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CeBIT Conference

My manager is suggesting that I attend the CeBIT conference at the Jacob Javits Ctr in NYC in May. I can read all the fluff about it on their web site, but does anyone have a perspective on whether this is worthwhile or not. Or am I just being offered a boondoggle?

I'll go anyway because it's right across the street from a running club I belong to (Achilles TC) and I'll get to meet some folks for a friendly Tuesday night jog. But is it technically worth the trip?

Monday, January 12, 2004

Difficult to say. If it was associated with the Hannover show then the answer would be yes, I'm not so sure if its in NY. They do have excellent exhibitors in Germany  but I dunno if that translates into clout in the US.

I remember going during the early days of GSM roaming and watching senior executives of AT&T and VodaFone trying to figure it out. (The guy I went with knew every single senior telecom exec there, very strange experience)

Peter Ibbotson
Tuesday, January 13, 2004

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