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     99.9 percentile sedwo (71 comments)
     veal-fattening pens Farid (2)
     Living at the office? How about actually living? Gregg Tavares (26)
     design problems in physical products software enthusiast (19)
     Private offices, just say no! Gregg Tavares (38)
     New FC office Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (28)
     HTTP Posting of XML data XML Geek (11)
     MyIE2 zoom feature software enthusiast (5)
     Tits up? Inquring minds need to know (5)
     GPL question Michael Popov (19)
     Disgruntled at JoelOnSoftware/Google search Yves (6)
     Bug in Winsock Control sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
     Keeping track of code An Aussie Chick (24)
     Weather data sources xyz (6)
     When is a bug a bug? joel d canfield (29)
     VBA Technical Riddle Dustin Alexander (25)
     Open Source is the new Microsoft? Phillip J. Eby (25)
     Who pays for unemployment? gruntled former employee (54)
     The Story of the Blob Paulo Caetano (12)
     MS Access Indexes Jordan Lev (5)
     Good News for American Programmers??? anon (50)
     The Swen Virus, and a new harsh reality of Securit Albert D. kallal (16)
     What tool do you miss? na (31)
     Potential new business: Lowball quotes Roberto Benincasa (12)
     Tool for monitoring bandwith uses QuarTex (9)
     XML forms definition gaz (7)
     Off-shoring question Andrew Burton (13)
     Small business smoke and mirrors-- phones Matt (Not yet profitable but very happy anyways) (19)
     End of the world - April 2000 Ram Dass (14)
     Unit testing a database app Alex (7)
     Standardizing a Development Team Ram Dass (41)
     Sun really loves Linux Just me (Sir to you) (15)
     Most depressing thing: False starts and restarts.. Crimson (10)
     Joel: Any pics of new office Joe A. (1)
     Linux Profitability rick chapman (54)
     Pointers to Swing examples RP (5)
     MS SQL Server vs. Oracle missconception? Patrik (9)
     billing question nathan (6)
     Component software... NC (0)
     Days when you love your job Jack of all (14)
     Dual Boot or Virtual OS? Ram Dass (6)
     How do we shut down pirate sites in China? Jericho (35)
     Style of XML tags and attributes Conscientious XML developer (11)
     UI Design Question Newbie Programmer (19)
     Norton Personal FireWall Snacky (23)
     Bill Gate - A Former Mac Lover Snacky (3)
     knowledge base software ??? braid_ged (8)
     Perspective Jim Rankin (2)
     Portability: rougue meme or virus? Just me (Sir to you) (30)
     J2EE/JAVA Framework Phil (7)
     Learning Smalltalk / Squeak? Nick (6)
     Oddpost - Your opinion on this Web-based email sys Julio in the School Yard (4)
     Interview Question RecentGrad (16)
     Hidden costs of offshoring Alex (24)
     Do you bill for lunch? Bill (11)
     Book on Design Patterns Nik (20)
     sql server docs for oracle user rz (3)
     Question on Dell's Warranty Ram Dass (15)
     Unit Testing the Design curious (3)
     Computer at home programmer (9)
     Request: suggestions for web research editor Entrepreneur (10)
     Export data to Excel headaches? Patrik (13)
     Who Killed Apple Computer? Just me (Sir to you) (14)
     Bulk Renaming on Remote FTP Site Snacky (6)
     MFC Annoyance The MF in MFC (11)
     CVS vs. Subversion JWA (10)
     Draco.NET vs. CruiseControl.NET JWA (4)
     Joel. You still doing the strict 9-5 thing? Crimson (10)
     C++ OO question Grumpy Old-Timer (23)
     keane Inc as an employer Amby (4)
     Computer Wallpaper anon1 (24)
     Cool UI gwyn (10)
     Wireless LAN question... Andrew Burton (10)
     SQL Server -> Access 2000 Linking Dustin Alexander (1)
     Construction sorrows... Spam (32)
