all the candidates, he's the only one who really talks with authority. Everyone else seems to be waiting to be judged. Basically, he talked as an equal with his interviewers - yes he's being evaluated, but no his ego doesn't need you to give him approval.

Kwame has an annoying habit of ending every sentance as if he's about to say something else. He doesn't always do it, but I saw it a lot, and it bugs me. Not the way a leader should speak, though it does encourage the people around him to talk.

Nick is "the ultimate salesman" and little more. Amy really fell apart this episode. I can see her running a business that deals mostly with retail customers, but the interviewer was right - when someone on a job construction site said "Missy, you don't know what you're talking about," she'll fall apart.

2nd half

Bill put together a much better team than Kwame.

Amy, Katrina, Nick.
Troy, Omarosa, Heidi

Katrina was a surprising choice for him given his issues with her before. Maybe he was hoping Kwame would get Nick so the romance he engineered wouldn't get in the way? Kwame had to choose Troy... why Omarosa? The game may have been one or lost right there.

Bill's issue with the manager at the golf course reflects exactly his issue with Katrina, even what he said, "get out of my way, I know what I'm doing," is basically exactly what he said about Katrina. He does need to work on his interpersonal skills, he forgets that he's doing business with the golf course, even if it is owned by the same parent company.

Bill seems to have issues with "competence." Everyone has to pass his measure of competent/incompetent, and it's either you're on the team, or get out of my way. The woman treated him like he was incompetent (his words, I believe), and suddenly he was incapable of working his magic with her.

Omarosa, what can I say. Whatever her personal drama, she insists on dragging everyone into it and getting it to the point where she can say "He/She's, incompetent/hates black people/is trying to defend himeslf from a lawsuit, etc."

Classic moments: lying about what the phone call was about & telling Kwame she'd take care of everything and then telling Troy Kwame needs to be more hands on.

Kwame "I'm used to dealing with competent people" Jackson does need to grow a pair. He was on the phone with that woman arranging the transportation, but didn't investigate deeply into what was going on - he could've gotten to the root of the problem right there or re-delegated the task, but continued to let Omarosa "handle" it. Using "I can't fire her because of the rules of the game" isn't a good excuse, it's not about the game, it's about the task, and letting someone he knows to be incompetent handle the task is not good. The manager of Trump Taj Mahal outlined what a successful project would be - the talent feels taken care of, and he isn't doing it.

His comment about projecting confidence even while things are falling apart really seems to me to get to the root of his personality. He wants to be the "quiet confident" guy who lets everyone else do the work for him, and doesn't care when things are falling apart while he's being the confident guy.

In fact, Kwame v. Bill is a really interesting line up. They're exact opposites. Bill does everything himself and "get out of my way" and Kwame does nothing. Everyone on Bill's team is "incompetent" and everyone on Kwame's team is "competent." Each to the point, it seems, of personal character flaw, where they can't see the bigger picture.
Thursday, April 8, 2004

Did anybody catch Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live saying "you can't trust anything Omarossa says" during one of the skits? 

  Think that means she's a pathological liar -- or that she was tasked to lie?  My bet is on the former.  She has to be the center of attention so in addition to being patholigical liar,  she's has a serious personality disorder.  Who would hire that viper?   

Keisha Jackson
Thursday, April 8, 2004

And yet nobody mentions the most important moment of the evening: SPIDER MAN 2 LOOKS AMAZING!


All I have to say is: who needs the finale? It's a lock. Bill's the winner. I was a little surprised Trump chose Kwame over Amy, but not much.

Brad Wilson (
Thursday, April 8, 2004

How could anyone be surprised that 'the Donald' fired Amy?  She was the last female left, in a game where the women stomped on the men in the first episodes.  Then, 'Mr-Perpetually-Bad-Hair-Day' lets the groups switch around, and suddenly, it's the ghost town of women. 

Then, Trump decides to let Amy's one bad day of interviewing completely outweigh the fact that her track record of proven performance is light years ahead of anyone else on the show.  I mean, really, what was the point of having these weekly competitions at all, if the Don can arbitrarily fire anyone? 

No- I'm not surprised that the Don fired Amy...I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did.  Say what you want, but Mr. Trump is SEXIST.

By the way, Omarosa gives a bad name to hard-working women EVERYWHERE.  That witch needs some serious medication. 

Friday, April 9, 2004

Seems like she came back for no other reason but to inflict vengeance.  Vengeance on the team members she had conflicts with and on Trump for firing her.

More on Odorosa Manigoat-Stalwart:

T. Norman
Friday, April 9, 2004

The single most surprising thing to me was during the round of four questioning by Trump - Bill was offered a free shot at anyone at the table (Nick had already been called out by Trump and Kwame) - and he chose to go after Nick instead of whomever he thought was his biggest competition.  That was poor decision making.  It's always easy to lay it on thicker to the person who's already getting dumped on, but it often isn't the right decision.

I do like how Bill would say, "I respectfully disagree - I ...."  He offered relatively coherent responses to most questions and wasn't afraid to make things into a conversation instead of the more typical one way discussion.  It became obvious (to me at least) during the inteviews who had been prepared for tough interviews and who had not.  Bill, through his experiences running his own businesses had developed a method of handling them, and clearly Harvard help prepare Kwame.  Nick and Amy suffered for a lack of coherency in their interviews.  Fortunately for them that is something which can be worked on.

Even though we didn't see much of the interviews it was very tellling to see the first couple of seconds and the faces the candidates made.  I can't imagine going through a full day of interviews that tough (and I've had a half day that tough) - exhausting in every way I'm sure, and then to go and face Donald and try to be coherent, wow.

And Philo, did we ever really doubt that the question would come up, it's too easy (note that the executive assistant brought it up - and very interesting that Trump used her as an interviewer and that she was as persistent as she was during the interview).  Excellent episode, I just wish we had seen more of the interviews.

