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Main C# App + subsystems : approach?

Hi guys! I have a project of mine, a Windows GUI app which I'll be writing in C#. It'll be a Windows interface to replace a lot of the functionality of a simple terminal app (input/ouput via text only). I managed to wrestle me a copy of a DLL that provides the raw interface to the underlying systems.

So far it's easy enough. But in the end, it'll [hopefully] be used by a pretty big number of users, each having different purposes, and thus; different access to the sub-systems.

I figured I'd create a main app containing the basics (a bigger winform, some susb-systems tabs, prefs and utility functions), and load the selected [4-6 max] sub-systems as plug-ins, each with their own forms.

Currently I haven't written a technical spec, but I definitely will. I've identified a few common controls already, like:

* "Smart" text-fields (I need full control of the text-field)
* A couple of drop-downs that takes their contents from XML files.
* Listboxes that takes input from barcode scanners, or manual scans, and also does a little formatting on their own.

Anyway - I'm a newbie at C# and Windows so far, but I know my programming (C/C++, various assembly in the past - tiny bit of Win32) - so my question to you is:

- If you've done this type of app before, how did you approach this task (the tech - MDI? DLLs? pro's and con's, anecdotes, etc.)

Thanks for any suggestions!

Mr. Pink
Monday, December 22, 2003

I approached it by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Thanks for the useless reply, but we already have a terminal.

Mr. Pink
Monday, December 22, 2003

Your enthusiasm for the task greatly exceeds your ability to clearly describe the requirements for the system.

Jorel on Software
Monday, December 22, 2003

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