     Dell and Purchasing a Notebook Ram Dass (17)
     Gov't employee acting crazy. eclectic_echidna (49)
     Cross Platform UI toolkit, take two... christopher baus (25)
     CPST: Outlook for IT professionals in USA grim Just me (Sir to you) (19)
     How to get info from client? na (11)
     Books on Change (aka Configuration) Management JaSikor (1)
     Windows install snapshot taker? Frederic Faure (8)
     webputty - anyone knows this devenv? na (4)
     Multi-player Flash Games jedidjab79 (6)
     Book about maintaining a production system? Rasmus Brøndsted (4)
     sshd for win32? nat ersoz (3)
     Oracle complaints? Philo (31)
     Did Microsoft really rip off the GUI from Apple? Not a native English speaker (34)
     Borlands C++ builder X Mike Grace (11)
     Paperless Office MSHack (18)
     Understaffed - Roland (21)
     Books on Sodftware Development Ram Dass (25)
     Sun's Marketing Problem Russell Thackston (25)
     Howto:"Fallover" recovery for Windows application? Bored Bystander (11)
     Obscure Javascript problem Phibian (7)
     What is Change Management? Ram Dass (10)
     Resetting Oracle Cursors Kero (6)
     Can too so nyahh. Wayne (6)
     Organizing random notes Steve H (26)
     Access 2.0 came back to haunt me No escape from Access 2.0 (11)
     Trouble with using SetWindowPos sathyaish Chakravarthy (2)
     Oracle turnaround Wondering (12)
     Query on CityDesk Ram Dass (6)
     chasm analysis for citydesk valraven (29)
     How to capture Real Video oto my Hard Drive? Ram Dass (15)
     Suggestions for screen capture & annotation sw? Entrepreneur (12)
     Extracting Exchange Info StickyWicket (5)
     interviews but no jobs SR (9)
     Area wide Active Noise Suppression for Consumers? Goddard Bolt (22)
     So this is where the job market is heading! Nick (12)
     Flash interaction with Delphi George Koenig (1)
     Database Search Josh_from_3rd_floor (9)
     Smart, get things done, too much appreciated? John Fisher (24)
     Java Printing questions Mike Grace (12)
     Superstars Chi Lambda (9)
     What are your thoughts on SAP caleb (6)
     Liability, Accidents and Security Just me (Sir to you) (3)
     ping - puzzling behavior Jack Thybolt (4)
     Measuring Performance Mr. Metric (13)
     turned off because of "old" style GUI definitely not joel (16)
     When did it end? Alex (31)
     pink spotted screen of death FullNameRequired (7)
     Virus Of The Mind (The Book) Snacky (6)
     Motor giant Ford to move to Linux Anthony Rubin (15)
     testing automation tool for web applications Web Tester (4)
     basic economics me_in_the_corner (11)
     General Alexander Haig Ram Dass (8)
     Mozilla XUL for new application UI. christopher baus (7)
     Anyone else aghast getters/Setters discussion? Grumpy Old-Timer (28)
     Help Wanted: 2 Java Mobile developers j2mememe (0)
     Someone said Oracle frustrations? Patrik (5)
     Best Online Software Development "E-zines" Dave (2)
     How to handle dodgy work ethics Agurkie (27)
     errors--gone in a blink anonQAguy (4)
     search word from a list in files na (8)
     Technology News Sites Michael Popov (4)
     Best OS For Home Use? Fernanda Stickpot (46)
     Static variables - good, bad, or just plain ugly? (25)
     speaker phones nathan (11)
     How to deal with team members' mistakes Better Than Being Unemployed... (9)
     Simple ASP Question Chi Lambda (6)
     Outsorcing,, good articles RP (5)
     Speed Reading Techniques A Damn Slow Reader (12)
     Doctor Dobbs Journal Snacky (23)
     Software Configuration Management in Organizations Shlomi Fish (9)
     Best Anti-Spam & Anti Pop up tools A Depressed Procrastinator (21)
     Unit-testing BillyBill (50)
     The Making of Oracle Database 10g cocoa developer for mac (12)