Friday, April 9, 2004

I wasn't able to chime in on last week's firing of Troy, so I want to get this off my chest.  Nobody mentioned that Trump's got a Wharton MBA.  No way is a Wharton guy going to hire a high school grad to run one of his companies.  I just can't see it.  Knowing now that this week was interviews, I'd say Trump was just doing a little HR pre-screening.

When Omarosa took the dinner-time phone, I immediately thought that she'd been planted as a saboteur. Add to that Trump's lead-in to the show about employee loyalty and the "few things" that Katrina added to the garage, and I'm turning into a full blown conspiracy theorist [maybe I could get a job at Air America?].

Did anyone catch Carolyn's look at the piles of boxes?  Isn't that the golf course she runs?  It doesn't project a very professional image, and I'm damn sure she would have found alternate arrangements if she were running the tournament.

As for Kwame, apparently Harvard B-School doesn't teach the difference between composed and catatonic. That team sure likes to sit around and eat a lot. If I were him I'd be living with a phone in my hand. All the good executives I've known were very hands-on at least one level below them. They may not be performing the activities, but they always knew the status of them.

Worse question response has got to go to Nick when asked what he'd do on the first day of the job.  His answer "I'd come in with a vision" reminded me of oh so many bungee bosses I've seen.  At least the interviewer called his $#&% on it. 

Friday, April 9, 2004

There are all kinds of people who make up our world, and inevitably our work world. This show is great because of it's realistic drama that we can all relate to. I've met "Omorosa, Nick, Amy, and the others (including what one may consider either good or bad characters/personalities.)" in the different workplaces I have worked, as anyone out there must have at some point.

There are many types of situations that we have or we are facing at our actual workplaces and we can vent through this show to try and understand our situation better and maybe find a way to work it out. Inevitably, it is about how we choose to react to the person/situation that we find annoying/negative/displeasing.

In my experience, it all depends on how much you want to keep your job. Those who annoy you may be there forever, and the boss will not let them go, for whatever reason, even if they know of some of the friction or situations they have caused. If you love your job, will you leave it because of someone who annoys you? Yes, even if they are blatantly lying, sleeping on the job, not taking ownership of a responsibility that comes spontaneously (that demands immediate attention, no matter what, where, when it is), or even jeopardizes a project? Only you can answer that question for yourself and the reason why you choose to stay or leave.

Occasionally, you think you have a "win", and that "annoying person" gets fired, and then someone else comes in sometimes 2X as "bad"! Or you face the same "challenge" at your next place of employment. The challenge is really about how you decide to deal with it within your own mind. So, I love the mix of characters just because it's real! Can you imagine how boring this show would be if all the candidates were perfect-if that could be! We would have nothing to talk/write about!

That said, the one interview question asked of Amy, "Having worked with the company for 12 weeks what is your impression of its structure?” Can't believe she could not actually answer the question, and spoke to whatever she had on her mind rather than focusing on what the question was?!?! (Definitely being catty here.) OK She was nervous, but if she at least answered the question-even with a ridiculous answer regarding the structure-it would have made more sense to me.

Anyhow, Trump did not build those beautiful, elaborate properties haphazardly. There are very intentional foundations, and attention to details that cannot be overlooked.  My point being, that he has said he has some hits and some misses when hiring, indeed in his businesses as well. But he comes out on top, because he is perceptive, thorough, and competent and he watches out for every detail because it benefits him when all is said and done.

Remember how he checks his properties starting at 7:00am. Though he may not scrutinize everything, those workers know that he is coming to see their work, so Trump can count on the fact that these people will perform. I'm sure he will notice someone is not doing their job by noticing if some detail is unattended.

He knows whom he wants to work for him and he is not going to let ridiculous actions go unnoticed. However, he is compassionate with a high regard for others in general (Unless you burn him! -"An eye for an eye."-From his new book.). Also, he is a fabulous diplomat to consistently praise everyone, including in interviews-Oprah- etc, and to give constructive criticism (Enveloped in a very loving package of kind words. PS. With praising before and after.). So I don’t think he is unaware of what is going on behind the scene. He probably watches all the film, we don’t get to see, with those snacks he likes to buy, snuggled up to his girlfriend before bedtime.

Kwame and Bill are excellent final candidates for many reasons. It will be interesting to see how they win. Bringing in their former fellow colleagues was excellent because this happens all the time. Getting a promotion within your company structure and your once equals, "pals" even, and not, are now your employees.

Bill is an overall good leader and I think that his team members will not do anything to make themselves look “bad”-Trump is still watching-not to mention potential employers etc. The only thing that could be detrimental is himself-he’s ego might get in the way of understanding protocol.

I wonder how Troy is perceived. Either as loyal or disloyal? Taking Kwame to the boardroom with him, to me, indicates disloyalty on several levels. Even though he seems eager to please will he be disloyal again on some level? As Trump said as the final 4 entered the boardroom tonight-‘Once someone is disloyal to you, they will be disloyal to you again.’  Otherwise, Kwame started off with a strong sense of accomplishment by setting up his strategy ASAP.

Can’t wait to find out the final outcome!

Friday, April 9, 2004

While I'd never hire Omarosa to work for me, I'd certainly let her suck my cock. :-)

You're fired!
Friday, April 9, 2004

  Editing is everything--just because we saw clips of Bill remaining calm in the interviews and Amy scatter-brained doesn't necessarily mean Bill was more prepared. It just means the producers wanted us to have that impression.
  And as for Omarossa--I agree with Defender that she was set up. Wasn't it an awfully huge coincedence that there were cameras in Diane's office ready to record her side of every phone call with Omarossa? Of course not! Obviously, those phone calls from Diane were staged, and I'm not sure that Omarossa was actually lying when she said she didn't talk to Diane at the restaurant. Here's how it *might* have gone down:
  Omarossa gets a personal call (that wasn't from Diane) in the restaurant, and leaves to take it. While gone, she also checks her voice mail and sees a message from Diane, so she calls back and leaves a voice mail, then returns to the table. Since the call was personal, that's why she told Troy the call was none of his business. Then the producers told Diane to lie about talking to Omarossa in order to make drama.
  Is that how it actually happened? Who knows? But for those who say "We saw Omarossa lying" -- no we didn't. We saw what the producers wanted us to see, and the truth could have been almost anything.

