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Another critical fix from Microsoft. Again

Here we go again. This is actually a critical fix which caused a different critical problem.,39020396,39148314,00.htm

Wonder why you never hear StarOffice (rapidly catching up) or Linux announcing patches like this.
If linux has 10% of windows installations (its more probably), you would assume that you get critical warnings atleast 10% of the time.

But i cant seem to remember a single article with the word "critical" regarding linux, star office, lotus 123, apple, corel etc. etc.

There has to be some other explanation other than "Microsoft is the most used". Even if you assume 90% market share, you still expect that you would hear "critical flaws" about other products atleast 1% of the time (Yes, atleast 1)

And no, i am no linux advocate. In the same page, you also find
1)Outlook flaw upgraded to 'critical'
2)MSN Messenger flaw opens back door to hard drive
3)Access hacks hit UK Plc

Friday, March 12, 2004

A very simple google search:

security flaw "msn messenger"  yields 25000 hits
security flaw "yahoo messenger" yields 5000 hits

Friday, March 12, 2004

These security problems are unacceptable, and must be thoroughly embarrassing for Microsoft (not to mention having a serious effect on their bottom line).

Having said that, there have been plenty of critical faults in Linux -- critical generally means "remotely exploitable and with elevated privileges", and there have been dozens of such exploits for the core Linux package (of course Linux apologists will always claim that its not really "Linux" unless it's the core kernel, but by that token you can only count the flaws that occur in the core NT kernel [which I believe have been zero]). 

Friday, March 12, 2004

More googling:

linux security flaw problem fix  -  54,400 hits

microsoft security flaw problem fix  -  69,900 hits

Friday, March 12, 2004

Here's the StarOffice patch from last week:

It's a 26MB patch which fixes the following bugs:
Problem Description:

