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"Someone really needs to develop something to replace that meetup site with.  It's terrible!"

Okay, I'll bite:

1) If you were designing such software from scratch, what would your basic spec overview look like?
2) What's so terrible about the meetup site? (I agree, but I'm looking for other opinions)

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The data flow isn't bad, it's the UI.  Some things that you want to do, you have to pay for.  It doesn't appear that you have to pay due to lack of ads either.  If I could pay and not see any of the ads littering the site, great.

As far as features go:
-Being able to suggest a venue
-Being able to sign up for and watch multiple cities, yet only confirm for one.  I live between Baltimore and DC.  I'm signed up for DC because there is a much smaller interest in Baltimore, but if all the Baltimore candidates were going to attend, and DC was cancelled I'd want to know this so I could attend Baltimore in DC's stead.
-Being able to suggest and vote on an agenda
-Being able to do so meetup wide
-Having a message board for members in a city to post information so that they don't have to post it here (like me)
-Having the ability for the coordinator (in this case me) to email everyone in the city asking them to sign up.
-Not having to worry about some somewhat less than scrupulous looking site harvesting me email address for spam.
-When the meeting is cancelled, it removes everyone that planned on attending.  So now I can't email those people to find out if they still want to go even though we don't have the arbitrary five person quantity.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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