Friday, April 9, 2004

How much of The Apprentice is faked?


"Some interesting Apprentice info:

  The board room is on the same floor as their swank apartment.
  The elevators outside the board room are fake and just lead to another hallway.
  The young woman who rented the apartment Troy's team renovated already obtained a lease before the show decided to even renovate that apartment.  She received $2000 in free furniture her involvement, and knew that no matter what rent she negotiated for, she'd be paying her original rent.
  That apartment was empty because the previous occupant jumped out the window a month earlier."

Just me (Sir to you)
Friday, April 9, 2004

I wouldn't trust Omarosa to suck without biting.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Trump doesn't have a Wharton MBA, he has a bachelor's degree from Wharton business school (the undergrad college).

in a nutshell
Friday, April 9, 2004

Remember Trump's spiel about 'loyalty' at the beginning? Omarosa and Nick were told to be saboteurs.

in a nutshell
Friday, April 9, 2004

Kwame's problem is that he's apparently only dealt with good, competent people throughout his career.  Hence the trusting, hands-off approach and his inability to deal with a screw-up like Omarosa.

T. Norman
Friday, April 9, 2004

"Obviously, those phone calls from Diane were staged, and I'm not sure that Omarossa was actually lying when she said she didn't talk to Diane at the restaurant"

For sure the whole "lost band" situation is just a manufactured event (that everyone but them is in on), all as some sort of management test. As you mentioned this is why they had cameras with Diane to be ready for this drama.

Having said that, I do think that Omarosa did indeed interactively speak with her -- the footage is of Omarosa interactively responding to Diane's comments with appropriate (to snakes) responses that only made sense in that context. I think it's quite certain that she did speak to Diane. Couple that with her bizarro world comment back at the table: "I don't want to go there!"

I'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt and presuming that she's "The Mole", and she'll be smiling and being congratulated with helping test Kwame, but given prior incidents there is the possibility that she is a totally off the wall conventional liability.

BTW: Happy Easter!

Dennis Forbes
Friday, April 9, 2004

The best thing that came out of this show is the spread in FHM "The Women of 'The Apprentice'"

Friday, April 9, 2004

To all you conspiracy theorists out there, I'd like to remind you of my "standard disclaimer" regarding this show. We can't know everything that happens, or how editing may have affected our perception. We can only comment on what we've actually seen. To try to go 'behind' what you can see to justify your opinions seems a little obsessive.

It's apparent to me that Omarosa's constant re-spinning of everything that happens actually plays in to your beliefs that there is some sort of greater evil at work in the world. She's a master of telling you something that's just within the realm of plausibility, and outrageous enough to be true.

Insofar as I recall, she had a conversation when she walked away from the table "I'm at dinner / I'm sorry I can't hear you" And my favorite "I'm in the middle of ... can you just take care of it for me?" In the middle of what Omarosa?

Is this really the same crowd who told me a few months ago that they wouldn't fall for sales techniques designed to short-circuit your logical mind?

I've been to Trump Tower often on lunch breaks. I even saw "The Donald" there once with his Miss USA beauty queen at a press conference, which he held right in front of that waterfall. It's a great space and I love the waterfull (something about water in motion, especially in such a concrete city), but I don't think it would attract tourists just for that. There's two outdoor waterfalls - one of them extremely beautiful - within a few blocks of Trump Tower, and Central Park as well. Maybe the waterfall attracts people to the jewelry store or foreign currency exchange, but certainly Nike Town does well on it's own.

I wouldn't mind eating dinner at that restaurant though, maybe not as romantic as some spots I know, but once you've exhausted those, this is a good choice.

It's not a very big building, maybe 10 stories, lots of retail space, and some offices space on the higher floors. As you saw with the waterfall, it's also very open on the inside for the first 6 or so stories, limiting the actual office space & retail to what fits on the perimiter of the building. The apartment & boardroom are probably one of the few floors that are above the atrium & are complete floors.

It would make sense to me that "the boardroom" is a set. Do you *ever* have meetings that way, where it's 3 v. 16 chairs, and someone comes out of an almost secret door in the back of the room? It's staged that way for dramatic effect. If Trump kept one of his business contacts waiting in a room like this only to appear out of nowhere, he'd be laughed at, and the other person would leave.

It also makes sense to me that if you're going to set a stage like this, you'd do it on 1 floor, rather than going through the trouble of renovating space on different floors, though it does make me wonder how well his business is doing that he can spare an entire floor on 57th street in Manhattan. It reminds me of an article about Trump Plaza on Columbus Circle - a huge hotel that overlooks Central Park - the day it opened it had 1 guest.

Kwame has more problems than only having dealt with competent people. First of all, if he worked at Goldman Sachs, I can *gaurantee* you he's dealt with incompetent people. Goldman is large enough to be beaurocratic, and any beaurocratic organization is going to be filled with people who just want to carve out their own little power niche. He must have dealt with one of them at one time or another.

Secondly, Kwame, like Troy, just wants to be liked. I'm not sure what it is about him, but he's afraid of getting in to the details. He's great when it comes to the pep talks and early planning, but once things start rolling, it's all about covering up his own feelings of inadequacy.