6205 field commands are not properly updated
7216 crashes when I attempt to start it or any of its
8432 failure to display unusual .ttf fonts in OOWrite
8482 Document with a style named "default" has problems importing in OO
9081 DocBook style XML export produces many empty lines
9358 Loop when counting sum in the table
9456 Crash when comparing two documents
9834 OOo does not start because of the font foxjump.ttf
10101 Impress drops images when many/large images have been inserted
10841 OUtline formatting/numbering corrupted when saving as .doc
11018 Unknown characters replaced by question marks
11844 WW6: Writer crashes on importing Autotext from template
11927 Can not turn off some "AutoFormat while typing"
11929 Page border disappears when saved as Word97
12160 ComboBox errors in dBase forms  using dBase tables as lists
12175 Unable to open Word 6 documents
12488 "wrap through" frames taller than available text area move to next page
12799 Loss of Autocorrect Table
13229 Macro record records date field insert  but rems it out.
13249 formula bar get's completely distorted when in a RTL paragraph
13255 showing nonprinting characters in a RTL paragraph wreaks havoc
13262 Hebrew MSword files unable to load on OpenOffice
13957 numbering of the paragraph is not exact
14173 OOo spreadsheet and writer crash under WinXP when opening documents
created under Win98
14729 clicking on OOo file opens 2 windows
14795 Turkish chars in a Word 95 document doesn't handle correctly by
14844 Open Office Writer Locks up with memory leak
15201 loop when deleting records from MySQL table (not all records visited
15268 Each DDE-Link to a cell in a spreadsheet opens a new copy of the
15287 Unable to import .doc files created by 602Pro PC SUITE
15342 Writer table row height wrong on conversion to DOC
15437 Distorted Text in Palatino Linotype Text
15712 Loop when creating Master document from existing document
15971 [calc] incorrect short Hebrew date format for the month of June  July
15991 incorrect tooltip display for RTL footnotes
16050 Word document  bullets and indentation
16195 Text printed double when transparency is used & font is not available
16278 WW8: CTL table direction property is 2 bytes not 1
16297 Password appears when I load a doc with the autopilot and save the doc.
16372 OOo doesn't align all the words to the right
16470 = appears as - in text files
16535 state-changed:enabled events are not passed
16537 Editing of read-only documents via API has to be blocked
16573 Wrong line spacing of text in draw objects
16577 date field calendar/form dropdown vanishes as soon as drawn
16580 hard crash on program launch/document open
16610 printer margins wrong in landscape case
16612 Popup menus claim to be focused after closing it
16613 Java bridge is not loaded at starting spadmin
16643 Exporting highlighted Hebrew text from OO to word incorrectly changes
font sizes
16706 Text direction buttons in the "Object Bar" do not change the alignment
16846 Crash by clicking Tools-Options-Language Settings-Languages
16847 Crash when switching off Navigation bar before Print Preview
16977 No suitable GUI font found in zh_CN.EUC locale (GB2312) for chinese OOo
17011 Toolbars do not have states HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL
17014 getTextAtIndex(LINE) returns wrong value
17015 getTextAtIndex(LINE) returns wrong value
17046 Writer freezes when loading a word document that loads in 1.02
17098 PDF Export places glyphs incorrectly.
17174 Right table border comes to the left at any column-resize by mouse
17186 Outputs invalid PDF documents (when embedding bitmaps - no endobj)
17190 email URL not exported correctly to Docbook
17196 MS Word Doc Does not open and eats up all CPU cycles
17222 Date 4/13/2003
17297 Insert graphic inside table cell result in incorrect table height
17359 Crash on the text-style font selection.
17413 crash on opening file
17440 Printing Spreadsheets converted to MS Excel 2000 Format
17456 Freeze: Open Word97 doc and save as .sxw
17496 Paragraph Mis-Formatted (Shifted Left)
17509 Incorrect rounding for integer values
17600 Mail merge to files can't support numeric fields as file name
17629 Graphical objects in header and footer are incorrectly displayed when
converting sxw to doc
17676 "Repair" removes all user settings.
17695 Writer freezes when editing a document
17713 webdav save xml invalid character at document end
17731 printed glyphs from symbol font are missing or incorrect
17772 Crash when floating Data Sources window when "X Windows Look & Feel" is
17837 Complete Crash when adding graphical object to clipboard
17841 unzip exporting crazy global symbols ...
17870 Menu can't be updated after a Floating Frame deleted
17915 Place holders persist into report creation
17952 MS Word Doc Fails to Convert
17969 Table of Content Error When using Vertical Writing
17989 Paragraph Formatting Error
18103 page break of table in section lets OOo hang
18125 Math formula in RTL context gets erased
18163 Carriage Return Hang from outer-space in 1.1RC2
18218 If a background color is chosen for a style OpenOffice crashes
18255 Crashes in recorded macro
18273 Writer crashes on attempt to insert spreadsheet with a chart
18280 Repeated paste primary selection causes crash (100% cpu)
18312 Conversion of text to table and then back to text behaves incorrect
18319 MS Word import: Crash in OOo 1.1RC3 but not in OOo 1.0.3
18364 Paste after undo causes crash
18419 field shading is turned on when adding/updating index
18497 writer 1.1 series unable to open certain
1.0.x series files
18515 MS doc filter problems
18522 Lock up when applying wrapping to graphic
18529 Graphic Alignment lost opening Word DOC
18542 Typographic apostrophe at right margin gets hyphenated and de-margined
18559 fonts in PDF export problem -- Text Following Apostrophe Not Properly
18596 PDF creator does not set document creator field in created PDF
18599 Some characters overlap glid lines and some glid lines are thicker on PDF
outputs of vertical Text Grid
18622 No document can be closed while StarBasic is running
18625 OOo crashes (with error mail handler) on opening this document
18671 Background color in linked paragraph style lost in WW8 roundtrip
18683 regression: option buttons with different names handled as *one* group
18775 The formula editor's selection window is too small
18788 OOo ignores Faroese dictionary completely
18898 Basic macros not executing on "Open Document"
18931 unrecoverable error after copying a graphic and then jumping to a page
using the "page preview"
18934 A large sxw file crashes
18964 diacritic symbols are not exported to pdf
18994 [FEATURE] allow to link form controls to spreadsheet cells
19056 Numbered styles broken in 1.1 RC3 from 1.0.3
19067 import/export form control bindings in alien documents
19079 Subtotals /1st 2nd 3rd Groupings lost after saving / reopening
19121 Error when open a RTF
19235 PDF export error with D's and O's and circles in imported .wmf files
19278 OLE in OLE: On Close the object is disposed and then saved
