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Hey all, I've been asked to write a paper on a software engineering methodolgies. Does anyone have any suggestions for a topic that they find usefull and interesting? So far I have,

Usage of Agile Methods
Usage of Formal Methods
Distributed Team Programming

and I was wondering if anyone has run across any truly interesting topics for me to research. I'm especially interested it methods that people actually use out in the "real world". Don't want to get stuck on something like formal methods, spend all my time researching it, and find out that it won't help me become a better software engineer because no one ever uses it. The kicker is, of course, I have to cite research papers from IEEE or ACM and that throws out items such as Joel's approach to Painless Software Scheduling. Too bad, cause I thought it would be interesting to use it in a project and write a paper on it. Thanks!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

You might want to visit Steve McConnell's website at besides going to Rational Edge.

sathyaish Chakravarthy
Thursday, October 23, 2003

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