Good point about Trump being involved in the construction on a daily basis. He's not micromanaging, but he's involved. The scenes with him walking around the construction site asking about the quality of workmanship and what some things would end up being like were reminiscent to me of the scenes of Bill walking around Planet Hollywood making sure everything got done.

I was surprised at just how sharp & blunt his interviewers were, but then I realized, Trump is the same way, and like attracts like. This is definately a case of "A's hiring A's." He's not hiring people who make him feel good, these people will call him out on anything he does. Though George and Carolyn still seem to be subservient to him, or maybe it's a trained negotiating tactic that prevents you from playing one of his henchmen against him. Don't give the people in the room with you any power, and you won't try to win them over or play them off each other.

My guess is, however George and Carolyn were chosen because their jobs aren't as intensive as the others, and they can take a month and a half of only working a few days a week.

Last week Trump already told Kwame he "never stepped up." The long and short of it is, we all know he won't get hired.

Regarding Nick & Amy. I would bet money at this point that Bill could win Amy away from Nick, and if the show had a few more weeks left in it, he might try exactly that to make them both completely ineffective around him. In the boardroom Amy does nothing but insult Nick and praise Bill.

Bill seems largely a good student of character, and has little trouble saying what needs to be said to make the other party react a certain way. Trump seems like this too. Nick would like to be, but is too emotionally involved in anything that gets said. Involved, that is, in trying to make himeslf look good.

Or let me put it another way. Nick & Amy acted largely independantly in the businesses they were involved in prevoiusly. Amy worked for a "high flying dot com" business, and Nick is a salesman. Bill started 'several' successful businesses and Kwame works at Goldman Sachs.

Nick & Amy come from backgrounds (and may have intentionally put themselves there) where they are not constantly being judged by supervisors. Nick's boss probably doesn't care how he does his job as long as the bottom line is there, and Nick probably devours sales books & tapes in his car. They make him feel good, and he can depend on them to make him feel good. Real humans are less predictable.

With Amy, the same thing. My guess is at the dotcom the didn't care what she did as long as she got the job done. She's used to being creative and not working in a beaurocratic environment. She knows how to get things done, but is not used to being judged on how she does them.

Kwame is under constant scrutiny & has to defend his job position at all times in things like weekly staff meetings and semi annual reviews. This is why he interviews well. He went to Harvard to be trained to be this way, his professors probably also subject him to the same scrutiny, and he handles it well.

Bill has a certain self-confidence (well, maybe egomania is more like it), and as I've mentioned before, if he's started, run, and sold, a successful business, is probably the candidate with the least actual need for this job, which allows him to be more candid than the rest - if he doesn't get it, he maintains the same comfortable lifestyle, while the rest are looking for a job.

Finally, I'd like to repeat something I said a few weeks ago. One of the things I like about this show is not that these people are examples of others we have to deal with at work - obstacles to getting our job done, but that in the real world, work gets done in spite of your own personal foibles, and nobody is free from them. These probably are the best of the 215,000 people who applied, and as Trump says, they'll all be successful in their chosen fields.

I seriously doubt I or anyone else in this forum would perform much better on this show. So the most important lesson here is to take your lumps and get the job done.

Or: Which Apprenticea are You?

I took the quiz and I'm most like Amy. Go figure.

SPOILERS (rot 13 encoded*)

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Friday, April 9, 2004

I thought Omarosa was okay early on.  Assuming no editing tricks (big assumption) I no longer think so.  The lost band thing is clearly manufactured but if Kwame really knew what he was doing, he would gone himself to meet her.

Prediction:  Bill wins and the job involves construction projects back home in Chicago.

name withheld out of cowardice
Friday, April 9, 2004

Offtopic but previously mentioned -

Dennis Forbes
Friday, April 9, 2004

marktaw:  Xjnzr Wnpxfba'f cntr unf n 'uver zr' yvax!!!

Friday, April 9, 2004

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Friday, April 9, 2004

Looks like those rumors that Kwame wins are close to the truth.,2933,115476,00.html

Friday, April 9, 2004

"Based on Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth's two-year stint in the Clinton administration, it's no surprise that she got fired on NBC's "The Apprentice," reports the new edition of People magazine. She was "banished" from four jobs during her run in government, the mag says. "

Friday, April 9, 2004

You people are worse than a bunch of women and their soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2004

This is a shocker! I can't believe it but the source is authentic:

Lbh'yy whfg unir gb jngpu arkg jrrx naq svaq bhg! Qb lbh guvax V jbhyq whfg gryy lbh, fbzr vzcbirevfurq unpxre V qba'g rira xabj, jub pbhyqa'g nssbeq gb erag 10 zvahgrf va zl snohybhf Znaunggna cragubhfr. Qba W. Gehzc.

Warning!  Spolier (don't read if you don't want to know yet!)

Apprentice Insider
Friday, April 9, 2004

>>Trump doesn't have a Wharton MBA, he has a bachelor's degree from Wharton business school (the undergrad college).

My mistake.  I knew that he also attended Fordham, so I assumed that Fordham was his undergrad alma mater and Wharton his grad school alma mater.

Marktaw, I wouldn't say that some of us are obsessive because we've developed half-baked conspiracy theories.  After all, it's just in good fun.  But the fact that a lot of us have been coming here every Thursday / Friday for the past 12 weeks to discuss a reality TV show, now THAT qualifies us as obsessive. :-)

Friday, April 9, 2004

Oh, and another spoiler:

Fnz npghnyyl QBRF jva gur Zvff HFN pbagrfg!

Friday, April 9, 2004

Seeing Sam dressed as a Miss America contestant for the commercial was pretty disturbing.....

Friday, April 9, 2004

Good God, Kwame drafted Omarossa second. Granted he was going to get stuck with her anyway, since Bill got to pick first for some reason, but geeze. I would have fired Kwame right there.

