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Free Calendar Control

Anyone know of a free third-party (Non-MS) calendar control similar to this one?

It could even be much simpler than the one listed above... just needs the ability to highlight dates somehow (with different text color, possibly with little icons, etc).

I should also mention that I'm *not* using .NET, and the control would ideally be an ActiveX control, or an ActiveX DLL.

I've scoured the net and for some reason couldn't come up with much, so I thought I'd put it in the hands of the JOS Clan, and figured I couldn't go wrong with asking for advice from people in this group.


Monday, December 29, 2003

I didn't compare them, but here is a free date picker (and other controls):

Monday, December 29, 2003

The "CCRP Date Time Picker" over at MVPS looks awfully like the DatePicker you get in the VB6 SP4 (I think). Maybe just a subclassed control.

Frederic Faure
Monday, December 29, 2003

Simple calendar with icon support :

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Here is a decent free MFC control:

We recently used it here and it works well.  A few bugs to clean up but it works well. I am sure it wouldn't bee to tough to turn it into an ActiveX control...

The Not-So-Philosopher
Tuesday, December 30, 2003

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