     Do home users use Outlook? David (18)
     Techies that talk too much a noid (15)
     Web page watcher? Philo (17)
     program manager vs. product manager David Levin (4)
     Functional spec vs. product requirement doc David Levin (2)
     MySQL Installation & Configuration TOdd D. Levy (17)
     Overcoming Procrastination (HELP!) A Depressed Procrastinator (19)
     Adjusting requested salary? Interviewee (8)
     what type of company is fog creek? rz (4)
     What's your latest project? BillyBill (20)
     IP rights again -demos Anon (5)
     ocr to ms word testing software Subhash Rawal (2)
     security question Jed Boree (7)
     Decoupling Request and Response three-tiered newbie (20)
     europe outsource to india whoa (19)
     hosting service that doesn't suck... christopher baus (26)
     Web browsing problem nathan (2)
     Is there a need for an XML search engine? Nom-de-Plume (2)
     moving files on server 2003 preserving author windows noob. (1)
     ot: brain parsing of language blargle (28)
     Job References Dilemma Anon4Now (20)
     Other priority things easy (5)
     Localisation of ASP on IIS via VB Components Tim H (5)
     Server protocols Rob Walker (6)
     Why outsourcing often fails Master Blaster (21)
     Source of different versions of a web application Alexander Chalucov (9)
     Artcile on the evils of getter/setter methods... Crimson (32)
     Is Windows Installer a support nightmare? JWA (6)
     Whining Enineers the drizzle on the road (8)
     Carts that Crash and the Coders who love them Dissatisfied Customer Shopping Across the Street now (25)
     Trying to be C++ const correct! William C (32)
     Designing Rich Thin Clients - DHTML, Applets Ram Dass (13)
     FTP mode (passive or not) for application? Bored Bystander (16)
     Optimizing a query Philo (16)
     RFB Playback Dan S. (1)
     Winsock server with a dynamic IP Sathyaish Chakravarthy (4)
     C# books? Tim Miller (6)
     Am I damaged for good? RP (25)
     Star Team to CVS conversion? Joe Blandy (2)
     demo violates IP agreement? anon (32)
     Here we go again Just me (Sir to you) (12)
     Scary... A-Non-E-Mouse (13)
     Smallest exe ? Sh0rt (32)
     Am i choosing the ladder or the Snake ? Reva (15)
     Text based browser??? The One You Loved (TOYL) (14)
     Remote Control Wayne (8)
     C++ -> VC++ ub (5)
     Socket communication on WAN/Internet Sathyaish Chakravarthy (11)
     Critique of Eclipse IDE? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (25)
     Missing Link to a thread on this forum Ram Dass (3)
     Comment and Question on RSS Ram Dass (8)
     Project Management - Microsoft PM 2000 Tast (9)
     Building a VB project in Developer Studio? Emerick Rogul (2)
     Security in your developer workplace na (14)
     Are Developers just complainers? BigRoy (21)
     who will do the UI ? joe programmer (45)'s algorithm Alex (9)
     More features = more Training = less ease of use? Albert D. kallal (14)
     Can credit bring an economy to it's knees? Max (50)
     huge spam messages a problem Buried in Spam (21)
     Detecting Memory Leaks in Shared Libraries PHP leak (5)
     Online Forms tomislav (4)
     Dot Com sites that are still around Johnny Draxo (11)
     What Makes a Good Director of IT? Stevie Ray (6)
     US Economy - Are these Problems? Ram Dass (20)
     Outsourcing encourages theft? Alex (17)
     Another take on American education Stephen Jones (70)
     Interesting:  Bill Joy leaving Sun... Crimson (27)
     .NET No-Touch Deployment GenX'er (4)
     Make sure your contract protects your IP Just me (Sir to you) (4)
     Open Folder Dialog for Windows Daren Thomas (17)
     Sun, JDK, PATH:A few years later... Enjoy (8)
     Any free XDrive like services out there anymore? Bella (12)