I would have taken Nick and said "Pass" when it was time to draft Omarossa.

I'm leaning towards Kwame as the winner. He has a higher ceiling than Bill. Kwame just needs a little coaching on how to work with pathological liers.

Bill continues to be an Ass-Clown. His "Does she know what I'm capable of?" comment was classic Bill.

It would be much harder to fix Bill's flaws than Kwame's flaws so I'll bet Trump chooses the Kwamster.

Sam's bit was classic, including the part where he mocked his own death stare after being fired.

The Ronald
Friday, April 9, 2004

I have to question whether or not the winner actually lasts.  yes, the prize is a job, but no one said that job was guaranteed.  Will the winner be there 1 year or even 6 monts later?  Imagine if it was your company doing this: how would you treat the winner in real life after seeing him on tv for weeks/

Apprentice Insider
Friday, April 9, 2004

Even if the winner does nothing for the whole year, the $250,000 salary is a cheap price for the publicity that Trump has gotten out of the deal.

Emperor Norton
Friday, April 9, 2004

"Good God, Kwame drafted Omarossa second."

See, that's my point. She got picked before both Nick and Heidi. (Granted neither of them are exactly stars, either, but still.) If Omarossa were really as horrible as the editing makes her seem, then she would have gotten picked dead last.

Friday, April 9, 2004

To Omarosa defenders
are you guys on drugs?? I work in entertainment and no amount of editing can be an excuse for her blatant lying and manipulation!!!  Working in reality tv, producers can not put things in people's mouths or control what they say! Come on!! we all watched it-- She flat out refused to tell Troy and Kwame what the phone call was about and then lied to Kwame to his face! Possibly causing him to lose the Apprenticeship!  SHE IS A LIAR, a COMPLAINER, a MANIPULATOR and everyone who keeps supporting her should just hire her in their company...and watch it FALL!!! I don't care what color her skin is, she can be purple!  Being a double minority myself does not give you the right to use it as an excuse for blatant misbehavior nor does it give you the right to pull out the race card whenever you feel like it.  Hope her 15 min expires very soon!

Friday, April 9, 2004

"If Omarossa were really as horrible as the editing makes her seem,"

Don't forget - we're the Eyes in the Sky. I don't believe Kwame has *ever* worked with Omarosa directly, has he? So all he has to go on is what Omarosa would call "sniping and gossip," and if he's inclined to believe her (or simply inclined to believe the best about everyone), he'll dismiss it all.

Even when you're working with someone like that, it takes a while to believe that someone can be that evil.


Friday, April 9, 2004

"""I don't believe Kwame has *ever* worked with Omarosa directly, has he"""

yessir. he has.

Friday, April 9, 2004

If you really consider things, Kwame's strategy in dealing with Omorosa was smart.  First, he would have wound up with Omorosa even if he hadn't selected her (Bill got first dibs...) If nothing else, he probably expected "sistah" loyalty from Omorosa.

Obviously she let him down, showing she was more interested in not having her dinner interrupted, than in dealing with the important task at hand.  Once she was caught in a blatant lie, I have to believe Kwame would have fired her on the spot had it been a real-world scenario.  Here, he only had a limited amount of time to pull off a task, and no opportunity to replace Omorosa if he fired her.  I think she may have been so embarrassed by being caught in a lie that she'd straighten up and fly right for the rest of the show. By dealing with her the way he did he's bound to get more mileage out of her for the rest of the task.  Also, Omorosa's specialty is hob-nobbing with celebrities (e.g. former positions in the Clinton admin), so I can see why Kwame put Omorosa in charge of the talent, but I also got the impression he left things with Omorosa under Troy's watchful eye, and we all know Troy is competent and trustworthy to a point.  I hope she doesn't screw this up too....

Friday, April 9, 2004

"Here, he only had a limited amount of time to pull off a task, and no opportunity to replace Omorosa if he fired her."

Omarosa generates negative work - other members of the team will have to spend their time watching her, and potentially fixing her screwups. They're better off without her. If they're not allowed to fire people, then give her "Nick duty" - passing out flyers halfway around the block.

"Also, Omorosa's specialty is hob-nobbing with celebrities (e.g. former positions in the Clinton admin)"

An important warning here - it's human nature to inflate one's own importance. You should *always* take grandiose claims with a grain of salt. In this case, with such a critical task, who would you assign to watch the talent:
1) Omarosa, who has successfully alienated just about every single member of the cast.
2) Troy, whose country-boy charm has won over just about everyone he's met.


Friday, April 9, 2004

What the hell is

"Fnz npghnyyl QBRF jva gur Zvff HFN pbagrfg"

my brain is too slow for this stuff!

By the way, I hope Omarosa gets hit by a bus. I am gonna start an Omarosa Hater's club. hehe

Friday, April 9, 2004

ROT-13.  Cut it out and paste it into the box at

and decode.

Motown (AU)
Friday, April 9, 2004

Juvyr V'q arire uver Bznebfn gb jbex sbe zr, V'q pregnvayl yrg ure fhpx zl pbpx. :-)

You're fired!
Friday, April 9, 2004

Hmm. These threads haven't been this heated since... well, last time Omarosa was on the show. That alone should tell you how much grief & disruption she can cause in the workplace.
Friday, April 9, 2004

These predictions of winners are hilarious. Trump hasn't told anybody who's going to win, because he's doing it April 15th, live. The contestants certainly don't know.

Brad Wilson (
Friday, April 9, 2004

This is a break from the Omarosa discussion, but this last episode made it possible for us to more precisely date the filming of the series. 

We've deduced before that it was filmed last fall, but thanks to an episode of Newlyweds we can match Jessica Simpson's concert in Atlantic City to her anniversary on 26 October.  So, the episode we saw last night was filmed just prior to that date.

