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CVSTrac - How to install

Does anyone have instructions on how to install CVSTrac for mere mortals on Linux?

The instructions at is baffiling to me.

I am going the cgi route

Friday, December 12, 2003

Can you break down what is baffling to you about these instructions?

I'll take a stab at one issue. The inetd and xinetd stuff is as follows.

inetd and xinetd (only one is used on a typical server) are common Linux/Unix services that manage incoming TCP/IP connections by launching a protocol-specific server application when a request comes in for that type of service. The purpose of the inetd's is to minimize the number of idle servers running at any one time.  For instance, you'd have an entry specific to FTP protocol installed for inetd's use and when someone attempted an FTP connection, the defined FTP server would be launched by inetd.

The alternative to inetd's is to install a server "standalone" meaning that the server runs all the time and manages its own connections with no intermediary server involved.

The stuff about "To run CVSTrac as its own webserver" would necessitate you using the linux command "chkconfig" to launch this program at system boot time.

The CGI option is basically telling you to create a little text file containing the exact contents they show in the wiki, save it to the cgi-bin directory that Apache uses, and then use the chmod command to make the file executable.

Hope that helps some.

Bored Bystander
Friday, December 12, 2003

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