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Stateful SOAP client in C++

In 'managed' languages like C# or Java it is possible to write a SOAP client that sends the session cookies to the server that it received from the previous web service call. (C#: Assign a 'cookie container' to the service proxy.) This way you can manage a web service session (logon... do something... logoff). Of course the web service itself must support that behavior (C#: EnableSessionState - attribute)

Using a SPROXY.EXE-generated web service client proxy (C++), I have not detected a possibility to maintain session state by re-sending cookies.

Any ideas?? Other possibility than SPROXY.EXE for C++ SOAP client?

Thanks a lot!!

SOAP help
Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Check out gsoap.  I'm at a client site (waiting for an interminable OS installation), so I don't have the link with me, but it at least claims to support cookies, and I know for a fact that it makes good C++ soap clients.

Clay Dowling
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

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