Emperor Norton
Friday, April 9, 2004

It's also amusing to see when each person's domain was registered. is from 2002, Bill's is from August, and a few others like Kwame and Amy are from December. I didn't bother to check the whois for anyone else. You can find everyone's homepage on the Apprentice/Typepad website. I'm guessing this means Omarosa had something to promote prior to being in the show (presumably her image consulting business), Bill registered his as soon as he was accepted, and Amy and Kwame waited until the show was on the air.
Saturday, April 10, 2004

Enough is enough man! Didn't you have enough of this show already?!...

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Nope.  Can't get enough - especially now that I discovered their "suggest a task" page for The Apprentice 2:

Saturday, April 10, 2004

When I see this thread pop up every week, I see my grandma and her friends talking about "young & restless" for hours and days, which also happens to be a pointless, useless show on TV meant to distract you from the actual *reality* and numb the mind.

Don't bother flaming me. Noone is going to change anyone's thoughts about whether this show is useless or useful, so don't bother to hurt your fingertips typing up something in response. Just enjoy your stupid show..  :)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

"I can't believe you waste all your time on that stupid game"
"Which is worse - spending time on the game, or spending time criticizing the people who play it?"

You're welcome to your opinion, but may I suggest a bit of self-reflection as to why you felt the need to post it? What have you gained by doing so? Do you feel a little bit more superior for having deprecated the participants?

Why wouldn't you just ignore the thread and go on about your business?

Think about it.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

It's obvious that Kwame hired "O" second because he's trying to be true to his fellow african-americans.  Being black myself, I've always been taught that I've got an obligation to "take care" of my brother and sisters no matter what.  Nice sentiment -- but it just can't apply to the work world. 

Omarossa is possibly the most annoying dislikeable character I've seen on televison.  Maybe she WAS plkanted to screw things up -- but isn't it amazing how true-to-her personality she is when she plays a role as liar.  Editors can do interesting things but they still have to work around an grating Omarossa. I still think she's a loser.  I'd never hang with that sister -- she's a lying witch.  She's the kind of woman you really want to see publicly knocked down a few pegs.  Best possible ending:  "O's"  husband running off with Heidi.  Yea...........

Keisha Jackson
Saturday, April 10, 2004

One more thing -- to those of you who think editors made "O" look bad, how do you account for her appearances on talk shows where she came off pompous, full of herself and hardly believable....Show hosts were being polite -- but their amusement w/her unearned-diva-self-perception were obvious.  I'd love to be introduced to the "sista" so I could turn away and laugh. 

Keisha Jackson
Saturday, April 10, 2004

Are job interviews an effective hiring tool? 
What I love about The Apprentice ever since the lemonade days was that it introduced me to a new paradigm of hiring.  I’m in the computer programming biz and have hired based on portfolios and a two hour (or so) interview.  The results have been mixed.  You can’t judge skill, personality or problem solving processes with the interview.  It’s not a good way to hire people.  But that’s the way it’s done.  The Apprentice introduces a new way (at least to me).  Give two employees  (or in this case, a team of employees) tasks one at a time and judge their performance on the results.  Let them compete for the job.  You can measure their skills, you can see their work.  This is a new paradigm in hiring for me. 

As brilliant as this new ‘Apprentice Hiring paradigm’ is, this episode reverts back to the old ‘interview paradigm’.  The result helps prove my point.  Amy was very competent in all skills yet was kick out because she lacked interview skills.  Kwame, who never really did anything noteworthy interviewed very well.

Other thoughts:
When you catch an employee in a lie you have to call them on it or they will do it again.  That’s along the same lines as when Tromp said “Once someone is disloyal to you, they will be disloyal to you again”  Based on Kwame’s inability to confront Omarosa, and his ‘what-the-heck-did-you-do-the-last-13-weeks’ performance, there is no way he will win.

BTW.  You CAN find anyone, at anytime. Even Rock Stars. Geez, we live in the cell phone age.  Ms Simpson could have a cell phone.  Her husband might.  Even if he’s not traveling with her he will either knows where see is, or he will.  No attempt was used for creative problem solving.  It could be the editing but I rate this as POOR EXECUTION.  This wasn’t just O’s fault.

Bill, on the other hand, is a terrible manager.  You don’t make decisions that alienate your key people without explanation.  Did he talk with the golf manager to come up with alternative plans?  He did what he wanted to do without help from others.  'I'm charge, stand aside' attitude is bad.    Rent a damn storage trailer for a few bucks and stick it in the parking lot if you have to, already.

In the end, Bill wins, but Amy is better, so is Troy.  I guess no hiring paradigm is perfect.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Amy starred when it comes to "getting things done."  Interviews are not a good way to identify people who "get things done."

However, in an executive position, a lot of it isn't about getting things done per se.  The interpersonal skills and getting _other people_ to get things done counts for more.

Interviewing generally sucks balls when used for selecting programmers.  But for executives and sales people a big part of the job is how you present yourself, so for them it makes sense to put a lot of weight on the interview.

T. Norman
Saturday, April 10, 2004

Actually, I was going to comment on the traditional "half hour or hour interview" and how much this show as made me realize it's a bad idea. My perception of these people in the first few episodes is radically different from what it is now. Yes each person got (theoretically) less than 3 minutes of face time (16 people / 48 minutes = 3 minutes, minus 'The Donald' time etc.), and you don't get to interact with them, but based on her performance in the first episode, I thought Omarosa should've been made project manager because she took charge when it came time to finding a name for the group.

I heard of a company that has one or two week long paid interviews. I realize most people can't take that much time off of work or from job hunting for a 1/x chance at a job, but from the company's point of view, this is an excellent way of seeing who will fit in, and by throwing tough questions at them, or just talking to them, you can begin to see who's competent, and who isn't.

