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Unicows, Win98, and VC7

Has anyone else run into problems with their software running on Windows 98 after switching to VS.NET 2003 from VC6? Our application, after some coaxing and fixing link orders, could be compiled once and run under 2k/xp and 98 just fine. The 98 installed would also install unicows.dll since we compile everything with unicode enabled.

However, after switching to the new compiler, we've had two occasions now where the win98 build would crash for very very strange reasons. The first one turned out to be that unicows was clearing some of the floating point exception flags, so we added _control87 (_MCW_EM, _MCW_EM); at the start of the application and everything worked fine.

Now, for some unknown reason, unicows appears to only be partially loading, and as a result our wide-string manipulation routines are all failing. Does some malevolent force have it in for us, or what? :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

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