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ISVs in New York's Hudson Valley?

For a number of reasons including economics, the wife and I are thinking seriously about moving "up state". (Yes, I know the Hudson Valley really doesn't qualify as Up State when you consider Buffalo and Syracuse; but it is "up state" by comparison to NYC.) The areas we're considering are barely within the commutable range of Manhattan -- around 2 hours each way.

In the near term, I see no alternative but to endure the insanely long commute to Manhattan. Yes, I know there are nice areas of New Jersey that are less expensive than Manhattan. Yes, I know there are nice areas of Westchester that are cheaper than Manhattan. Although I've ruled out New Jersey, I haven't entirely ruled out Westchester or Putnam counties. But we're partial to several small towns in Dutchess...

We expect the money we save in rent and general cost of living will be sufficient to allow us to save up for a substantial down payment on a house as well as start a family. However, I just know the commute will grind me into the ground.

Therefore, I'd like to ultimately find a software development job in the Hudson Valley area (Dutchess and Putnam counties preferred). And I'm hoping someone who reads the JoS forums will be able to recommend a good company. Please note that I said company and not job. Although I wouldn't ignore an open position for which I'm qualified, I'm most interested in learning about the companies in this region: where are they located, what products do they develop, how do their employees like working there, etc.

I'm content to go about this search methodically rather than just blasting my resume out to thousands of companies. However, at the moment, the only company that springs to mind is IBM. With luck, you can help me identify a few more.


Jeff Watkins
Sunday, February 22, 2004

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