I don't know how well you get to test "gets things done" because even after a couple of weeks, I'd imagine someone's behaviour is very different than after, say, 6 months as an employee, and track records can be fudged. But it seems better than 1 hour interviews, followed by an informal lunch interview or two.
Sunday, April 11, 2004

If I was responsible for hiring programmers, I would have candidates do a 20-30 minute interview just to uncover any glaring personality flaws and try to find out if they lied on their resume.  Those who got past that would be brought in for a full day of hands-on work on the weekend. And of course, they'd be paid for their time.

Of course that still won't be as good as observing them for 3 months.  But IMHO that is MUCH better than placing such a heavy emphasis on the interview. Using interviews as the primary employee selection mechanism enables the smoothest talkers to get hired even when they are technically incompetent.

Yes, being articulate and presenting yourself well does play a role in being a good programmer.  But that is only about 20% of what matters on the job.  Interviews flip that around, placing 80% importance on the presentation skills and 20% on technical abilities.

T. Norman
Sunday, April 11, 2004

These are all why I ask "what have you done" questions - basically testing the resume. I like "what problems did you face and how did you get around them" type questions as well. I believe you can tell if they've done the work (I asked these questions of one guy and definitely felt that he was a lesser cog on a project but claiming "lead developer" status)


Sunday, April 11, 2004

That's also true. I've interviewed people and certain things are dead giveaways that they haven't done much, like showing a lot of pride in 1 particular project. Usually it means it's the only project they did.

These kinds of things apply very well to technical jobs. Managerial jobs, I think, would be a little bit more difficult to quiz for, but I suspect you can still tell experience from the beadth & depth of their discussion.

Though, you may have a smooth talking bafoon who, for one reason or another, was entrenched in a certain organization, or because he interviews well, worked a lot of different companies, and will have a lot of stories to tell.
Sunday, April 11, 2004

I thought that you Apprentice fans might be interested in this look behind the scenes... it's a bit long winded, but probably worth reading for regular viewers if it's really true.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Well, I might as well share these 2 snippets from

IT DOESN'T ADD UP, FOLKS: It appears Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth's concussion may have led to some short-term memory loss. On Thursday's Oprah Winfrey Show, the Apprentice's Queen of Mean claimed that she fingered Ereka Vetrini as the alleged N-bomb dropper only after her reality rival went on The View and defended herself against the accusation. Up until that point, Omarosa told Winfrey, "I never said who [did it]." Not true. In one of her first post-firing interviews, Omarosa told me point blank: "Ereka used the N-word with me on the show." We immediately contacted Ereka for a comment and she vehemently denied ever using the offensive term. When Apprentice producers also told us that a check of the show's tapes found no such exchange, TV Guide Online decided at that time not to include Omarosa's uncorroborated charges in our March 9 story. In related news...

THE END OF THE AFFAIR: On last night's penultimate episode of The Apprentice, during which Omarosa's amnesia worsened, Donald Trump presented lovebirds Amy Henry and Nick Warnock with his and hers pink slips. That leaves Kwame Jackson and Bill Rancic to duke it out on next week's two-hour finale. Meanwhile, during a joint appearance on the Today show this morning, Amy and Nick confirmed that they "briefly dated" after the show, but added that they are no longer together. And what about rumors that Amy's now with Bill? For the answer to that question, look for my Q&A with Amy — as well as Nick — early next week.
Sunday, April 11, 2004

"You people are worse than a bunch of women and their soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LOL! Hilarious!

The Magnificent 7 of 9
Monday, April 12, 2004

There's nothing wrong with Omarosa that some hot, interracial anal sex won't fix. :-P

Joe Kerr
Monday, April 12, 2004

Regarding Omarosa's "racist" comment - wasn't it immediately after Ereka said "pot calling the kettle black"? My memory may be foggy, but I remember the exchange (it was in the recap), and it didn't feel edited at all.

For Omarosa to remember that as "someone using the N-word"... she really needs professional help. That's all her, folks - she really has issues about anyone who's not black being automagically racist (which is, of course, a racist point of view)


Monday, April 12, 2004

Apparently, the $250, 000 salary will be paid by NBC, not Trump.  What a sweet deal for Trump to get all the publicity....

someone out there
Monday, April 12, 2004

Great take on Trump's losing business venture in New York Times today. Is it all fake after all?

Monday, April 12, 2004

(again from, spotting this thread reminded me to check for that article on bill & amy)

THE RICH GET RICHER: Donald Trump's salary will double for the second edition of The Apprentice. According to the Los Angeles Times, NBC's savior will see his per-episode paycheck increase from $50,000 to at least $100,000 next season. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Trump's voluptuous secretary, Robin Himmler, is on the verge of securing full medical coverage, access to the company's 401k plan and a cubicle with a partial view.

I thought he said he was the highest paid person on late night? Or was he factoring in free publicity?
Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I just wanted to say one thing.  Nothing was staged, everything that happened actually happened.  The reason the cameras were in my office is because the cameras followed everyone everywhere....Diane

Diane Lamezec
Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ms. Keisha Jackson, You seem to be very obsessed with Omarosa. What's the problem sweety? Are you jealous?
I believe they are portraying Omarosa  as the vilan. It helps for interesting television. If she was really a bitch she would have mentioned Arika was the one that called her a "n----r"
Arika told on herself when she said she didn't call her the n word. I guess that was her guilt kicking in. If Omarosa was really a bitch she would have knocked the shit out of Arika for grabbing her. If you ask me Arika looks like a hooker off of west 27th street. Trash is trash no matter how much you dress it up Arika. I don't feel that Omarosa would destroy her professional working image, certanly not on tv. She has too much class. Another thing is if Omarosa was really a messy woman she would have mentioned the names of the individuals that were having sex with each other on the Apprentice. So many white people are always thretened of beautiful black woman with style ,intelligence, and
articulation. Arika you wished you possed these qualities.
Arika your just upset that Omarosa is getting all the attentioned. Don't wory Arika you can still go back to your
corner on west 27th. st. You'll get some attention there.
When men are horny they'll screw anything,even creatures like you Arika.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

X-T,  First, learn how to spell "Erika."