19315 New office instance hangs when started with -accept and a different port
19323 Regression in formatting .doc file  numbered list moves to right
19381 The file cannot be saved: IO error
19390 spreadsheet filter top ten gives OOo error
19393 Spellchecker deletes footnotes
19442 flash export fails when exporting a 2nd time
19457 Writer loops on load with this file
19458 Font corruption of a boilerplate document (WORD)
19520 general input/output error
19559 XY chart saved in Excel format gains symbol ticks
19569 Hidden Paragraph fails when provided a numerical field
19588 DnD of paragraphs/headings in Navigator does not work
19591 Font subst semantics does not match specs (helpcontent doc)
19616 Some embedded EMF files do not convert to PDF properly
19667 Opening a doc document fails
19711 Error executing macro for close the document
19717 crash when selecting "update" in template->organize dialog
19734 spadmin SEGFAULT while adding New fonts
19737 Section endnotes wrongly placed
19813 writing in bold in Hebrew does not export correctly
19823 crash on pressing enter (shift-enter) with focus between two structures
19919 Line missing on printout but present in Print Preview
19975 Zoom Entire-Page can loop the application
20040 report wizard result is not correct with number and text values
20085 wmf image badly exported to pdf
20178 using a CheckBox to hide/show sheets in calc freezes OO under windows...
20282 Drag drop in the formula text area crashes OOo
20288 OOo cannot open this file and stalls
20540 general input output error on saving to OOo format
20620 "size" ignores numbers after comma
20647 Firewall detect OOo trying to connect to the internet when start  people
can think it is spyware
20686 Greek extended Unicode characters do not display correctly in the
Find/Replace dialog box
20690 Word-file cannot be opened at all - program hangs
20830 out of memory + error importing a MS Word document
20861 Can't save -- get General Error. General input/output error.
20888 Failure to hyphenate and/or wordwrap bolded words in 2 column
20942 Writer crash when changing numbered list indentation.
20997 OOo 1.1.0-de crashes when editing speedbars
21029 Writer can't close -that- document  it contains a Drawing object
21036 Cut row and paste special crashes Calc
21052 Opening document makes OO hang/stall
21113 ms word doc file causes openoffice to hang
21125 "group by" bug
21193 Opening of rtf document crashes and gives a "Main memory shortage" error
21317 Memory Leak when loading and disposing PowerPoint presentations
21457 second inner area in table in outer area: hidden flag not loaded
21573 Any inserted graphics disappear after exporting to .doc
21716 spoiled array-formulas
21775 Postscript printing fails on file that printed fine in 1.0
21826 Setup application of ProductPatch is not accessible
21844 readonly config for kde 3.1- user-installation
21951 document is printed incorrectly (overlaps)
22014 Crash in page preview when editing printer settings
22019 WW7-: certain doc crashes 1.1.0  but in 1.0.3 it works
22032 Cannot insert non-Latin characters with Legendum font
22050 Relative hyperlinks in spreadsheets become absolute when "Save As .xls"
22135 crash on insert chart
22184 XML import filter does not show up in "Open" Dialog.
22235 Embedded Graphics Disappear Randomly in slides (also in Writer)
22244 Textbox inserted into header doesn't print on each page.
22407 RTF file containing many hard formats crashes OO
22452 Export to PDF output cannot be imported by Adobe Reader for Palm OS
22464 saving doc as excel causes excel to crash.
22575 inconsistent image scaling problem
22585 bullets receive the alignment of the containing paragraph
22601 Crash on Word .doc import
22603 Memleak/crash on attached document
22683 MS Word freezes while opening a document saved by OOo
22858 Program crashes when using ?undo? with 3d view
23137 WW8: When adding extra styles to TOC consider styles which inherit their
outline level
23202 Reversed Hebrew brackets/prentasis on printing when using type1 fonts
23238 Heading numbering and alignment different from MSWord
23563 Can not enable form checkboxes (document imported from Word)
23597 Too small metrics from reference device
23847 4 pages OOo doc  save to MSO  opened in Word become more than 1000 pages
23876 WW8: text background color in table sometimes exported wrongly
23978 writer document saved as word document can not be opened in word
23979 crash: word documents makes OOo crash
23980 WW8: attached document makes OOo1.1.1a crash (REGRESSION)
23982 template crashes Windows completely
24001 Regression: table of content wrong regression from OOo 1.1.0
24166 Crash under Word Processor when moving tables to next page
24303 Problem with tables extending over page border
24348 Wrong placement of bullets in bullet list function
24584 Missing header graphics after the first page
24796 Opening of MS Word document freezes both linux & win xp version of OO
24824 undo splitting up tables without heads
24881 soffice crashed upon invocation
25137 Formula error
25322 vertical oscillation in PDF text export
25339 Table in Writer hangs when trying to expand over page border
4849144 Crash when importing MS Word doc (bugdoc)
4894474 Data source doesn't show all content in report
4908450 StarOffice creates non-printable pdf document
4912019 Imported text is outside the page boundaries
4913988 Double-byte comma can't be pasted correctly in Staroffice Text
4923135 Staroffice icons slightly overlaps.
4942529 Error message while Updating from SO 6.0 to 7 : Kill Patch - line 37
4953558 Repeated paste primary selection causes crash (100% cpu)
4953559 Paste after undo causes crash
4953561 Drag drop in the formula text area crashes StarOffice
4953564 Cut row and paste special crashes Calc
4953584 Document bound macros not executed on document.close event
4953588 the report result is not right when only one single field is grouped
4953591 report wizard result is not correct with number and text values
4953658 i/o error when I delete a OLE and save the file
4953661 Password appears when I load the doc with the Autopilot and save the
4953673 graphics disappears when saving a password protected file
4954332 Firewall says, SO trying to connect to the internet when it start
4954952 StarOffice crashes when autosave occurs will editing chart data
4955095 Hidden sections reappearing after save, close and reopen.
4955749 Handling of chapter numbering needs improvement for better
4955752 Switching between source view and browser view makes Japanese HTML
4961058 star office help screen close button not functioning
4963600 PickListSize uses default non-zero value
4966921 StarOffice 7 crashes when open a MS Word document
4968365 staroffice dialog starts minimized.
4968427 After a new style application of the file ; it loses its original form
4968511 StarOffice crashes when open a RTF file
4969106 Performance problems with document with a background graphic
4978314 PP1 breaks saving of StarSigma charts
4981098 RealPlayer 8.0 PlugIn does not work with StarImpress


