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OEM character set picture is missing a few

That little table of the "OEM" character set has a few holes. IBM actually assigned graphics characters to *all* the ASCII control characters, even the few that the DOS/Windows standard output actually interprets as controls. Things like BEL and CR ended up graphics, but the chart doesn't show them. For some bizarre reason I was motivated to try to improve upon it. The results:

This program truly displays every OEM character between 0 and 255. DOS/Windows only. One of the most useless applications ever, especially since you can't even copy the strange characters to the clipboard from it reliably.

I normally work in Java so when I get a chance to dust off those C skills I really wanna excercise the stuff that Java just can't do. It works by treating characters as bytes, the big no-no of i18n. Also, its done almost entirely with macros.

Who knows what actually useful stuff I could've done while I was writing off this thing!

Jeff Robertson
Tuesday, October 14, 2003

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