     Code snippet of tedious GUI programming with SDK? Bella (21)
     Win32 hosted DHCP server? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (27)
     make a general product or target a market? paraclese (12)
     Distribute Tests Across Dev Tean PCs; Good or Bad? Control Freak (10)
     STQE Magazine Geert-Jan Thomas (10)
     Feedback from Website Redesign Bill Rayer (19)
     Honors Major in Computer Science anon (31)
     Cool CityDesk movie Dan Petitt (5)
     Loading session values - best practice? Philo (12)
     Conformity in platforms rick chapman (133)
     A new company name David Rabinowitz (37)
     California: Eating the Valley's seed corn Just me (Sir to you) (20)
     Charge by hour Ruth (14)
     Good mailing list tool? Drake (8)
     Excruciatingly frustrating stupid html question JWA (12)
     Remember Six Degrees? RP (11)
     Why would one need an XML database? Puzzle Ment (24)
     Metrology package in Java French Blues (1)
     Currencies in On-line Store Evgeny Gesin /Javadesk/ (15)
     Recommendation Advice Needed for Book Ram Dass (9)
     Newsletter with difference. JD (4)
     Database table design suggestions?? suhu (6)
     CityDesk development/testing question GiorgioG (8)
     #JoS IRC Channel? GiorgioG (11)
     Decision makers that don't trust their judgement Cunning politician (12)
     Excel crashes on saving template Sathyaish Chakravarthy (9)
     Questions and Comments (15)
     Design Advice Needed - For Generating Graphics Ram Dass (16)
     Build scripts: explicit or implicit? mb (7)
     Localization question Joel Spolsky (34)
     clipart Jon Newton (14)
     Anybody use P.A.D. here? sedwo (3)
     Do you know the world is round? Danil (27)
     What happened to Windows debug kernel? Bill Rayer (4)
     OODB: Are they viable? Glade Warner (27)
     Why Johnny can't reed gud Philo (59)
     CMS The Real PC (13)
     The Ultimate Business Plan? StickyWicket (16)
     CVS question Anon (8)
     Computers, and black Jack Simulations Albert D. kallal (38)
     Cancelling an Asynchronous Query in ADO Ling (5)
     Rebooting after install Plover (12)
     Project Management and MBAs Anonymous Cowboy (19)
     New book recommendation.. gayatri (6)
     It's about results. Phillip J. Eby (42)
     Prices ending in 9, 99 or 999 :( Jake (45)
     Why didn't SOBIG affect me? Nate Silva (11)
     Oracle Exchange Prakash S (4)
     To interchange or not to interchange (programmers) T.S. (21)
     SFTP client RH (4)
     Help downloading MS VBA security patch Jordan Lev (7)
     Interview Questions From Left Field Joe Pants (27)
     How much do Technical Book Authors make? Ram Dass (23)
     RSS Feed for Virus Alerts? John Abernathy (15)
     technical books ReadingIsFundamental (26)
     Contract Negotiations Realist (44)
     the open source business model Robert Maine (47)
     Linux stabilization - 2 Simply_Linux_Fan (31)
     Crystal Reports Deployment JD (12)
     DelvDr32.exe task manager problems Dave Harvey (1)
     fave RSS feed? Jack Silverberg (9)
     Engineers vs. craftsmen/women Biotech coder (9)
     How to Dress? John Doe (44)
     win XP directory update triggers event rz (3)
     Laptop/Desktop Synchronization... Almost Anonymous (10)
     web site syncing/management software Anon (11)
     Best self-defence when... na (28)
     Yahoo!SiteBuilder similar to cityDesk? RP (2)
     PDF Generator for .NET Steve Jones (UK) (11)
     Linux stabilization Simply_Linux_Fan (38)
     You might as well stop programming now... Chris (9)
     Requirements Creation/Management Software Geoff Bennett (15)
     dynamic form generation in .NET rz (19)
     Teekid vs Stupid-Lazy Computer People Common Sense Guy (27)
     Rant on Linux on the Desktop Marlene (49)