Friday, March 12, 2004

--StarOffice (rapidly catching up) 

Any refrenece to back this up??

Christopher Hester
Friday, March 12, 2004

Ooh, ooh, can I play?  I love this game!

Let's Google on...

apple iie security flaw fix

We get...only 117 hits!

*Damn* that sucker is secure!

Friday, March 12, 2004


Come on man :-) :-). You arent being fair. Which among them is "critical" and allows someone to take hold of your computer.

You want me to make a list of ms office bugs?

Every product has bugs. But only MS sounds the alarm every other second .

Friday, March 12, 2004

> This is actually a critical fix which caused a different critical
> problem.

Uh, the problem it caused was not critical.  In fact, the last line of the article reads, "Sunbelt Software has released an updated version of iHateSpam that solves the problem."

Friday, March 12, 2004

google: BestOSfromP security fix

0 hits.

I call that ... secure

Friday, March 12, 2004

Philo... a link would have sufficed...

Anyway, I dont see why linux has to come into the picture at all. Certainly not in a general sense anyway, because its basicly too much to make general statements about. (If you plan on arguing on the pros and cons please specify distros and versions and so on)

My opinion is that these patches sucks, and that it sucks regardles of how other OS/products are. Considering what they are charging for, and earning from windows I expect a better deal.

Eric Debois
Friday, March 12, 2004

I just ran windows update.  This is what it found:

Critical Update for Windows (KB833407)
Download size: 309 KB, < 1 minute
This item updates the Bookshelf Symbol 7 font included in some Microsoft products. The font has been found to contain unacceptable symbols. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

So, removal of a font that contains a swastika glyph is "critical" ??

Friday, March 12, 2004

"These security problems are unacceptable, and must be thoroughly embarrassing for Microsoft (not to mention having a serious effect on their bottom line)."

Is there any evidence that it's affecting Microsoft's bottom line?

John Topley (
Friday, March 12, 2004

>>Is there any evidence that it's affecting Microsoft's bottom line?

Not directly I guess, but the launch of their security initiative probably had finacial motivation.

Eric Debois
Friday, March 12, 2004

"Every product has bugs. But only MS sounds the alarm every other second . "

Why shoulf MS be critized for taking care of it's customers?


Affecting their bottom line, no evidence....

Christopher Hester
Friday, March 12, 2004

The resident JOS Microsoft apologist Philo said :

>Here's the StarOffice patch from last week:

Well atleast they are open about what they are patching and they do not need to patch their patch or they do not come back later and say " readlly did not need the patch",aid,111108,00.asp

Code Monkey
Friday, March 12, 2004

You must remember:

When Microsoft issues a fix for a problem it's proof that they are evil an imcompetent.

When a fix is released for Linux, or any other Open Source program, it's proof that Open Source is wonderful.

Joe on Software (Joe)
Friday, March 12, 2004

I think a link to the StarOffice fixed buglist would have been more appropriate.  Other than that its a large scale update, somewhat equivalent to Office SP's.

That said, Microsoft have now created their own millstone by nominating the first tuesday in the month for software patches and with the automatic 'go fetch' it just raises the  heat without any enlightenment.

In passing, I thought the swastika glyph furore was January's patch, or is it still going the rounds.  Anyhow, if you click on the Details button you can decide whether to apply patches or not.

Simon Lucy
Saturday, March 13, 2004

> Affecting their bottom line, no evidence....

Yeah. They're doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. In other news, Indian programmers are refusing to work for lower wages then their Western counterparts so that they can compete on an equal price footing, and a well known fast food chain are now to only sell non-fattening food.

Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe
Monday, March 15, 2004

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