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Web browsing problem

I have an odd situation going on here.  I'm running Windows Server 2003.  When I open IE 6 and try to browse, each page load is *extremely* slow, even when the site is on my local computer.  For instance, I have fogbugz on my local machine, and when I use IE6 to hit it, it takes on the order of 5 seconds to load each page. 

I discovered that when I use the web browse feature of Outlook, I experience no slow downs whatsoever.  While waiting for my computer to serve up one fogbugz page to IE6, I am able to use Outlook and browse to 6-8 different pages in fogbugz.  (I emphasize that the problem exists even with sites on my webserver just to eliminate firewall issues).

I tried downloading Mozilla, but it seems to have problems sending my authentication info to the firewall, stopping me from browsing at all.

Ok.  Here's my problem.  I'm using Outlook to browse the web.  How do I incorporate a pop-up killer?  Do I just have to suffer?  My google toolbar works great in IE, but doesn't show up in Outlook.  Any suggestions? 

Friday, September 12, 2003

Similar problem with IE6. Sometime when I double click on a HTML page to display it, IE loads and spends up to 10 seconds waiting for nothing (the file is on my disk!) before displaying the page.
I discovered that right clicking on the IE tab in the task bar while in such situation wakes it up and makes it display the page immediatly.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I dunno if you guys are experiencing this, but a while back our company was debugging this very issue. It appears IE6 (in some patched and unpatched versions) have trouble with forms (or state preservation) and ends up making two requests instead one. The idea is it somehow screws up the first request and timesout, then succeeds on the second request. It shows up in the IIS logs. If you have your own IIS running somewhere, see if this is the case. There are actually many other possible causes, but let's not go into them.

Li-fan Chen
Friday, September 12, 2003

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