     Alternatives to Vistaprint Bubba (4)
     Cannot Access Tools>Internet Options in IE6 LostinMS (7)
     WSAD and VSS N.P. (2)
     How do Search Engines Stored Index Pages? Mir (3)
     RSS - How useful, and how easy to use? Grumpy Old-Timer (24)
     business logic Alex Thorul (8)
     Preserving HTML formatting can be done Amour Tan (8)
     What happened to MS's keyboards? red (28)
     Database Triggers - Good, Bad, Ugly? Andrew Lighten (14)
     Database Stored Procedures - Good, Bad, Ugly? m (33)
     My imperfect world Sathyaish Chakravarthy (41)
     Extreme Programming Sathyaish Chakravarthy (24)
     How do "Diff" software work? Ram Dass (8)
     Our software on a crack site sedwo (32)
     Stupid Arrogant Programmers Redux Bored Bystander (15)
     EMBED the one you're with Simon Lucy (4)
     The importance of the Quick Start Thunderstone (11)
     IM Licence to print more money Simon Lucy (18)
     Multiple return points in VC++ Very very confused (23)
     home computers configuration eddy (22)
     Sympathy for teekid? Nick (44)
     REALLY "low end" content management systems? Bored Bystander (26)
     Automatic background color for input element. JD (2)
     IS there a way to clone Windows... S.C. (4)
     "Send to E-mail" Corrupted Chi Lambda (5)
     Interesting... John Rosenberg (19)
     how to delete linux loader? sonny (3)
     tech support mccy (6)
     CMM and XP Philo (7)
     Searching for version control system. JD (10)
     Seeing outsourcing as an opportunity Joy (4)
     Customer Reviews at Amazon JD (9)
     Syntax highlighter? Philo (14)
     Software Naming and Pricing Bill Rayer (25)
     anybody still uses VC 6 ? Michael Moser (14)
     Google uses Linux Component computers Jean M (13)
     Recommend vendor for MSDN Universal steved (8)
     A company selling your software and giving a cut DontWantToBeStiffed (14)
     Wrapping an existing C API in ActiveX Adam Preble (11)
     Unknown file... Eric Debois (13)
     50 Indian Software firms with CMM5 programmerhatingprocess (18)
     Simple Click Easy (1)
     80$ per/hr access programmer - 2 year contract Rob (23)
     Good .NET book suggestions? B-Cide (3)
     A Kinder, Gentler Time to Learn CS bob (25)
     Pagemaker Software Gwen Strough (5)
     Help authoring mistake Philo (9)
     throw() in C++ function specifier jedidjab79 (13)
     how to make photo album Jul (20)
     fixed price contract Tesla (28)
     Citidesk v2.0 critiqued... Karl Max (39)
     Learning EJB and Struts - what are they in .NET Ram Dass (6)
     Should we maintain multiply product binaries? Garett Chang (10)
     Need a good, blind cover letter Anonymous coward (15)
     Hiring a lawyer mb (7)
     agreement to not work for competitors anon (23)
     How does MS do market research? Philo (13)
     Subversion The Real PC (8)
     Developers in Suits and Ties anon (87)
     Developing on 2003 Server nathan (2)
     Joel, Seek of Spam? ashkiuyekjha ? :-) Goddard Bolt (9)
     A Stupid Response rick chapman (121)
     FTP problem in IE Patrik (5)
     Temporarily disabling system restore Jake (15)
     Licensing Legalities An Aussie Chick (12)
     The greatest software company in the world An Aussie Chick (26)
     Google Toolbar Clutz (4)
     Refering data in two seperate schemas/databases marlene (4)
     To cookie or not to cookie... Jack of all (22)
     Job hopping in India? Jim Rankin (13)
     Restaurant billing software Just Sir (Master to you) (4)
     Job market & Pay - WTF? Philo (17)
     grouping data i like i (0)
     Automated build system Scott Suchomel (17)
     My new job rocks Happy Again (9)
     XML Digital Signatures & InfoPath beta nathan (9)
     NASA - Columbia Report Paulo Caetano (5)
     windows server with synchronisation feature? Drake (2)