Second, defending a sister is fine...we should all do it more often.  But defending a liar because we're both black women is just stupid. 

When she says something worth defending, I'll be there for her.  When O. gets the psychological help she needs, I'll cut the girl some slack.

Keisha Jackson
Thursday, April 22, 2004

Keisha Jackson. One should be careful in summing up someone based on what he or she sees or hears from tv. Have you wondered as to how much information was left at the cutting room floor? I met Omarosa  and found it quite interesting that she was nothing like this so called bitchy character that the media portrays. I watched the apprentice and Im amazed that no one labeled Heidi as the Bitch. Heidi was aweful and not to mention she was perhaps one of the most ungraceful women I have ever seen. No graces what so ever.  But then again that conclusion is just based on what I saw. I do not know her. XT hit it dead on the nail. And yes you are right, no Black person(are you sure Xt was Black Woman) should  defend her just because shes a Black Woman but the reality is that Black people in general who do not conform, have a mind of their own, and make demands are always a threat to the white establishment and they are villainized and even often times labeled anti-American to further villainize them. ie Remember Josephine Baker and what this country did to her in threatening to take away her citizenship because of her demands on equal opportunity and refusing to play maids ,refusing to perform in blackface, expecting to be served in restaurants with respect etc.  She was villainized and many black american house puppets were standing right there alongside racist whites to do so. Good N---S some call it.    Omarosa asking to be addressed by her full name is not expected of Black people but I could be certain that such a demand would be accepted by a White woman from an economically priveledged background and so called society of "good breeding". Whatever the hell that is.  Based on historical facts, one would want to question portrayals of Black people on tv. To not do so is quite rediculous. What you see is not always what you get. There are certain images of Black people that are more comfortable to White America. It feeds their superiority and inferiority  complexes. Not all White Americans but many. This nation is in such great denial at how racist it is and uses assymilated ethnic minorities to act as house puppets to argue that it is not. They chant, " See this person is Black and he thinks this???!!!!". May I add, it is such a cheap shot to comment about XT's spelling of Erica. If you were somewhat intelligent, you would know that the vague pronounciation of that name, as many names do, has many different spellings. Arika, Ericka, Erika, Arica, Erykah, Ehrica and so on. Granted, that particular Erika may have a certain spelling that her family chose to give her but Im sure Xt couldn't  care less as to how they chose to spell it considering that he does not like this girl. Neither do I, because I think she is a liar. She may not be a racist and may have many Black friends but that doesnt mean that she would not use the N word in the heat of the moment with someone that she does not like knowing that it would be the ultimate insult. Just for the record,  having a black so called "friend"  or a black lover or a marriage to a black person does not mean that you are not a racist. Slave masters were racist as hell and they along with their friends and associates had much sex, flings and fantasies with Black people.  Not to mention, people make type errors all the time. Dont be so cheap in efforts to discredit someone. I may never know the real Omarosa aside from what I know personally and what Ive seen on tv but neither do you. Dont be so judgemental to someone that you do not know. I could judge you now and assume that your hostility towards her reflects that you are probably fat , very assymilated, a house puppet, and  jealous. But that would be very ignorant of me wouldn't it or did I actually hit it dead on the nail. I guess Ill never know.  One thing I do know is that Omarosa is drop dead gorgeous and the truth as we may know it is often a collection of lies agreed upon manipulated and fed to the ignorant who follow like blind sheep hearing what they want to hear and seeing what they want to see surrounding themselves with their compadres and house puppets who eagerly agree and affirm to justify what they need to believe.           

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I agree w/ almost everything you say--almost.  I respectfully disagree regarding:
        1) My comment about spelling...I was being bitchy. I believe whether or not we "care" about something or someone, we show our own level of class by pronouncing and spelling others' names correctly.  Why not? I expect that.
        2) Re tv editing:  I most certainly believe the show left a lot of footage on the floor, but I also saw "O" on a number of talk shows and I don't think she came off well at all; in fact she sounded very much like the excuse-making person on the "Apprentice."  And claims re her ligh-level D.C. job and clothing line, etc. just aren't believable. (Her D.C. jobs weren't high level and she's been fired 4 times in something like 5 years.). 

3) Heidi WAS annoying, awkward, and a bitch -- but she didn't avoid work (even though she wasn't smart or creative)  and didn't muddy the water for another's success. I think Heidi occassionally fessed up when she screwed up, and  you can't expect the girl to come out and say "yeah, I'm goofy looking and irritate the hell out of everyone" -- but she once came close to saying that to the Donald.)  So Heidi is her own problem -- she didn't make others pick up her crap.  But "O" made one excuse after the other,  felt righteous doing it -- and most offensive thought everyone else was dumb enough to always believe her.  I can't buy that from anyone -- any color.  (In my family, she'd be the "scheming, vindictive mama is like that!) 

So you and I don't totally disagree, just a few details here and there.  And for the record of course "O" is gorgeous, smart, etc. -- but unfortunately a liar.

p.s. also for the record, my interest in the show (and "O") stems from the fact that I teach at a major Univ. in Chicago and one of my classes is used the show as a springboard for discussion. They brought in various printed "stuff" re show, people, etc. and we talked about which materials were b.s. or founded in facts, etc. etc. 

Also, my own female ego has to tell you that I'm not fat!  Yeah, it's a ego-thing but I work out 3x a week. (my own pride had to interfere here.)  And I've got a good black man too. 

I enjoyed your reply.  (More people should write as intelligently online as you do.)

Keisha Jackson
Sunday, April 25, 2004

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