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How to test for Objects?

We are using RadView to test for web server loads - it has helped us improve performance. It basically checks by brute force and simulates number of users logging in percond. Our liscence allows us to test to 100 users per second.

But in a new application we are adding - alot of data are held by objects.

For example, when a user logs on - the user's information is kept in the object. There can also be dynamic data stored in the objects - that is not commited to the databse.

RadView only allows us to simulate logging into the application - i.e. it does not create objects with data.

What would be the best method to check on system resources and evaluate the scalability of the application?

Ram Dass
Monday, January 19, 2004

I'm assuming that your login processes and other user interactions happen via form submits.

For the sake of testing, could you replace the METHOD=POSTS with METHOD=GETS so that the data would be passed via querystring?  Then, you could put the querystrings into your stress testing tool?

John Rose
Monday, January 19, 2004

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