     Philo oughta write a book Israel Orange (18)
     Question About Latest Virus Jackson (6)
     Leaky abstractions and the ASP.NET LinkButton 1.1 Thomas Eyde (4)
     Conectix Virtual PC Chris (9)
     Heterogenous environment idea Philo (22)
     Java guide for C++ code jockeys? Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (16)
     Hiding website email address from spammers? Bill Rayer (27)
     Lawyers, EULA, and Civil Engineers Elephant (12)
     Looking for credit card processing tools David (6)
     Decent data grid in VB6? Sam Livingston-Gray (8)
     NASA culture key to Columbia shuttle disaster Anthony Rubin (14)
     Excel Add-in code security J.P. Rhea (6)
     Painless Software Project Software? Reginald Braithwaite-Lee (14)
     www/Why did client-side apps lose steam? Frederic Faure (18)
     Linking Visual Studio 6.0 and Latest MSDN Prashanth (6)
     What do you do when you have low energy? Jake (33)
     Not all of Google's servers give the same results Ram Dass (4)
     Follow-up re: Advice: Small to Big Corp Matthew Lee (3)
     Sinding Large Image files - what is the best metho Not Paul Gaugain (13)
     In Search of... Pointless Self-Promotion Burninator (12)
     Things really starting to pick up? GiorgioG (16)
     Application Architecture for .Net Incommunicado (6)
     Smoothwall for web servers Danny (17)
     Difficulty tracing IE 6.0 bugs, tools? Li-fan Chen (8)
     Click on a.... RH (18)
     Safety in India Arthur Dent (40)
     Technical: MD5 Sums Dustin Alexander (12)
     Thanks for Printer Recommendations Zahid (0)
     Product Liability and Certified Software? David Roper (24)
     google interference? na (6)
     from textbook to real programming need help (16)
     Poor poor me, the appendix Poor poor me (14)
     Recent article in the Washington Post Too Late (26)
     How are Usenet newsgroup posts stored? Interprid (14)
     Licensing schemes for embedded software FireMode (5)
     Waking up thread blocked on recv or WSARecv christopher baus (36)
     XML - the only practical use for XML is RSS? Ram Dass (34)
     In Search of Stupidity : bonehead programmers david howard (15)
     Design question II shiggins (7)
     Individual JOs Statistics Chris McEvoy (31)
     Browser "User Agent" Zahid (14)
     How Long Will Kids Live? Brad Wilson ( (85)
     Voting system for new funcions Mauricio Macedo (10)
     transport mechanism nathan (18)
     Contracting, Permament, Unemployment, oh my! saberworks (27)
     svchost Pierre Huijnen (10)
     Goliath vs David Ben (11)
     Mozilla use rising? Sebastian Wagner (13)
     POI- How to pop up the Excel sheet Billy (5)
     Code reviews and formal processes Jon (34)
     Best place/position to read e-books with laptop Raul (2)
     autonumber again.. Karel (6)
     Any net admins? or InterVLAN routing for security christopher baus (7)
     Best screen locking utility John Wolf (10)
     Technical Documentation Jen (4)
     Python or Ruby? votemachine (23)
     Peer 1 Mitch & Murray (from downtown) (17)
     Good job boards? Poor, poor me. (8)
     The Coming Job Boom Russell Thackston (24)
     Script Editor Design Question Wayne (6)
     Any ideas on how Google indexes images? Ram Dass (4)
     US doesn't have an ambitious space program anymore Krane (30)
     Outsourcing to India is not a long term threat Mellowman (30)
     Designing for disabled.. JD (1)
     Adobe Acrobat 6.0 JD (23)
     news flash from a loyal Alabama reader Dave Smith (4)
     alternatives to sharepoint . (7)
     Enterprise security question Mark Hoffman (4)
     Decline and Fall (seriously) Philo (31)
     Programming Industrial Strength Windows: on amazon Toby Allen (1)
     Nuclear Power Plant Slammed by Worm Tony Chang (35)
