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MS SBS 2003/SharePoint Installation Issues ?

I read in PC Pro that there are some installation issues with Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, relating to SharePoint.

Does anyone know if this affects the version sent with the January 2004 MSDN CD shipments ?

Also, does anyone know how to get around the issues ? The mag suggested putting the server clock back (before Nov 2003 I think), installing it, then putting the clock forward again.

I'd like to install SBS 2003 on my LAN, but not if it doesn't work properly.

Philo, any ideas ?

Steve Jones (UK)
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

There is an issue with Disk 3 in the original SBS 2003 shipments.  I don't know if it affect the 2004 MSDN or not.

The good news is that I just did a retail install with the problem and as long as you install this

you're all set.

You can then send for a free replacement Disk 3, (and, if it's before February 1st, 5 free CALs for your trouble)

More details here:

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Cheers Jason. I'll give it a go.

Steve Jones (UK)
Thursday, January 29, 2004

Has anybody successfully installed SBS 2003 into an existing 2000 domain? I have not been successfull yet.

I have transferred the FSMO roles to the SBS 2003 box and it still won't install the server components properly, with or without the Intranet patch mentioned in the previous email.


Miles Gibson

Miles Gibson
Thursday, February 5, 2004

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