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Book of the month?

There hasn't been a book of the month since december. May I suggest "Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective", by Diomidis Spinellis? You can find more info at the author's website

It's about code reading (doh!) and the techniques needed to dive into a large codebase. A lot of techniques and idioms, as well as common errors and pitfalls, are discussed. It's rather C centric but everyone knows at least how to read C code.

The "Open Source" in the title refers to the fact that due to the growth of open source, there is a lot of quality code to read and take example (good or bad) from.

For me it was the best software book of 2003.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I had a brief look in a bookshop a couple of months ago. It seemed to me to be saying mostly obvious things; perhaps I was unlucky in the pages I sampled. Did I fail to spot some insights?

Gareth McCaughan
Friday, February 20, 2004

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