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Medion notebooks anyone?

Anyone heard of this company? Bestbuy carries these notebooks, but only on their online store. Therefore I have no chance of playing with one. It has some really good specs for the price which makes this product a target for further investigation. Their website ( is rather empty which is also suspicious.

The particular model I am looking at is MD 40954. I was going to go ahead and buy it, but if I don't like it, BestBuy will charge me a 15% restocking fee. I know I won't feel like forking over this fee after being disappointed by the product.

Does anybody own one of these? Your comments would be appreciated.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I haven't heard of that one in particular, but unknown names always scare me when laptops are concerned.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It's not that they are a noname company. They seem to be all over the place, especially in Europe. I read some reviews posted by German users and they were all positive. However, the fact that their name is new in the states is kinda giving me the chills.

By the way, I just talked to a customer service rep on the phone. It took me 1 minute to reach him and he was quite nice and knowledgeable. That beats Dell already.  :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Just get a Best Buy service plan, and then either (a) the laptop works fine and you saved a bundle on your laptop or (b) you have problems but you don't have to worry about them because they're covered by the service plan.  No risk.

Emperor Norton
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

[However, the fact that their name is new in the states is kinda giving me the chills.]

I am sure you did not mean that as xenofobic as one might interpret it...

Thursday, March 25, 2004

In europe (the netherlands/germany/belgium)
Those are the ALDI-pc's

ALDI is a really low buget supermarket.
They don't take the products out of the box, and have little choice, but make up for it in price.

When they do sell PC's(medion) they are usually sold out within 4 hours.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

> When they do sell PC's(medion) they are usually sold out
> within 4 hours.

I am going to take this as a good thing.  :)

Thursday, March 25, 2004

> [However, the fact that their name is new in the states is
> kinda giving me the chills.]
> I am sure you did not mean that as xenofobic as one
> might interpret it...

Not at all. I am a foreigner myself.  :)

I meant to say that I would trust Dell, HP or IBM before I trust a newcomer like Medion. They are unheard of, therefore, not many people have good or bad stories to tell.
Hence my post on here...

Thursday, March 25, 2004

They don't exist in the UK, as far as I know.

I agree with you about being worried about brands that are not known in the US. It's not xenophobic at all. It's simply common sense since laptops have to be returned to the vendor/manufacture, and if tney have little presence in your country you have a problem (and an even bigger one if they decide to putt out after a few months).

The other thing about a laptop is the need to see it, look at the monitor, and look at the keyboard.

I'd never buy a brand name desktop unless I was sure I could repair it myself with standard parts,  and I'd never buy a generic laptop unless I was sure I could get it to the dealer within 24 hours.

Stephen Jones
Thursday, March 25, 2004

I am considering buying a Medion MD 41507 notebook from an aldi store in Australia. Price and specs are good BUT I am naturally concerned about the quality.  They do have service centers lined up in each state to contact for support.
Who these service centres are?  Medion? 
Anyway the sale is on in 12 hrs time, so if anyone comes up with any info between now and then, please do share.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Don't overestimate the Limited Warrenty. It's seriously is practically nothing. If something were to go wrong with your notebook (and its a decently tested notebook), your still goign to have to pay for shiping and handling. Even after that its not garranteed that they are going to fix it. Manufacturers defect is an escape hatch for the manufacturer becuase it's at their own discression. It's voided if you use it for buisness, take it out of the country, open the casing, if they outter casing is damaged or cracked, and if the LCD monitor is craked or scratched becuase according to them it shows personal abuse hence its not somehting they built that went band its somehign that you screwed up. I test notebooks for reviews and I also deal with the limited warrenties. They are practiccally nothing. Same thing with Dells and Gateways Service plan. They are just extend the limited warrenty. The best Service Plan around is Best Buy's and I would recomend it to anyone who buys a notebook. They cover a slew of other things. They cover Heat(and lets face it notebooks get hot and overheat), Surge(if a surge hits your notbook when its pluggged in 90% of the time it will just fry the cord which can cast over 100 dollars becuase you have to get it from the manufacturer. Unless you get a generic which costs about the same), Dust(and it is dusty in there), Normal ware and tear(this is big becuase if somethig happens 2 years down the road thats what your problem most likely is), Pixelation( as opposed to the limited warrenty all you need to replace the screen of the notebook is one pixel to burn out which LCD monitors are notorious for), and the big thing is the battery. They replace the batteries for 3 years. Batteries need to be replaced on average about 12-16 months and can cost anywhere from $140-$300. so your getting your moneys worth. Prertty much you may not want to spend the extra money but it absolutly is worth it.  any more questions E-mail me.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

I bought the MD40954 from Best Buy and it has so far exceeded my expections.  My sister bought a Dell that is similar in speed, but the Medion blows it away.  It has a true P4 and 64mb of memory for the video that is not snatched away from the 512mb of ram, but is built into the video itself.  Every game that I play on it rocks.  Just my two cents.

Steven Kornegay
Monday, May 10, 2004

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