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Cooments on this book

just curious, does any one have experience with the following book?

Program Development in Java: Abstraction, Specification, and Object-Oriented Design

by Barbara Liskov (Author), John Guttag (Author)

i am looking for some decent books on objects-oriented design/analysis/programming.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

That's a fantastic book on object friendly methods.  It's quite rigorous, though; not a code first and ask questions later approach. 

It's also not something I'd use to "learn programming."  It isn't going to teach you Java syntax or make you comfortable with the Java libraries.  It will show you how to rigorously specify your work and how to design a flexible solution to achieve the specification.

thumbs up
Thursday, March 4, 2004

I think that books like that are things that every person even vaguely associated with programming should have to read.

Especially non-programming types - maybe people wouldn't get orders to just whip out a program without thinking through requirements first.

It sounds to me like this book wold be very applicable for even non-Java programming.  Thanks for mentioning it.

Aaron F Stanton
Thursday, March 4, 2004

Barbara Liskov was also my favorite professor at MIT -- of everything there, the most I learned was from her undergraduate class on software engineering (OO, late 80's-style).

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Guerilla marketing!

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Yes, I should have mentioned she's my mother.

(I'm kidding, sheesh...)

Thursday, March 4, 2004

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