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Rapid Application Development

What do you think of the subject? Does anybody in a software development company adhere to the concept? I find this technology very up-to-date so to say.

Oxana Seglova
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Yes, people use elements of it all the time.  It's one more flavor of design methodologies [sic] with overlapping principles.

It's worth pointing out that the two links have different definitions of RAD.  The first (correctly) identifies it as an incremental development process, and the second (incorrectly) identifies it as an evolutionary development process.

An evolutionary development model is used when the requirements cannot be mostly specified in advance. You're basically trying to figure out if something can be done. It's for exploratory / high-risk projects.

I've seen the term "evolutionary" used when "incremental" should have been.  But it's better to stick with the SW engineering textbook definitions to clarify the distinction.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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