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JOS Meetup Confirmations?

I figure that I'd post a message here, and depending on results, may post one closer to the date. 

This coming Wednesday is the second (albeit first one where people have had ample opportunity to sign up) JOS WorldWide meetup.  As a host, I plan on making reservations, printing up signs, etc.  I think it would be beneficial if people could try and RSVP sometime during this coming weekend so that others trying to organize these things can have an opportunity to prepare. if you can't remember the website.

On another note...

I notice that there is a section on the website for meetup+ members to create an agenda.  Would it be more interesting if there was a global agenda so that everyone world wide could have a simmilar discussion that we could talk about on JOS afterwards?  Comments?

Friday, February 13, 2004

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