     Google calculator The One You Loved (TOYL) (23)
     Dynamic Website on a CD: Any Ideas? Jackson (19)
     What'd you do with unlimited money and influence? Future cunning politician (44)
     Best place/position to read technical books? Adam (10)
     Deadlines _*_ (15)
     Technical College Degree SOB (18)
     Yugo Jason J. Gullickson (21)
     Request for Printer Recommendations Zahid (15)
     freeware UML software UML Newbie (19)
     Switching Programming Paradigms Tired of Vignette (5)
     Best Game Industrie job ads Just me (Sir to you) (11)
     Data Structure Algorithms Divya (9)
     mayo blargle (11)
     Dynamic Languages and Enterprise Applications Peter Breton (36)
     #define PRIVATE static Mr Jack (36)
     Managers get fired too Oren Miller (21)
     Performance appraisal Future cunning politician (7)
     "Good" worm causes havoc. Duh. Brad Wilson ( (10)
     google in manhattan google curious (7)
     Poor poor me, the final chapter Poor, poor me. (26)
     Awesome article by Eric Sink Prakash S (33)
     Carpal Tunnel The Gimp (44)
     Installers which will try to download from Web.. JD (17)
     Agile/XP programming and Offshoring chris (16)
     Don't you malloc() me... Simon Lucy (11)
     PhD in Computer Science/Engineering David Grimberg (16)
     "Good" worm? Ken (25)
     Diversity = security? Tayssir John Gabbour (18)
     Job (and life) Advice Chi Lambda (18)
     freeware lightweight image editor (windows)? Andy (19)
     Should I buy a 64 bit Computer Ram Dass (19)
     Which Language for Web Text Editor? David C (25)
     Financial Realities sjb (22)
     Bigger than Munich (china decision) Pedro (30)
     Development Paltforms - none J2EE or .NET centric Beth (28)
     Technologists, Managers and the Blackout of '03 anon (35)
     VSS and CVS interaction? Mike Swieton (3)
     J2EE: Sessions with Multiple App Servers J2EE Newbie (5)
     Free PC database server Andrew Burton (15)
     PDC? Not Joel Spolsky (12)
     Problem with CWindowImpl::Create Better Than Being Unemployed... (1)
     What of Macromedia Contribute? Paul Irvine (4)
     Buggy Oracle Ram Dass (17)
     c++ for trading systems development ub (5)
     How would you deal with defame and slander? PopUpBuster (11)
     Web Critics Welcome - Part II Jack of all (20)
     Web history The Real PC (6)
     Hierarchical or flat project management? Philo (14)
     Notepad, Can It Be Replaced... Rae Martin (20)
     Oh, no!  Monoculture in jeapardy Nelson (36)
     Eureka Moments MugsGame (20)
     Anybody here make a living selling shareware? T. Norman (4)
     Help w/IIS 5.1 on XP/Pro steved (5)
     Intelligent Idiots non-significant (16)
     Escrow Services Tony Edgecombe (6)
     Jim Clark moving to Florida Karl Max (10)
     Don't throw rocks... Mickey Petersen (11)
     RAID for developers nathan (6)
     fao Bill Rayer - Lingo Manifest Problem Ged Byrne (6)
     Does "vendor lock-in" really exist? Philo (26)
     Markets or uses for old dev. books and tools? Bored Bystander (17)
     Low uptake on security patches is OS independant Just me (Sir to you) (3)
     how much does part time work count? Anon (5)
     Database Design tools nathan (14)
     Writing Mathematical Questions Tasha M (7)
     TightVNC Dan S. (2)
     Blaster & Problem with Sysadmin policies Philo (9)
     Good XML editor? shiggins (10)
     MSF? Joe (8)
     Learning windows device drivers snotnose (12)
     Disk space The Real PC (32)
     Mozilla Firebird Cookie Prefs Zahid (2)
     Blaster - How are buffer overruns actually done? Grumpy Old-Timer (10)
     Outsourced Overseas LostCause? (15)
     T-Mobile SideKick Harvey Motulsky (5)
     Blaster conclusions Go figure (25)
     Got lights? The Real PC (14)
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